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Princess Quinn has no time for a snob. This guy was one of the best snobs out there and he had to learn his lesson from her and she was willing to give it to him. So she stripped him naked and then trampled his dick and his balls. She used her sneakers to do it and the guy felt pain he had only heard about up until that point.

Princess Kira is always down for having her pussy eaten. And even as she plotted how to punish the guy for what he had done, she knew that she wanted him to eat her pussy. And she did not even hesitate to make him do it. He thought that they would have sex but they did not. She enjoyed what happened and then she turned on him and punished him cruelly.

Lady Asmodina had gone to the woods to clear her mind as she had a lot on her mind. But this guy tried to scare her and to take advantage of her. But it did not go down the way he wanted and he was shocked by what shed did to him. The mistress laughed at him as he begged for mercy and she knew that her punishment had worked.

Mistress Chloe was angry at this guy and since she was dressed in uniform, she did not want to let him get away with his punishment. So the mistress chose to dominate and degrade him by whipping his naked ass. She made sure that it was a painful punishment so that he would be afraid of trying it again. It worked out the way she wanted and he regretted what he had done.

This mistress was angered by the way this girl gossiped. She did not want to be involved in her gossiping and so she did what she does when confronted with such a situation. She cruelly trampled the girl and made her lick her feet before she felt that she was done with her. The girl regretted pissing her off and she begged for mercy and said she would turn over a new leaf.

Mistress Nicole took her slave to a muddy field and she punished him cruelly by gagging him with muddy feet. In addition, the mistress forced the slave to lick her the mud off her feet and he had no choice but to do it. Besides that, he was also trampled and crushed to the point of crying. Needless to say, he never repeated what led to his punishment in the first place.

While mistress Khali was enjoying her weed, this sissy kept disturbing her and it got to a point she could not ignore him. She turned on him and she made him her human ashtray. He wanted attention and now she gave it to him. But it was not in the form he wanted it and he started crying and begging her to stop. She ignored him and went on smoking, chatting with her friends and using him as an ashtray.

When this mistress messed with the wrong mistresses, he had to learn his lesson so that whatever he had done would not be repeated. The mistresses learned that he was playing them and they immediately put an end to that nonsense. He was forced to endure ballbusting and humiliation as they trampled the hell out of him and forced him to lick their feet before they were done with him.

This girl snitched on her group and her friends could not let it slide as they did not understand why she would betray them when they had stood with her before and were ready to take a bullet for her. Before she was chased from the group, she was forced to lick their feet, gag on their feet and trampled. She regretted her actions and begged for mercy but she was not given a second chance.

Goddess Stephanie was shocked that her slave had the audacity to disagree with her especially on the kind of subject they were talking about. She was an expert in the matter and he had barely completed high school. So she listened to him and respected his opinion but when he started talking to her as if she was ignorant, she lost it and she facesat on him. She had to show him that he did not know what he was talking about and that he was only good enough to lick her ass and smell her farts.

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