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Mistress Suzy was not with being lied to. She realized that her employee was deceptive and he was embezzling funds from her company. She summoned him to her house and when he went, she did not say anything. She threw him to the floor and she crushed his face with her feet. She gagged him with her foot in his mouth and she tortured him to get back all the money he had ever embezzled then fired his ass.

Few mistresses know how to take advantage of their beauty than mistress Anna. She loves to turn guys on with her flirting and then get them to do naughty things for her after she has lied to them that it is her fetish and doing so for her would turn her on. She got this guy to lick her stinky socks and she also made him lick her feet before she found an excuse to chase him away.

Lady Aurelia noticed that her slave was not doing the things he should be doing. She did not want to sit down and start making a big deal out of it or to cause a scene. She did not want a long talk either. She simply threw him down and she made him lick the soles of her boots before she facesat on him and humiliated him cruelly. He got the message and changed.

Madame Marissa likes having responsible employees but this new slave was not. She was not going to allow him to get away with that sort of behavior. She made him change by choking him with her smelly socks. She does not have smelly feet but she made sure her feet were stinky and smelly specifically so that she could use them to punish him. She told him she would do it till he learned to be responsible.

Lady Kelly did not like this girl seducing her man. She had seen flirty texts she had been sending her man and she was not impressed. She knew her and she went to her house and she dominated her in her own house. She used her smelly feet to dominate her and she warned her that if she did not stop, she was able and willing to do worse things to her.

Lady Bertie caught this guy spying on her and she knew she had found someone to humiliate. She did not care who had sent him to spy on her. She did not have anything worth spying on so she was not worried. But she capitalized on it and she degraded him cruelly using her spit, her ass, and her feet. She spat into his mouth, she facesat on him and she made him lick her sneakers.

Mistress BlackDiamoond was not happy with the way her husband had been messing with other girls. She had to put an end to it before it escalated into something that would be hard to deal with. She tied him up then made him wear a condom. He thought she was going to ride him but she did not. She only rubbed his dick until he came. Then she made him drink his own cum.

Mistress Gaia warned this loser not to mess with her business. He did not listen. He had tried to buy her business but she refused so he tried to sabotage it. She hunted him down and found him alone today in his house. She cruelly tortured him in his own house and treated him like a dog. She had him lick her feet and she did other cruel and painful things to him till he agreed never to mess with her business.

Mistress Suzy went to her slave's room and found that he was sleeping on the floor. She had given him money to buy a bed but she did not bother to find out if he had bought it. She was pissed at him and she punished him for not buying it. She had him lie down and she facesat on him. She smothered his face with her ass till he begged for mercy.

Mistress Zora likes to degrade and humiliate. She was bored today so she made this loser carry her around like a human pony. She enjoyed it despite the fact that he was tired and she nearly broke his back as she rode him for hours. When she was finished riding his back, she made him lick her stinky and sweaty socks and sneakers. He felt like crying but held on.

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