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This mistress was disappointed with this guy and she had to make sure he would never disappointed someone else again. She had to torture him and she did it with her boots. He was made to lick them clean and he was lucky that she did not shit on him or make him drink her pee. But she peed on a plate as he watched but he was glad not to be made to drink it.

Madame Marissa wanted her jeans to do the work for her so she facesat this guy with it. The mistress had to make sure that she dealt with him in a way that he had never been dealt with before and that is why she used her jeans to facesit him. He never messed up again after what she did to him because he knew what she was capable of doing.

Mistress Dula wanted to see this guy crying and that is what she made him do. She did not care what he did and she did not care what he said. All she had to do and what she did was to trample the shit out of him and that is exactly what happened. The mistress stomped on his face and she crushed it as hard as she could to pass a message.

This loser had been arguing with mistress Morrigan and he had done a lot of things wrong. The mistress did not like it and she had to take charge of the situation. He was doing and saying so many wrong things that she could not just sit back and let it go on. That is why she chose to dominate him painfully as well as cruelly to make him sit up and listen to her.

This slave was full of insults and madame Marissa had had enough. She did not like that behavior and she had warned him about it. She had given him time to change it but he was not improving. So she forced him to change it by using her boots to trample and crush him. He never messed up again after what the mistress did to him. That is how he knew never to take anything she told him for granted.

Mistress Dana had made her feet smelly so that she could use them to dominate this guy. She was out to humiliate and dominate him and she knew that was one of the ways to do it. She told him what she wanted him to do to her feet and he was shocked. He was scared and even trembled a little in the process. But she did not go ahead with it.

Mistress Alice saw this guy jerking off and she told him to stop as it was not healthy for him. But the guy did not stop. He went on doing it and she felt that it was getting out of control. She felt that the best way for him to stop was if she made him associate it with pain. So the mistress forced the guy to undress and she used her gloves to jerk him off as painfully as she could.

Mistress Ava knew that this guy had a thing for her and she wanted to make sure that she controlled him for her own fun. The mistress went out of her way to tease him with her sexy lips. She threw in her cleavage. Given her big tits, it was easy to control him as the guy was super turned on and he yearned to get her. She had her way.

Mistress Natasha chose to smother this guy because she needed to keep herself busy. The mistress used her feet to do it and it was a lot of fun for her despite the fact that it was the opposite for the guy. He cried and begged her for mercy but she did not go easy on him. She just humiliated and degraded him for fun before she let him go.

Lady Stefanie loves to develop her skills and competencies. That is why she likes to do some naughty things for fun. Today the mistress wanted to learn how to jerk a guy off with her feet. So she bought dildos and she had fun jerking them off. By the time she felt she had learned enough, she knew she would make a guy happy one day and that it will help her get what she wanted.

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