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This mistress was out to degrade this girl and she did so using her boots. She took her to a muddy patch and she threw her down and she trampled her. In addition to trampling her, she made her lick her muddy boots and even do the same to the car tires which were also full of mud. That is how the girl realized that she could not mess with the mistress.

Mistress Chloe did not want to deal with an unruly guy and she felt that if she did not do anything to him, he would be emboldened. She did not want that so she punished the cruelly and forced him to do things her way. He was shocked by her audacity to torture and trample him but he could not do anything other than take the abuse and endure the humiliation.

Mistress Nora and her friend were sole fake items which were made to look like the original ones. The mistresses were not happy with what had happened and they punished the guy by cruelly trampling him. He was ball crushed and made to feel things he had never felt before in his life. He tried to get her to stop but she did not and instead they continued with their punishment.

Mistress Medea hunted down this guy because he had stolen from her. He thought she would never find out but she did. And she made sure that the punishment was out of this world and that it was worth it for her so as to make him never steal again. She used a strapon to fuck him in the ass and to make it worth her while, she did not use any lube as she did so.

This mistress expected this guy to know his stuff and that is why she was pissed at him when she realized that he was naive and he ended up costing them a lot with his naivety. The mistresses invited her friend and both of them kicked the guy in the balls to make him assure them that he would never be naive again in his life and that he would make up for his mistakes.

When this mistress set out to punish this slave, she did not think that it would turn out to be a chance for her to have fun at his expense. She facesat on him and she wiggled her ass and her pussy on his face and he loved it and she loved it too. The mistress got wet and she came as she continued rubbing her clit on his face.

Mistress Nicole took her slave to a muddy field and she punished him cruelly by gagging him with muddy feet. In addition, the mistress forced the slave to lick her the mud off her feet and he had no choice but to do it. Besides that, he was also trampled and crushed to the point of crying. Needless to say, he never repeated what led to his punishment in the first place.

Mistress Zetah felt that the way her slave was talking back at her was a sign of disrespect and she did not let it go on. The mistress cruelly choked him as a way to send a message to him that she would not tolerate such behavior. As she punished him, he peed his pants and begged to be forgiven claiming that he had learned his lesson and would not talk back at her again.

Lady Fenja needed her boyfriend to workout for his own good but he did not do it and felt that she was nagging him. So she slapped the shit out of him, undressed him and she also forced him to endure painful whips on his back and his ass until he agreed to workout as she wanted him to. He did not want to feel that pain again so he worked out.

Mistress Izaura felt that this girl was disrespectful to people even though not to her directly. The mistress did not like what the girl had done and said to an old couple in the building. So she looked for a few neighbors and they took turn to punish her and teach her to be respectful to everyone. She learned her lesson and she never made the same mistake after that punishment.

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