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Mistress Zoe does not like getting pissed by people and when she gets pissed, she has to get even because she does not believe in being pissed at someone and letting you be the only affected party while the offending party goes about their business without much ado. So she used her trampling to crush and humiliate this guy like never before. That is how he learned never to piss her off.

When this mistress was told of this guy who bragged that he had a high pain threshold, she felt that she had to try him out and he agreed to be tried by her. The mistress stripped him naked and she used her bare feet to do it. The mistress head crushed him and she ball crushed him as well as neck trampled him and he peed his pants in the process as he cried and begged her to stop.

Mistress Valentina was pissed at the way in which this girl behaved and she had to correct her and make her act in the way she wanted. She had tried to talk to her but the girl sneered at her and did not make any changes despite being told how beneficial it would be for her to make those changes. So the only option available to the mistress was to trample her and teach her a lesson which she did by trampling her and gagging her.

Mistress Lola knew this classmate was bright but he was not lucky with the girls as he was boring. So she used him to do all her assignments as she partied. The mistress used her sexy thighs and feet to tease him and since he did not get such attention from the ladies, he loved the experience and he agreed to do what the mistress wanted him to do for her.

Mistress Saida was out to torture and dominate this guy and she did it humiliatingly. The mistress smoked as she came up with ideas of what to do and when she was decided on what to do, she smoked as she dominated the slave. She had a great time doing it and by the time she was done, she had had all the fun she wanted to have and managed to pass a message too.

Lady Krasaviza had never ballbusted anyone before. But after watching enough videos of it, she knew it was something she wanted to try. And she wanted to not only try it, but to be a pro at it. That is why she opted to ballbust these guys as part of her practice. She lied to them that she got horny when she did such things and the guys wanted her to be horny so they agreed.

Mistress Zephy was not in the mood to listen to anything this guy talked about. She felt that it was better for her to shut the guy up physically instead of telling him to stop talking or to shut up. And that is what she did with her bare feet as she used them to cover his mouth and force him to shut up without telling him to shut up.

As mistress Monica turned this girl into a human ashtray, she passed a very important message to the girl. She spat into her mouth and made sure she was not only in pain, but that she was also humiliated. The pissed mistress knew that if the misbehaving girl was not punished, she would have continued with the bad behaviors she had witnessed and she did not want that to happen.

This girl was full of nonsense and this mistress did not want to give her any more space to do her nonsense. She had tried to talk her out of it but she did not seem to pay attention. So she had to endure what the mistress opted to do to her which was to facesit on her and smother her as cruelly as she could manage. The girl wished she had never messed with the mistress.

Mistress Carla loves to use her ass to dominate and today she did it by teasing and denying this guy with the same ass. She showed him different thongs and asked him to choose the best one for her. And as he watched her put them on and take them off from her sexy and curvy ass, he could not wait to fuck her but the chance never came. He had to endure being left high and dry.

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