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This guy had no shame that he wanted a foursome with sisters. The mistresses were offended when the guy suggested it. If he had wanted one of them, he would have gotten her. If he had tried for a foursome with one of them and other girls, it would have also been possible. But wanting it with sisters was crazy and the facesat him as punishment for even suggesting it.

These mistresses had realized that their girlfriend was leaking their secrets to other people and also gossiping about them. They did not appreciate that and they warned her. But she did it again and this time they did not warn her. They humiliated her by choking her with cigarette smoke, spitting on her and making her a foot slave. They then chased her away and asked her never to return until she stopped being a gossiper and a backstabber.

Mistress Betsy did not like how this guy lied to her husband. She was pissed at the way in which he took advantage of her husband because he knew that he was good natured. The mistress needed to send a message to the guy that she would not tolerate her husband being taken advantage of. He was shocked at how she trampled him and he apologized to her husband for what he had done.

Missy Van Licks organized her friends so that they could punish and torture this liar. He had messed them up big time and it was time for them to return the favor. And as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. So they served it chilled. He was tied up while naked and the mistresses had fun torturing him all at the same time. He was ballbusted, choked, gagged, pinched and many other painful and cruel things done to him.

Goddess Missy did not want to encourage her slave to be late and that is why she chose to make him know that it was not ok. She trampled him and used her feet to humiliate him. He had to lick them before she was done with him. By that time, he was tired, he was humiliated, he was in pain and he knew that he could not be late again.

Mistress Valentina was tired of waiting for her money from this guy. He had asked her to loan him and she did. He promised to pay back soon but he did not. She gave him more time but he did not do what he was supposed to which was to pay her back. So she went out of her way to humiliate him with her shoes in order to get her money back.

This guy was used to being dismissive and he always got away with it but his luck ran out today and he dismissed these mistresses thereby incurring their wrath. He had to be punished and the mistresses did this by ballbusting him. He had never been ballkicked before and it was the single most painful thing he had ever experienced in his entire life. He never messed up again by being dismissive.

Mistress Layla did not want to date a lazy man. That is why she opted to encourage him and tell him why he needed to stop being lazy. But he did not listen to her and he did not change. He was ok with the status quo and she did not like that. So she forced him to endure her trampling after which she dumped his ass as he was not ambitious.

Mistress Nika has sexy feet and she knows how to get the attention she wants. And today she did not just want to show off her sexy feet and toes, but she went ahead to make the guy want her and get turned on by what she did. He was turned on but she left him high and dry. She told him to go and masturbate so as to satisfy himself.

Lady Despina is an interesting and adventurous girl and she enjoys doing all sorts of things for fun. But today she needed to try something new and this was something she had not done in quite a while. She was all excited and she cleared her schedule so that she could try the new femdom she had been wanting to try for a long time. It was worth her time.

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