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Mistress Carla loves to use her ass to dominate and today she did it by teasing and denying this guy with the same ass. She showed him different thongs and asked him to choose the best one for her. And as he watched her put them on and take them off from her sexy and curvy ass, he could not wait to fuck her but the chance never came. He had to endure being left high and dry.

This mistress was out to degrade this girl and she did so using her boots. She took her to a muddy patch and she threw her down and she trampled her. In addition to trampling her, she made her lick her muddy boots and even do the same to the car tires which were also full of mud. That is how the girl realized that she could not mess with the mistress.

When this slave messed up, he did not think twice about it because he knew that he had a good enough explanation for it. But the mistress did not care about his explanation. When he was done giving it, the mistress turned him into a fart slave and he had to endure smelling her farts and licking her ass. She told him that was the mildest punishment he would ever get from her.

This guy was infatuated with mistress Zephy because of her ass and she knew that it was important to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. That is why she found it fit to smother him with the same ass he was into so as to punish him but at the same time let him have fun with it. He loved the punishment and wished it would last longer.

Goddess Stephanie had a crush on this guy and she knew that it was time for her to show him that she was not into her as much as she was because she did not want to come off as desperate. So she facesat on him with her hot ass and got him to cum on himself without her touching his dick because of the things she did to him. She planned to fuck him later.

When princess Quinn found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her by having his dick sucked, she knew it was time to torture him and she did not hesitate to do it. She used her boots to trample his dick and she did it painfully because she wanted him to remember the pain he felt anytime he was about to cheat on her. He never cheated on her again.

Mistress Zetah felt that the way her slave was talking back at her was a sign of disrespect and she did not let it go on. The mistress cruelly choked him as a way to send a message to him that she would not tolerate such behavior. As she punished him, he peed his pants and begged to be forgiven claiming that he had learned his lesson and would not talk back at her again.

Mistress Alexandra wanted this guy punished and since she had taught mistress Ezada how to do it, she did not bother to do it by herself. She sat back and she watched as mistress Ezada did it. When she felt like it, she joined and also dominated and tortured him before she let mistress Ezada go on with what she was doing. And it was a lot of fun for them but not for the slave.

Lady Fenja needed her boyfriend to workout for his own good but he did not do it and felt that she was nagging him. So she slapped the shit out of him, undressed him and she also forced him to endure painful whips on his back and his ass until he agreed to workout as she wanted him to. He did not want to feel that pain again so he worked out.

Mistress Natasha felt that her boyfriend was taking her for granted and since he had no changed ever since she raised the issue, she felt that the easiest thing to do to him was to use him as her foot slave and then dumped him. She did not want to continue being with such a person. That is how he learned to cherish what he had before it went away.

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