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When she is bored, this mistress loves to come up with things to do and today was not any different as she used her farts to pass time. She made sure to take food she knew would make her gassy so that she would have enough farts. And she poured some powder on her asshole so that she could expel it with her farts. She recorded it all so that she could enjoy watching it afterwards.

Mistress Zephy wanted to degrade her chef because he was lazy and he did not cook her dinner as she had instructed him. The mistress was angry about it and she had to make sure it never happened again. The mistress used her heels to trample his nuts and she also made him lick the soles of her high heels. She then waited to see if he had changed or not.

Mistress Nika does not like being catcalled and this guy made the mistake of doing it. He was in pain as she used her high heels to trample him. She wanted the guy to feel pain he had not felt before so she did not spare any part of his body. Everything was fair game to her and she made him cry and pee himself to make sure he never did it again.

Mistress Medea had never tried ass crushing before and that is why she had to try it out today. She was bored and she was in the mood to do a few naughty things and try what she had not tried before. So she turned the guy into her ass slave and she had fun smothering and facesitting him as well as doing whatever else she felt was necessary to do to him.

Mistress Natasha did not like how this passenger disturbed her during her flight. She was a flight attendant and she was pissed at his unbecoming behavior. She had to teach him a lesson so when they alighted, she signaled him and told him where to get him. He agreed and met him there but instead of the fun he expected, he was given a punishment that involved being painfully slapped using her shoes.

Mistress Sarah had a lazy roommate and she ended up doing all the work and that did not sit well with her. The mistress had to make sure things worked out and she did her fair share. So the mistress used her bare feet to trample and gag her roommate to make her understand that it was not optional for him to do the right thing and help out with house chores.

Madame Marissa was pissed as it looked like this builder was doing her construction slowly so that he would get paid more. He wanted to show her that the project had gone over budget and she had to pay more. She was not willing to do such a thing and she trampled and humiliated him to make him work within the agreed period and he had no choice but to do that.

Mistress Madison did not want to have sex with her boyfriend and she chose to frustrate him until he was turned off. She sat on his stomach and she face trampled him with her feet. She enjoyed how he was getting impatient with her and she could see how he was slowly getting turned off and eventually she succeeded in her mission and he slept and left her to do her stuff.

Mistress Cat wanted to improve her boxing skills so she had to train hard and she did. Her friends came to see how she did it and it so happened that this guy tried to mess with them and he ended up being turned into a punching bag by the mistresses and he was made to endure their punches which landed anywhere on his body. They were painful and indiscriminate.

This brat was so entitled that he pissed the shit out of goddess Lohan. She had to find a way to dominate and humiliate him and after thinking long and hard, she settled on slapping the shit out of him, spitting into his mouth as well as using him as her human ashtray. The total sum of what she did to him put him in his place and he changed.

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