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This guy had tried to steal from lady Scarlet but she saw him from hidden CCTV cameras and she was able to lay a trap for him and catch him red handed. He was shaken and he could not understand how he had been caught. The punishment was cruel as the mistress crushed his nuts and she made sure he was in pain and that he knew never to steal again.

Lady Scarlet was shocked when her friend hit on her. She knew that they were just friends and so it came as a surprise when he hit on her. She could not imagine sleeping with him and so the mistress had him lick her feet and her dirty boots in order to humiliate him a little and in so doing, get him back to his senses. It worked and he never tried it again.

Lady Scarlet and her friends were misled to invest by these investment bankers and they lost their investments. The guys were playing Russian roulette with their hard earned money and the mistresses did not like it. They had to make the guys pay and they did. The mistresses forced the guys to kneel down and they tied their hands before trampling, slapping, dominating and humiliating them as cruelly as they could.

Lady Scarlet found out that her accountant was embezzling funds from the company and she did not like it. She had to punish him and make an example of him so that other people were not tempted to do the same. The mistress cruelly ballbusted him on video and she then sent it to the other employees especially those who had the power to embezzle or misappropriate funds under their administration.

Lady Scarlet does not care who angers her. She will punish and react then reconcile later. That has earned her respect across the board as she has no sacred cows. Today her friend betrayed her and she punished her by choking her with her farts. She farted on her friend and humiliated her with a smelly ass before they sat down to talk about what happened and why it should never happen again.

Lady Scarlet was trying to get this girl to learn a lesson and she slapped the shit out of her. She had been ignoring her instructions yet she was doing all she could for her benefit. The girl was so shortsighted that she did not know what was good for her and could not see how she was helping her. And that is why she had to slap the sense into her.

Lady Scarlet has one rule that she does not date married men. And when this guy who was clearly married approached her, she told him that she did not date married men. He tried to buy sex from her but she was offended and she slapped the shit out of him after she had tied him up and rendered him defenseless. He regretted trying to fuck her as it had brought him a lot of pain and misery.

Lady Scarlet loves to trample and she is a pro at it. That is why she chose to trample this guy's dick. And instead of doing it by herself, she sought the help of her friend. She did it because she wanted her friend to also know how to do it so that she would also be good at it and never ask anyone to show her how it was done or ask anyone to do it for her.

Lady Scarlet had found out that someone was stealing from the company but she did not ask anyone about it as she did not want to tip off the culprit and make him hide evidence. She acted as if she did not know while following everything as meticulously as she could. And when she found out who it was, she did not hesitate to kick and crush his balls as punishment.

Lady Scarlet was not going to enjoy sex with her husband as he had become a one minute man. The mistress was not going to let that go on and she chose to use slaps to make him realize that he had to get a solution for his problem. Lady Scarlet even tried riding him while slapping him to distract him from cumming to see if he would last longer.

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