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Mistress Dula wanted to see this guy crying and that is what she made him do. She did not care what he did and she did not care what he said. All she had to do and what she did was to trample the shit out of him and that is exactly what happened. The mistress stomped on his face and she crushed it as hard as she could to pass a message.

Goddess Gabriella wanted to facesit her husband and humiliate him because of what he had done. He had denied her sex and she was not ok with that. She had to make sure that he learned his lesson and that he would never deny her what she was not supposed to go and get outside from someone else. Her man never did after the facesitting her got from the mistress.

Mistress Kira noticed that her neighbor was not doing things the way he was supposed to and she called him out. The guy did not stop what he did and he did not change. This infuriated the mistress who had to teach him a lesson. She did so using her ass as she facesat him and choked him a little. He never messed up again after what she did to him.

Lady Layla did not have to just stick with barefoot trampling just because she was dealing with this loser for fun. She wanted to use her high heels to do it and so she wore her high heel boots to dominate as well as torture her. The mistress laughed at the girl and promised to do worse things to her if she did not change. She changed very quickly as she did not want to be humiliated and degraded again.

Mistress Darcia is a no-nonsense person and she used that today to dominate as well as humiliate this guy who had angered her. The mistress made sure that her feet were dirty before she used them to torture this loser. He had no choice as she made it clear that if he did not do it, she would crush his balls. He had to choose one and he chose to lick her muddy feet clean.

Mistress Gaia was trying to find who had messed up and she found out that both these slaves had messed up so she had to find a way to punish them. She stripped both of them naked and she had fun slapping them as well as using them as human ponies. She also foot gagged them for fun before she was done with them and she asked them to redo the work.

Goddess Seira wanted her slave to lick her feet until they were clean. He did not have any objection to it as she had expected him to have. She had planned how she was going to beat the crap out of him for doing so. But now that he did not object, she had no excuse and so she did not trample or humiliate him the way she had planned to.

Lady Ayse did not have money to pay rent this month but she was not worried. She knew that she could easily pay it in other ways and she used one of those ways to get it settled. She used her charm on her landlord and she made him agree to waive it for her for two months. The mistress just needed to ask in the right way, in the right tone and with the right sexy clothes on and with her gorgeous body, seductive manners and charm, it was not a hard thing to do.

Mistress Anni had made this guy believe that he would get a lot of fun from her but it was not to be as all she wanted was to have fun at his expense. She saw him as a plaything and that is how it all happened. The mistress teased the guy and made him think that she was interested in him when she was not and she left him high and dry.

Lady Penelope tried her best to listen to this guy and later on to advice him to stop talking too much but he ignored her concerns. He went on to do what he always did and this time, she got pissed and she punished him. The mistress forced the guy lie down and she trampled his face and especially his mouth to make him understand that he was not supposed to talk too much.

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