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Lady Kim was impressed by how this slave licked her feet. He was good at it and he shocked her. She loved having her feet licked and she had assumed that she would have to teach him how to do it. That is why she did it that way. But then the mistress was sweetly surprised when he did all that she asked and then some more. And he did it like a pro.

Mistress Dula needed to test this guy and she did it with her hot tattooed body. The mistress wore a bikini and she looked gorgeous as she did so. Then she used her charm to get this guy turned on. As he got turned on, the mistress told him what she wanted which was to drink her saliva as it would turn her on. He drank it in a bid to make her wet but it did not go as he had hoped.

Goddess Seira wanted her slave to lick her feet until they were clean. He did not have any objection to it as she had expected him to have. She had planned how she was going to beat the crap out of him for doing so. But now that he did not object, she had no excuse and so she did not trample or humiliate him the way she had planned to.

Lady Penelope always expects to get value for her money. But with this guy, she did not get it and she was both pissed as well as frustrated by what she saw from him. She did not want to let him get away with it so she cruelly trampled him to make him realize that he had to correct his mistakes and ensure that there was no other mistake going forward.

Lady Ayse is very protective over her friends and family. When she found out that this guy was being disrespectful to her friend, she had to come to her aid and teach the guy never to be condescending to other people. She used her boots to trample and humiliate him as she wanted it to be both humiliating as well as painful. So she made it so and he learned his lesson.

Lady Ayse wanted to pass without having to put in a lot of effort. She just wanted the degree for her promotion purposes and so she had to make sure she passed. The mistress noticed that her professor had a thing for her and so she capitalized on that and teased him. When she was done doing so, the mistress gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum.

Lady Nightfrozen felt that the best way to deal with smelly feet from her slave was to humiliate the slave so that he would never do it again. The mistress ordered him to lick her feet when they were dirty and smelly and he had no choice but to do it. He was so shocked that he could not say as a word as the mistress humiliated him and punished him.

Madame Marissa loves to facesit and to choke with her ass. That is one of the reasons why she loves to wear jeans. She knows it is a good material to use when intending to torture a loser. And that is what she did without caring what the guy felt. He learned never to piss her off as he did not want to be degrade and choked by the mistress.

Lady Scarlet was not the kind of person who kept quiet when someone tried to cyberbully her. She was outspoken and she had to stand up for herself when someone wanted to put her down. She had no issue with someone disagreeing with her but she did not like cyberbullies and she had to deal with this guy for being one. He was choked when she used her tights to do it and she also crushed his balls with her bare feet.

Mistress Natasha wanted to do two things at the same time. One of those things was crushing her slave which she did without thinking about it. The slave was lying down and that made it easier for her to do so even though she was seated. The second thing is that she wanted her feet to be licked as she trampled the slave. The guy did it as he did not want to risk pissing her off any further.

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