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This mistress was tired of male slaves and she wanted to give a girl slave a try. So she got herself one and she had a great time torturing and humiliating her. She forced her to lick the soles of her boots and she also had her to clean other parts of her boots using a piece of cloth. The mistress had a great time with the girl slave because it was a new experience.

This guy knew secrets about these mistresses and the did not want anyone to know about any of it. They were not sure they could trust him so they did what they felt was the best way to handle it and they tortured him. His mouth was tied up and they spat on his face and also into his mouth. He was cruelly handled until he assured them he would never talk.

This guy tried to hit on goddess Lena but he ended up pissing her off as he said things she did not like. The mistress was so pissed at him that she had to find a way to humiliate him as punishment. She chose her saliva and her cigarette. Goddess Lena spat on his face and had him lick it before she used him as her human ashtray. He cried.

This mistress did not like how her slave liked to eavesdrop on her conversations. She had talked to him about it before but he did not seem to have understood her. She therefore had to change tact and make sure he learned his lesson. So she stomped on him and jumped on his body as painfully as she could. He cried as she did so and promised he had stopped.

Mistress BlackDiamoond felt that this guy was too forward and she was not going to let him make her uncomfortable. So the mistress used her high heels to punish him and make sure that he would always seek to be a gentleman and not be too forward with anyone again. He had to lick her feet as well as her shoes before she felt it was enough punishment for him.

Goddess Lena felt that her slave was too idle and she wanted to give him something to do. And since there was no work to do in the house, she kept him busy with her feet. She told him to lick her feet and he did it. The mistress told him to do it for hours on end and the poor guy could not even turn his head. All he did was lick her feet and suck her toes.

Princess Adelaide wanted to use her massive ass to smother this guy because she wanted to have a little fun as she did it. The mistress smothered him and bounced her ass up and down his face. In addition, the mistress farted on him and he could not breathe for a little while. It was so stinky that he had to hold his breath so that it can go away.

Goddess Lena had heard about foot fetishism but she had never really understood what exactly it was all about. Today she had the time so she explored it further and the more she dug, the more she liked. That is how she managed to find herself with a loser who she had a great time dominating. And she did it like a pro even though it was her first time.

Mistress Lena wanted to celebrate an achievement she had accomplished but her way of doing so was weird. She celebrated by torturing this guy and she did it for fun and to dominate and humiliate him. The mistress went ahead and spat on her feet and then forced the guy to lick her feet as well as other parts of his body. He did so and was degraded even as she had fun.

Mistress Gaia had depended heavily on this benefactor for her start up fetish blog. She was able to do much because of him and today she got to show her appreciation for what he had done for her. She went ahead to put on a show for him and it was the kinkiest show she had ever put on and he had ever seen in his life. It was epic.

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