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Goddess Kira wanted her boss to fall for her and she had to find a way to do it. The mistress used her high heels to do it and she looked great as she showed him her nice legs. He fell for them and he wanted her so bad. But before he could have her, she had him agree to do some favors for her. It was a win-win for both of them.

With her high heels, this mistress scared her new slave and she tortured him painfully. The mistress had to torture him and she did so to make sure that he was scared enough to do what she wanted and for him to never try to piss her off. The mistress knew that the guy would be scared enough to do all that she wanted and it happened the way she expected.

Goddess Mia came home and she realized that her slave had a bad attitude. She let it slide but he continued to mess up and she was not going to let him continue that way. She had to get to the bottom of it. But he refused to speak to her and she had no choice but to punish him as cruelly as she could. The mistress did this by making him lick her boots and her socks.

Lady Kimah was mesmerized at how this guy claimed that he had a high threshold for pain. He was fond of making such statements but he never proved it as he was never taken to task. This mistress felt that she had to take him to task and she did so using her high heels as she trampled him and walked on his body while wearing them. He cried like a baby.

Lady Stefanie is a strict person. She is also a disciplinarian. That is why she was not going to look the other way as her assistant misbehaved. He needed guidance and she gave it to him in a way he did not expect. She cruelly trampled him and threatened to make him eat shit before she gave him another chance. He did not disappoint as he knew she was serious about punishing him.

This guy was a chastity slave but this mistress did not care. She wanted to humiliate him even further and she did it while he wore the chastity device. She took his dick in her hands and she played with it. He was lucky that his dick had a little room in his device and it could accommodate him even when erect. She realized that he had a small dick and she made fun of him.

Mistress Gaia's friend cried to her that her boyfriend had cheated on her but she did not want to leave him. She only wanted him not to do it again. So the mistress asked her to go to her house with him. And she showed him how to punish him and strike fear in him. They turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their soles and he learned never to cheat again.

This married man had tried to hit on these girls. He thought they were gullible and would easily have a threesome with him but he was mistaken. He regretted it as the mistresses instead took advantage of him and they had fun at his expense. He was made to lick their feet and also had to endure being facesat on as well as choked. They even spat on him for good measure.

Mistress Alexis had spent a lot of time and money on her nails and her boyfriend had stepped on her toes and ruined them. She was pissed and had to make him pay for it as well as be careful so that it did not happen again. And so she used her foot fetish to trample and humiliate him. She used her socks to trample his face and choke him a little.

Lady Fenja found out about ballbusting and naked domination the other day and she could not stop fantasizing about it. She had to do all those things and she felt that the best way to start was to dominate her slave who needed it to stay in shape. So she ballbusted him and she humiliated him while naked while pretending that she was doing it to encourage him to stay in shape.

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