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Mistress Alexis did not like how much this guy bragged and she felt that she had to punish him so as to make him lessen how much he bragged. She wanted to show him the value of being humble and she used her ass smothering to do it. He was choked and he had to lick her ass as well as smell her farts. It was humiliating and made him humble a bit.

Mistress Alexis went out with this guy and she thought he would be funny but it turned out that he was not and their date was one of the most boring dates she had ever been to. She was pissed and in an effort to spice up her day as opposed to letting it end on a boring note, she turned him into her trampling slave and had fun at his expense.

Goddess Allie wanted to try something she had never tried before. She got a guy who had a thing for her big ass and she smothered his ass as sexily as she could. The guy had the time of his life and he could not hold it back. He came as explosively as he was able to and he could not believe what had happened. But she knew it would.

Mistress Roxanne felt that her boyfriend was too lazy for her liking. So as she drank her beer, she teased him a little bit and she removed her clothes before she facesat on him and she made him lick her ass, smell her farts and choke as she did those things to him. He feared her and she used that fear to have him make the kind of changes she wanted.

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