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This mistress had explained to her younger sister why she did not want to be bothered but she did not seem to understand her and she kept on doing the very thing that she did not want done. So she used her foot domination to punish her, something she had never done. Her sister had to lick her feet as well as her socks and her sneakers before she was done with her.

Mistress Reell did not like how inconsistent this guy was. She had talked to him about it but he did not seem to understand her or to want to change. She had to make him do that and so she used her high heel boots to dominate him and trample him. As the pain got to him, he knew it was high time he changed and she made sure of it.

Madame Marissa had tried to talk to her boyfriend to make him change but he did not change and she was very disappointed in him. She felt that she needed one more tongue-lashing before she took matters into her own hands. So she shut him up by covering his mouth and giving him the scolding he needed. And it came with a promise that he would not like what she will do if he repeated his mistake.

This mistress wanted to hire a new bodyguard and she did not want one who was weak. One of the way she wanted to use to find out whether someone was strong was to ballbust him and find out what his pain threshold was. So she kicked him in the nuts and she was surprised at how well he took the pain. She was impressed and she hired him thereafter.

Mistress Adora and her friends were conned by this guy and they did not like it. They had to punish the guy to make him stop being a con and they did it with their trampling. Mistress Adora led them in doing it to the naked con who was forced to endure the pain of having his balls crushed. The pain was unbearable and he cried bitterly while begging for mercy.

This guy took for granted the fact that this mistress was a savage and that she could humiliate him in a way he had never been humiliated before. The mistress used her ass to facesit on him and to fart on him as well as to torture and humiliate him. He was at her mercy and she ensured that he learned his lesson and that he regretted what he had done.

This guy could not just keep it in his pants. He had to sleep with whoever he could and that is how he ended up lying to these girls in order to sleep with them. They were pissed at him and they trampled him with their feet. The mistresses were angry at him and they crushed his balls and other parts of his body to ensure he did not forget.

Lady Scarlet was shocked when her friend hit on her. She knew that they were just friends and so it came as a surprise when he hit on her. She could not imagine sleeping with him and so the mistress had him lick her feet and her dirty boots in order to humiliate him a little and in so doing, get him back to his senses. It worked and he never tried it again.

This guy was a neighbor to mistress Jane and queen Hanna. He always wanted to hang out with them but the mistresses did not find him interesting so they did not want to hang out with him. That is why when he became too much for them, they had him lick and smell their feet which were dirty. That is how he avoided them and they got the peace they wanted.

This guy was full of inappropriate behaviors and mistress Reell was not going to keep quiet and let him mess up. So she used her boots to trample the shit out of him. He was in pain as he was totally naked as she trampled him and he cried but his cries did nothing to make her stop what she was doing to him. She only let him go when she got tired.

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