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Today mistress Selena used her dirty toilet seat to punish her girlfriend. She asked her to lick it and it was an order she had to obey. Then she made her drink water which she had spat into. And lastly, she turned her into a human ashtray. Those punishments made her fear mistress Selena and not piss her off like he had done earlier. And they did not have flimsy issues like before.

Mistress Natasha had told her boyfriend that she did not like how untidy he was but he did not seem to listen to her. So she did something about it as she did not want to go crazy on his account. She trampled him and she did not even stop when her friend came to visit them. She went on doing it and told her friend what her boyfriend had done to deserve it.

Mistress Nikki and mistress Tina were not wearing any underwear as they set out to dominate this loser. And it was done intentionally as they sat on the opposite side meaning he could see what they were doing and he could check out their pussies as they humiliated him. It was to be a distraction and it worked as he was distracted and turned on by their pussies that he forgot he was being humiliated.

Lady Scarlet loves to trample and she is a pro at it. That is why she chose to trample this guy's dick. And instead of doing it by herself, she sought the help of her friend. She did it because she wanted her friend to also know how to do it so that she would also be good at it and never ask anyone to show her how it was done or ask anyone to do it for her.

Lady Rockabella wanted to show this loser how much she despised him. And so she took off her panty knowing well that she had soiled it and she made sure he licked it clean. He had to lick and swallow her pussy discharge and there was no way out of that punishment. He learned to respect her and do things her way to avoid such scenarios where she could punish him cruelly.

This guy was mistress Rada's competitor but he did not want her to know. She knew and she hid that fact from her and it made it easier for her to mess with him and humiliate him by pretending that he was an impostor. She even turned him into a foot licker and he had to lick her bare feet while she chatted on phone and updated her social media.

Goddess Sheila realized that this guy needed to be trampled as he talked a lot and she did not feel like listening to him. So she made him lie down and she made him lick her feet. He tried to talk but he could not and the mistress had peace and she enjoyed chatting with her friends on phone. She had known how to deal with him whenever she did not feel like hearing him talk.

This mistress wanted to get a favor but she did not get it. This guy refused to do her the favor and she had to punish him for it. She did it as cruelly as possible and made sure that he would never refuse to do the favor especially since he had the capacity to do it and it would not have taken a lot for him to do it.

Goddess Kiffa had to punish this guy and she felt that her dirty feet were the best thing she could use to humiliate and punish him. And that is what she did to him. He was shocked that she was determined to make him lick her dirty feet and he had to do it. He tried to beg for his release but the mistress did not give him what he wanted.

Mistress Sofi wanted to dominate this guy as she felt he needed to be punished. He was a nuisance to her and she had to show him what she does to people like him. So she worked out a little so that she could sweat. And thereafter she facesat on him with her sweaty ass and let him smell it. He was choking as she humiliated him with her facesitting and that is what she wanted.

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