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Lady Shay was not ok with an indifferent slave. She wanted someone who was concerned and who was caring. She had to send a message to this one that she did not like that about her and there was no better way for her to do so than to use her big ass to humiliate him. He had to lick her ass and smell it before she let him go.

Mistress Gilda felt that her boyfriend was not as tough as he needed to be and she had to find out how to make him aspire to be strong and tough. So she tried trampling fetish on him. She trampled him with bare feet and she wondered how he cried and begged her to stop. She did not and continued doing it until he agreed to work out and enhance his strength.

This guy loves to be dominated and to be in a little pain to get him turned on. And so she chose to try a way he had never considered before. She used ballbusting to do it and it was a shock for him. It was a little bit more painful than she was used to but he was mightily turned on like she had never been before. And they fucked like pornstars.

Mistress Roberta had to look for an excuse in order to trample this new slave. She did it because she wanted to send him a message that she would not tolerate anyone messing with her and she also wanted to try something she had never tried which was to trample someone and especially on his face. And that is how he had fun at the expense of the guy and achieved her goal.

Mistress Valeria had asked this guy to lick her feet but she did not bother to instruct him how to do it. She wanted to see how creative he was and she told him so. The guy outdid himself as he struggled to lick her feet and that is when the mistress knew that she could try some other things with him given his creativity and open mindedness as well as being eager to try new things.

Mistress Lola had a new girlfriend and since she was a novice and did not know a lot of naughty and kinky things, she had to teach him. She started by showing her how to lick and she taught her using her feet. She instructed her to lick her feet and she was a good student and did it the way the mistress wanted it to be done. Then they practiced it on their bodies and it was awesome.

This guy had the balls to ask these mistresses for a foursome. He did not care that the mistresses were related and that it would be grossly inappropriate for them to do such a thing. So the angry mistresses tricked them and they took him to their house where instead of what he wanted, he was ballbusted and made to feel pain he had hitherto only heard or read about.

Mistress Valentina was pissed at the way in which this girl behaved and she had to correct her and make her act in the way she wanted. She had tried to talk to her but the girl sneered at her and did not make any changes despite being told how beneficial it would be for her to make those changes. So the only option available to the mistress was to trample her and teach her a lesson which she did by trampling her and gagging her.

Mistress Gaia loves to be in control. But today she did not feel in control as she had a slave who was disobedience and she had to teach her that she would not be allowed to be disobedient to her. And that is why the girl slave was made to lick her feet as well as her high heels before she was gagged when mistress Gaia inserted her foot in his mouth.

Mistress Carla went out and bought a new set of panties. She had sexy thongs that showed off her hot ass and she wanted to check out how good they were and how sexy they made her look. So she wore them and then flaunted her ass in the mirror as she wore them. She even took a video of it and she loved what she saw as she wore them.

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