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Lady Tracy was pissed when her boyfriend forgot their anniversary but he remembered stupid football stats from 50 years ago. She did not like that behavior and she felt that he did not value their relationship. So she chose to punish him and she did it by humiliating him with her feet and her socks before she denied him sex for a month. He never forgot their anniversary again after that.

Mistress Valeria wanted to find out whether this guy had a high pain threshold. And that is why she chose to make him undress and after he had, she ball crushed him before she played with his nipples and she pinched them painfully as well. The mistress enjoyed dominating as well as humiliating the guy and she laughed at him as he cried and begged her to stop torturing him.

When this girl snitched, she did not know how much trouble she had brought to herself. The mistresses she snitched on did not let her go scot-free. They hunted her down and they made sure she would never snitch on anyone ever again by crushing her with their boots after they had tied her up painfully. And that is how the girl learned never to mess with anyone or snitch on them.

Mistress Claudia was minding her business at home when this loser tried to hit on her. She politely told him off but he did not take no for an answer and his insistence pissed her off. She had to tame him and so she let him come over to where she was but instead of having fun with him, she dominated and humiliated him like he had never been humiliated before. She crushed and trampled him which was very painful for him.

Goddess Mia had a male roommate and she did not like how he tried to hit on her. She had told him that there was to be nothing of the sort and when he did not adhere to that, she had to teach him a lesson. She used her bare feet to trample him and to crush him as cruelly as he needed to be. And that is how he learned his lesson.

Mistress Sofi did not want a clingy boyfriend. And when she noticed that her new boyfriend was, she had to find a way to make sure he was not. And that is why she chose to facesit on him and smother him. He regretted why he had been clingy and he knew he had to try and change otherwise it would be hard for him as she would dominate and humiliate him a great deal.

Mistress Sara and her friend mistress Nikki wanted to torture this guy for being a nuisance and they had to do it in a way that would get them results. The mistresses turned him on but instead of fucking him, they dominated him. He was forced to lick their assholes as well as being made to endure dick rubbing using their dry feet. He was degraded and in pain too.

These guys ran a con ring and mistress Suzanna, mistress Ruby and mistress Inka had to break it up. They were almost conned by it and they were sure there were many people who had gotten conned by the guys. So the mistresses did what they thought was the best thing to do in the circumstances and they trampled and crushed the guys for fun. They tortured and humiliated them until they promised to stop.

Mistress Lana learned that this girl was imitating everything she did and not in a good way. She was pissed and she sent a warning to her. But the girl did not listen to anything she told her and she had to find an alternative way to dominate and humiliate him. The mistress cruelly choked her using her bare feet and she degraded her a great deal to get her way.

Mistress Gaia had beef with her ex because of stuff that had happened when they were still together. So when he came to look for her to see whether they could get back together, he was shocked when she unleashed terror on him. She ballbusted him and she dominated him like he had never been dominated before. The mistress enjoyed teaching him a lesson and he left without what he came for.

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