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Mistress Anni wanted to humiliate this guy in a way she had never done before and she was sure in a way he had never been humiliated before. But it was not a cruel way. It was just different. So she teased him with her big tits and nice ass before she masturbated as he watched until she squirted. The slave was dying to fuck her but instead was made to lick her squirt.

Mistress Jucy and mistress Agma slapped this guy to make sure that he did not forget to respect them and that he would never forget what they had done to him as well as for him. He was shocked at the way in which they choked him and had him lick them all over. He was humiliated but he deserved it and he never forgot what they were capable of.

Madame Marissa was pissed at how her naughty sister was dressing and behaving in front of her man. She felt that her sister had some ulterior motive in all of that and she had to do something about it. That is why she chose to choke her a little by facesitting her and also gagged her using her feet. A slap also followed before she let her go and warned her not to do it again.

Mistress Kira, mistress Agata, mistress Agma and mistress Jucy had a party and as they had fun, they wanted to show off their hot asses on video. They had someone record them as they showed them off in tights. They then did the same thing with their thongs before they felt that they had flaunted them enough and they let the poor photographer go home to jerk off as he was not going to fuck any of them.

Mistress Angie had asked this slave to work out and to eat less but he did not do any of those things. Mistress Angie took it upon herself to make sure he did both of those things. She trampled and jumped on his stomach as she did so. He was in pain and he agreed to work out as well as to eat healthier. That was what was good for him.

Madame Marissa had sent her slave to go and run an errant for her but he delayed and she did not like it. He came home late and there was no justification for his lateness and she had to ensure it never happened again. That is why she used her boots to trample his hands and make him learn learn from what happened. He was never late again as he knew what would happen.

This guy took for granted the fact that this mistress was a savage and that she could humiliate him in a way he had never been humiliated before. The mistress used her ass to facesit on him and to fart on him as well as to torture and humiliate him. He was at her mercy and she ensured that he learned his lesson and that he regretted what he had done.

Lady Scarlet and her friends were misled to invest by these investment bankers and they lost their investments. The guys were playing Russian roulette with their hard earned money and the mistresses did not like it. They had to make the guys pay and they did. The mistresses forced the guys to kneel down and they tied their hands before trampling, slapping, dominating and humiliating them as cruelly as they could.

This mistress is gorgeous and naughty. She loves to mess with guys for fun and today she did it in a way this guy could never have predicted. The mistress had the guy think that she was into him but she was not. She played with his dick and turned him on but instead of putting him out of his misery, she chased him away and acted as if it was a mistake in the first place.

Lady Despina was not ok with the silent treatment she got from this guy. She felt that it was unfair for him to do so yet she had done a lot for him. She had never done that to him even when they did not see eye to eye and so she punished him cruelly with her high heels so that he learned how to solve issues like a mature person.

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