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Mistress Chloe was not in the mood for sex and there was no way she was going to force herself to have sex. So she tried something by asking her husband to jerk off to her hot ass. She showed it to him and knew how much he loved it so it was an easy ask for her. The mistress even let him eat it and it helped him cum quicker.

Mistress Alexandra did not take it lightly when this slave tried to drag her into his problems. She did not want to be associated with his problems so she punished him for it by trampling him and crushing his balls until he cried and agreed to stop it. He was given enough punishment and enough pain for a lifetime. He never forgot it and never dragged her into his issues again.

Mistress Agata has a big pair of tits which she is proud of. She used it to lure this guy to his punishment. He was into the tits that he forgot he had messed with her. The mistress used her ass to smother the guy and dominate him cruelly. He was choked before she let him go when he was about to pass out. He nearly shit himself in the process.

Mistress Marilyn did not like the shit that came out of this guy's mouth and she had to land a hot slap on his face. She felt that her slap would not be enough as she had soft hands. So she used her foot to do the slapping and she nearly knocked out his teeth in the process. But it worked and he learned not to talk smack to her.

Mistress Wael is both sexy and cruel. She loves to use that combination to torture and humiliate people because it works so well. She loves to flaunt her hot ass and then when guys fall for it, she gets people to dominate and humiliate for her own fun. That is what happened today and she loved how she was able to facesit and humiliate this guy but he thought it was a weird way of having fun.

Goddess Katrina was out to humiliate for fun. No one had messed with her and she was not angry or disappointed. All she wanted was to have fun with her feet and so she turned to this guy and she had him lick her feet and smell her socks. He was her foot slave for the day and when she had had her fun, she let him go and thanked him for the fun.

Goddess Harley wanted to fuck her friend's man because she knew that he was good in bed so she wanted to get a piece of it and experience what her friend experienced. She then teased him a little bit and got him in the mood before she had him fuck her brains out. He loved her pussy and they both enjoyed it as they were both naughty and did some freaky and kinky stuff.

This mistress heard of the prowess that her friend's man had in bed and when he approached her, she did not have the strength to refuse. She wanted to experience it for herself and so she let him smash her as if he had never smashed before. They gave in to their wildest fantasies and they ended up having a great time and they soon made it a regular thing.

This guy lied to mistress Alexandra despite knowing how important the information she sought from him was. She was so pissed at him that she felt that the best thing to do to him was to choke him. She did so but after she had kicked and punched him as painfully as she was able to. He was in pain and he was humiliated but at least he learned never to lie again.

Goddess Alaine is easily disgusted and this guy disgusted her today. He had to get what was due to him and she did so using her spit. The mistress had to make sure that they were all on the same page and the he knew better than to disgust her again. So the mistress spat on his face and she ordered him to lick her saliva. He did so as he knew he was cornered.

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