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These mistresses wanted to enjoy themselves in a way they had never done before. And that is why they chose to trample and humiliate this loser in a way he had never been. He was lured to their house and lied to that he was going to have fun with the mistresses but they only turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their feet and suck their toes.

Lady Shay was not ok with an indifferent slave. She wanted someone who was concerned and who was caring. She had to send a message to this one that she did not like that about her and there was no better way for her to do so than to use her big ass to humiliate him. He had to lick her ass and smell it before she let him go.

Mistress Luisa is a pro at domination and this girl wanted to be taught how to be good at it. The mistress asked her to go to her house with a slave and she used the naked slave to teach the girl how to do it. It involve spitting on him as well as using him as a human ashtray. The girl learned quite fast and she impressed mistress Luisa.

Mistress Chloe did not remove her uniform when she got home. She was so pissed at this guy that she had to punish him and torture him to make him change and to teach him a lesson. She stripped him naked and she whipped him as well as kicked and trampled him with her high heels before she left him on the floor and got into the house. She was sure the punishment would work.

Mistress Stella was shocked that her boyfriend's friend was hitting on her and she felt like it was an insult to her and to her boyfriend. She did not give him a lot of time to hit on her. She trampled him with her high heels and crushed his hands, made him lick her feet and she told him to keep away from them as he was not a good person.

Mistress Julia felt that her slave was taking advantage of her and she had to punish him as cruelly as he had never been dominated before. The mistress used her trampling fetish to do it and she not only managed to humiliate the guy, but she also enjoyed how he licked her feet and her socks. She told him she had more to do to him if he did not change.

Mistress Valeria had asked this guy to lick her feet but she did not bother to instruct him how to do it. She wanted to see how creative he was and she told him so. The guy outdid himself as he struggled to lick her feet and that is when the mistress knew that she could try some other things with him given his creativity and open mindedness as well as being eager to try new things.

Mistress Lola had a new girlfriend and since she was a novice and did not know a lot of naughty and kinky things, she had to teach him. She started by showing her how to lick and she taught her using her feet. She instructed her to lick her feet and she was a good student and did it the way the mistress wanted it to be done. Then they practiced it on their bodies and it was awesome.

Mistress Jasmine felt that this guy had to be dominated and tortured. And that is what she did to this loser so that he learned to fear her as well as obey her. The mistress knew it would make a difference hence why she had to trample and dominate the guy as cruelly as she was able to. He learned his lesson the hard way and he changed to avoid further punishment and humiliation.

Mistress Zoe does not like getting pissed by people and when she gets pissed, she has to get even because she does not believe in being pissed at someone and letting you be the only affected party while the offending party goes about their business without much ado. So she used her trampling to crush and humiliate this guy like never before. That is how he learned never to piss her off.

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