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This guy was misinformed and he had to be punished. That is why lady Scarlet and her friends had to teach him a lesson. He was trampled by the mistresses who also made him lick the soles of their high heel boots. He was shocked at their cruelty but he was powerless to do anything about it. The guy took the punishment and ran away when he got the chance.

Lady Scarlet did not want to promote cowardice in her house and that is why she had to dominate this guy. She did it because she knew he was a coward and she wanted to make him fear being a coward. So she trampled him all over his body and she made sure that he was in a lot of pain as she did it. He never recovered from what she did to him.

When lady Scarlet realized that this guy was unreliable, she had to do what she does best which was to dominate as well as humiliate him. The mistress and her friend joined forces and they cruelly tortured him. He was trampled with boots and he was made to cry as they did this all over his body. In addition to that, he was also made to lick her dirty boots.

Lady Scarlet and her friend mistress Dula wanted to dominate this guy. The guy had not done anything to warrant being humiliated. The mistresses, however, did not care and they chose to dominate him for no reason. They went out of their way to trample as well as humiliate him and they did not give him any chance to even say a word. He was bewildered as to why he was being trampled.

Lady Scarlet had caught this guy trying to steal from her and she did not like it. She had given him some work to do in her house but he tried to steal a pair of her expensive shoes because she has many. He thought she would not notice but she did and that is why she quickly made sure he paid for it. He was trampled and made to scream in pain.

Lady Scarlet found out that this girl was a gossiper and she had to punish her for what she had done. The mistress did not care about any of the things that she gossiped about but she did not want to be part of her gossip. The mistress made it very clear to the gossiper about that by forcing her to lick her feet as well as gagging her with bare feet.

Lady Scarlet wanted her slave to lick dirty soles so she had asked him to do it. But he refused and that pissed her off badly. She had expected him to do it for a few seconds and then stop but now that he had disobeyed her, he had to be punished and it was cruel. She trampled him and she forced him to lick the soles of her feet until they were clean.

Lady Scarlet found out that her slave was taking photos of her while she was unaware and when she was sleeping. That angered her and she had to punish him. He had to get the severest punishment she could manage and that is why she opted to ball trample him so that as he felt pain, he would always remember not to do what he had done to get the pain.

Lady Scarlet was not the kind of person who kept quiet when someone tried to cyberbully her. She was outspoken and she had to stand up for herself when someone wanted to put her down. She had no issue with someone disagreeing with her but she did not like cyberbullies and she had to deal with this guy for being one. He was choked when she used her tights to do it and she also crushed his balls with her bare feet.

When lady Scarlet and her friends felt that they needed to have a foot slave domination party so they organized one and they had a lot of fun doing it. They were glad they did as it was a lot of fun for them and they had the kind of fun they had not had before. By the time they were done with the foot slaves, they were tired but very happy.

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