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Mistress Missy noticed that her boyfriend had changed and he took her for granted. He did not do the things he used to do for her and he was not as affectionate as before. So she had to remind him that that behavior was not ok with her. And if he did not go back to being who she had fell in love with, she would break up with him. So she facesat him and she farted on him to choke him a little.

Lady Scarlet could not understand why this guy bothered to lie. He was short, he was not in shape and he had a small dick. He did not need to give people ammunition against him. When he lied to her, she trampled him with her pink high heels. She also removed the heels and jumped on him and slapped his face with her foot. He stopped lying after that wakeup call.

Goddess Sheila loves it when her feet are licked and she was interested in making her husband do it. He had never done it before and she was interested in getting him on board so that he could do it for her. She waited until he owed her and then she asked him to lick her feet and he had no choice but to do it. And that was the start of some naughty times for them.

Mistress Slava has a fetish for boot licking and that is what she wanted this guy to do. Since she did not have a slave to do that for her, she paid this guy and she had him do things for her. The guy jumped at the chance to do it and he did not disappoint her. He licked them expertly even though it was his first time to do such a thing.

Goddess Sheila wanted her feet to be licked and pampered by this slave. She asked him to do it but first she gave him instructions on how he was to do it. The mistress told him she would not repeat herself and so he had to get all those instructions. He tried his best and she sat back and watched as he did what she had instructed him to do.

Mistress Sarah felt used by her friend. She seemed to be there with her whenever she wanted something but when mistress Sarah wanted her to be there for her, she was not and that pissed her. She felt used and she trampled and gagged her girlfriend for not being there for her. Their bond slowly faded as they realized that they were not very compatible in whatever they wanted from each other.

This guy was a chastity slave but this mistress did not care. She wanted to humiliate him even further and she did it while he wore the chastity device. She took his dick in her hands and she played with it. He was lucky that his dick had a little room in his device and it could accommodate him even when erect. She realized that he had a small dick and she made fun of him.

Since her ex wanted to hang around her all the time, mistress Nikola had to come up with something for him to do. That is why she decided to make him a foot slave and she humiliated him for her own enjoyment. The mistress had him lick her feet and she had him do the same to her shoes. He could not refuse as she warned him of worse if he did.

Mistress Anastasia and lady Jojo did not want to be near this negative guy. They did not want him to infect them with his negativity. So the mistresses trampled the guy and crushed him all over his body to drive the point home that he had to keep away from them. The pain made him get their message and adhere to it as he did not want to feel that way again.

When this mistress realized that she was dealing with a student who did not have any drive or focus to be better and to do better, she tried to investigate him in an effort to help him. She was pissed to learn that the student came from a humble background and he of all people needed to be serious. So she made him lie down and trampled him to make him get serious.

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