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This guy was a pickpocket and he thought he could pick this mistress' pockets without her knowing but she was street smart and she easily caught him doing it. She was not amused and she punished him so that he stopped living a lie and he instead lived an honest life. The mistress did so using her wedges which she used to crush his hands and his fingers until he promised her that he will never do that again.

When she is bored, this mistress loves to come up with things to do and today was not any different as she used her farts to pass time. She made sure to take food she knew would make her gassy so that she would have enough farts. And she poured some powder on her asshole so that she could expel it with her farts. She recorded it all so that she could enjoy watching it afterwards.

This guy was rude to mizz Thyck and her fellow BBW friend. The two mistresses had to make sure the guy learned to respect other people and to be polite so they turned him into a fart slave and he had to lick and smell their farts through a gas mask. That was not all as they also used their big asses to smother him and besides the pain he felt, he also choked a little.

Mistress Agata has a big pair of tits which she is proud of. She used it to lure this guy to his punishment. He was into the tits that he forgot he had messed with her. The mistress used her ass to smother the guy and dominate him cruelly. He was choked before she let him go when he was about to pass out. He nearly shit himself in the process.

Mistress Zephy wanted to degrade her chef because he was lazy and he did not cook her dinner as she had instructed him. The mistress was angry about it and she had to make sure it never happened again. The mistress used her heels to trample his nuts and she also made him lick the soles of her high heels. She then waited to see if he had changed or not.

Mistress Jin wanted to dominate this guy to teach him a lesson because she did not want to disappoint him. She had to make sure that he was in a lot of pain and she did that using her pee as well as with her high heels. The naughty mistress did not spare the guy's nuts and saw to it that he regretted what he had done and would not do it again.

Goddess Alaine is easily disgusted and this guy disgusted her today. He had to get what was due to him and she did so using her spit. The mistress had to make sure that they were all on the same page and the he knew better than to disgust her again. So the mistress spat on his face and she ordered him to lick her saliva. He did so as he knew he was cornered.

Goddess Stephanie wanted to have fun while dominating this guy and that is why she opted to smother him while facesitting him. She was naked from the waist down as she did so and to make it even more interesting for her, she used a vibrator on her clit and she enjoyed how great it felt while at the same time torturing the guy who cried and tried to beg her not to choke him.

Mistress Natasha felt that her boyfriend ignored her concerns and she did not like that very much. She felt that it was important for her to teach him a lesson so that he did not behave that way again. And to make sure he did not do it again, she used her trampling fetish to punish him. He endured her barefoot trampling and he regretted why he had done it.

Mistress Lana knew foot fetish was a good way to train her slave on the skills she wanted him to master. She used her bare feet to do it and in no time, he was a master of licking and taking instructions. The mistress loved the fact that she had had fun teaching him and being the recipient of his good licking skills. Now he was an expert and she expected even more.

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