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Goddess Stephanie wanted to have fun while dominating this guy and that is why she opted to smother him while facesitting him. She was naked from the waist down as she did so and to make it even more interesting for her, she used a vibrator on her clit and she enjoyed how great it felt while at the same time torturing the guy who cried and tried to beg her not to choke him.

Princess Quinn knew that this guy needed to have his balls crushed as he was a loser and a snitch so she did it with her sneakers. The guy was in pain but the mistress did not care. All she wanted was to ensure that he was in pain and that he changed the way the mistress wanted him to. So she forced him to do things his way and he did.

Mistress Natasha felt that her boyfriend ignored her concerns and she did not like that very much. She felt that it was important for her to teach him a lesson so that he did not behave that way again. And to make sure he did not do it again, she used her trampling fetish to punish him. He endured her barefoot trampling and he regretted why he had done it.

Mistress Saeda loves to get her feet pampered. And that is what she had done to her today. The mistress used her bare feet to dominate this guy and as she had him worship them. The mistress asked this guy to do it but he did not. She trampled him with her high heels and after he had learned his lesson, she then had him worship her feet like she wanted.

Mistress Lana knew foot fetish was a good way to train her slave on the skills she wanted him to master. She used her bare feet to do it and in no time, he was a master of licking and taking instructions. The mistress loved the fact that she had had fun teaching him and being the recipient of his good licking skills. Now he was an expert and she expected even more.

Lady Scarlet was trying to get this girl to learn a lesson and she slapped the shit out of her. She had been ignoring her instructions yet she was doing all she could for her benefit. The girl was so shortsighted that she did not know what was good for her and could not see how she was helping her. And that is why she had to slap the sense into her.

This married man had tried to hit on these girls. He thought they were gullible and would easily have a threesome with him but he was mistaken. He regretted it as the mistresses instead took advantage of him and they had fun at his expense. He was made to lick their feet and also had to endure being facesat on as well as choked. They even spat on him for good measure.

This guy had a small dick and yet he had the balls to want to mess with this mistress. She did not want the guy to ever want to do that with her so she trampled his dick and she made sure that he felt the sort of pain she wanted him to feel and that is how she made him learn to play in his league which was to masturbate.

Mistress Jenny likes to explore but sometimes she does not have anyone to explore with and it becomes a headache for her as she has to pay someone to do the things she wants to try. And that is how she was able to try foot licking fetish today. She paid this guy to lick her feet and he did it as well as she wanted as he was paid for it.

Mistress Jessica loves to brag and she never fails to get something to brag about. Today she bragged about her superior trampling skills. And when her friends did not think she was that good, she took the time to show them in detail, how good she was. And she even had a slave to demonstrate on. Her friends marveled at how good she was and they agreed that her trampling skills were superior.

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