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Mistress Nina did not believe that her employee had the balls to lie to her. When she found out, she had to punish him and she also chose his balls so that he would not have the balls to lie to her again. The mistress ball crushed him and when she was done with him, she made him fuck her leather boots. He never lied to her again as he knew how it would go down.

Mistress Morrigan has a hot body and she knows it. She has nice curves and she also has big tits. She has a beautiful face and her body is well toned. She was wearing a nice bikini today when she used it to tease and flaunt her body. This guy admired her and wanted a piece of that ass but he did not get it. Instead, he had to go home to jerk off after she teased and denied him.

Mistress Anni did not like how her neighbor catcalled her and generally how he behaved towards her. She felt that it was rude and that she wanted it to stop. She started by asking him to stop but he did not stop and so she had to move on to the next stage which was to turn him on. She teased him and he thought she wanted him but he was shocked as she left him high and dry.

Lady Penelope felt that her stuff was being misused and she did not like it. She had to punish this guy for him to know that he would not be allowed to misuse her stuff again. That is why the mistress chose to trample the shit out of him. The mistress rolled him in her carpet to immobilize him then she cruelly tortured him with her trampling. He regretted what he had done.

Mistress Kira and her friends wanted the truth from this girl. They felt that the girl had to be honest with them, something she had failed to do from the start and the mistresses had to punish him. They chose to do it by turning her into a foot slave and gagging her. As she felt pained and humiliated, she decided to tell the truth and end the suffering she was going through.

Mistress Aurora and mistress Dori did not like how mouthy this girl was. They were afraid that she would tell their stories and some of their secrets so they had to punish her and ensure that she learned her lesson the hard way. That is why they turned her into a foot slave and made sure that she licked their feet, was humiliated and more importantly, that she learned her lesson.

Mistress Dula had a sugar daddy and all was well until he stopped sending her money without an explanation but he wanted everything else to continue as normal. She was infuriated and she slapped the shit out of him when they met for him to know that he had to stick to their agreement and their working arrangement. He was not going to alter it without consulting her and them agreeing on it.

Mistress Dula and her friend wanted to get an orgasm but they did not want to fuck this guy because they felt that he was not in their class. So they chose to facesit him and ride his face. The mistresses rubbed their pussies and their clits on his face and it felt good and they came. But he was humiliated and he was in pain in addition to choking.

Mistress Adele had a new girl slave and she thought that they were buddies. But the mistress cut the crap out of her by making her realize that they were not buddies. Rather, she was her slave and had to act like it. The mistress made her lick saliva, lick her boots, smell and lick her smelly socks before she had her suck her toes and be her human ashtray.

Mistress Krystal was concerned about how fat her slave was growing. She felt that he needed to work out for his own health's sake. She encouraged him to eat healthy as well as to exercise but he did not. The mistress got pissed and she dominated him using her high heel boots. He cried and wished he had listened to her. But he told her he would do so going forward.

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