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Mistress Lika did not like how her girlfriend had cheated on her. They had agreed not to see other people but she did behind her back and so she trampled her to make her realize that that was not acceptable to her. She did not say much other than to trample her girl and make her feel part of the pain she felt when she learned that she had been cheated on.

This guy had been a pain in the ass for mistress Dana and she had managed to take him down. She had him fired from his job but that was not all for her. She also humiliated him with her feet which he had to lick. What she did was to humiliate him before he knew he had lost his job. It was after she had chased him away that he realized how she had engineered his job loss.

Madame Marissa was not very strict with her slave and she let him have fun every now and then. She even paid for it every once in a while. But he had gotten addicted to it and he sneaked out of the house when she was asleep to go and party. She found out about it and she punished him for it by trampling him and humiliating him so that it did not happen again.

Lady Iveta wanted her slave to lick her boots. She was less interested in the boots being cleaned with a tongue than she was at how obedient he was and how well he could lick. She wanted someone who could lick her pussy when she needed it and who would obey her all the time. And the guy passed the test and she was pleased with him. He had a place in her home.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to watch her husband cook dinner naked. She had been doing it for him for ages and she wanted to try it with her husband. The mistress was excited when he was convinced and he agreed to do it. The mistress enjoyed seeing him do it and she recorded it as he went on. When he was done, she gave him a great bj as a reward.

Mistress Slava has a fetish for boot licking and that is what she wanted this guy to do. Since she did not have a slave to do that for her, she paid this guy and she had him do things for her. The guy jumped at the chance to do it and he did not disappoint her. He licked them expertly even though it was his first time to do such a thing.

Mistress Roxana was close to her friend and that is why it came as a shock to her when she realized that she was backbiting her. The mistress could not believe it and she realized that she was dealing with someone who was faking everything. She wanted nothing to do with her and that is why she trampled her and chased her away from her house when she pretended she had come to check on her.

Lady Shay had asked her slave to do some chores but he forgot to do them as he played video games all day. When she got home, she was pretty mad at him and she punished him for that. The mistress made him lick her smelly socks and he had to also lick her sneakers. He licked even the soles. The humiliation made him remember to do all his chores.

Mistress Lora did not want this girl to be near her. So she had to use a new way to send her away. That was to humiliate her in a way that she would not forget and more importantly, she would not want to be near her. So the girl was made to lick her feet and as she did, she realized that she could not continue to hang out with the mistress as it could lead to more humiliation.

This guy insulted this mistress and he did not think it could escalate from there but it did. The mistress did not want the guy to do it and get away with it. So she went out of her way to trample him and crush him with her shoes and with her bare feet. It was painful and humiliating at the same time. After she was done with him, he never messed up again.

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