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Mistress Adreena wanted to toughen up this guy and she did it with her trampling fetish. The mistress knew that he was lazy and would not work himself hard so she took up the role of making him toughen up and she trampled him until he got used to it then she let him go and weightlift and do other sorts of gym exercises. The plan worked as she had envisioned it.

Goddess Fiona was out to degrade this guy and she did it while she ate. He was kneeling down all this time as the mistress ate and when she was done eating, she trampled him and humiliated him even more so that he learned his lesson and he never pissed her off the way he had done before. She had no doubt that the message was home and he would not repeat his mistake.

Mistress Carla went out and bought a new set of panties. She had sexy thongs that showed off her hot ass and she wanted to check out how good they were and how sexy they made her look. So she wore them and then flaunted her ass in the mirror as she wore them. She even took a video of it and she loved what she saw as she wore them.

Madame Ellen was out to make sure this guy changed. She had to make sure the guy learned his lesson the hard way and that is why she went out of her way to degrade the guy and force him to choke on a latex sack she had. The guy could not do anything about it and he had to endure the punishment she preferred against him. And that is how he learned his lesson and changed.

Goddess Harley wanted this guy to jerk off but not like he was used to. She first of all trampled him and she made him feel not only humiliated, but also made him feel pain. She then had him lick her bare feet before she was done with him. And that was when she let him jerk off. He wished the ground would open up and swallow him but it did not.

This mistress was angered by the way this girl gossiped. She did not want to be involved in her gossiping and so she did what she does when confronted with such a situation. She cruelly trampled the girl and made her lick her feet before she felt that she was done with her. The girl regretted pissing her off and she begged for mercy and said she would turn over a new leaf.

Mistress Lola did not find it funny that this slave was always horny and she felt that it was important for him to change and focus on other things and not on porn and sex all the time. She stripped him naked and she forced him to endure painful butt whipping and spanking. As the pain got to him, he realized that it was easier to avoid it by doing what she asked him to.

While mistress Khali was enjoying her weed, this sissy kept disturbing her and it got to a point she could not ignore him. She turned on him and she made him her human ashtray. He wanted attention and now she gave it to him. But it was not in the form he wanted it and he started crying and begging her to stop. She ignored him and went on smoking, chatting with her friends and using him as an ashtray.

Lady Iveta needed answers she was sure this buffed up guy had but the guy did not want to give them to her. He thought that by being muscular, he would threaten her and she would not want to mess with her. But he was shocked when she used her martial arts skills to trip him and once he was down, she choked him a little to get him to talk.

This DJ talked a lot and told the mistresses that he was best placed to deliver for them during their function and they trusted him but on the material day, he disappointed and he made the event boring. They were so pissed that they cruelly trampled him with their high heels as well as with their bare feet when the event was over because he had been good for nothing.

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