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Mistress Darcia is a no-nonsense person and she used that today to dominate as well as humiliate this guy who had angered her. The mistress made sure that her feet were dirty before she used them to torture this loser. He had no choice as she made it clear that if he did not do it, she would crush his balls. He had to choose one and he chose to lick her muddy feet clean.

Mistress Clarissa wanted to put this slave in his place and she did so using her dirty feet. She made him open his mouth and she poured some cleanser in and she rubbed her feet on his mouth and his tongue, which were full of the cleanser. It was cruel and humiliating for him but she did not care as he had to get the message that she was not messing around.

Mistress Dula had to punish her slave using smelly feet and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. He was forced to open his mouth wide as she forced her foot in his mouth. He tried to act indifferent but it got to him and he was soon begging her for mercy but the mistress pretended that she did not hear him or what he said.

Lady Kim had a disagreement with her friend's boyfriend and she was not going to allow this guy to disrespect her friend the way he had. The mistress had to act and she did so in a cruel way. The mistress forced him to be her foot slave as she gave him a piece of her mind. It was humiliating but it taught him a lesson and he had no choice but to agree with her and stop what he had done to his girlfriend.

Mistress Morrigan has a gorgeous looking ass. And she knows that she is blessed with a tight asshole. When she realized that this guy had a thing for asses, she knew that she wanted to control him and make him do things for her. So she drove him crazy with her gorgeous ass as well as tight asshole as she flaunted them for him. But she did this over video chat instead of when they were physically together.

Mistress Van Licks, lady Adora and mistress BlackDiamoond wanted to dominate their slaves and they did it today in a humiliating manner. The mistresses had them lick their asses as well as lick their dirty boots. All of this was being done in the woods and they were scared of what the mistresses would do to them. This helped them to toe the line and do what they were told.

Mistress Dula got some good secrets from this guy and she could not believe it. She was so happy that she agreed to fuck him because she knew the value of the secrets she had gotten. Besides, she was horny and had not had dick in a while. She loved the fact that she benefitted twice from all of that. She was able to cum and she had the info she wanted.

Lady Ayse had pissed this guy off by doing something she should not have done. She did not know how to make it better other than to have the guy think she was interested in him sexually. She teased him and had him get turned on before she made him forgive her. The naughty mistress then used her charm to wiggle out of having to get intimate with the guy.

Lady Kimah was mesmerized at how this guy claimed that he had a high threshold for pain. He was fond of making such statements but he never proved it as he was never taken to task. This mistress felt that she had to take him to task and she did so using her high heels as she trampled him and walked on his body while wearing them. He cried like a baby.

Goddess Kiara despised this loser and she felt that he had to be degraded and dominated. She did it using her sneakers and she made sure that he was not only in pain, but that he was also humiliated as well. He had to lick the soles of her sneakers despite the fact that they were dirty. Goddess Kiara also wore her boots and he did the same to them.

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