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This guy was ungrateful and mistress Gaia knew she would not help him again since he felt that she did not do anything to him. So she stopped dealing with him. But he came later demanding for help from her and she got pissed at how ungrateful he was and she asked her friend to help her punish him. The two of them trampled him with their boots and crushed his nuts.

Lady Shay was not ok with an indifferent slave. She wanted someone who was concerned and who was caring. She had to send a message to this one that she did not like that about her and there was no better way for her to do so than to use her big ass to humiliate him. He had to lick her ass and smell it before she let him go.

Mistress Anastasia knew that this guy loved her ass and he was dying to check it out and even to fuck her. It was his birthday and she felt pity for him and to make his day, she chose to show him her hot ass as a present. The guy was pleasantly surprised and he loved it. The mistress even let him jerk off to it then she went away.

Mistress Anastasia was out to get info from this guy and that is why she chose to smother him with her bare feet and to have him lick her saliva. She had to make him realize that she was willing to do whatever it took to torture and humiliate him until he gave her what she wanted. The guy did not want any more pain or suffering so he cooperated with her and did as she instructed.

Mistress Gabriela has never been a fan of spanking but as she watched naughty videos on the internet, spanking suddenly became of interest to her. She felt like trying it out but before she had someone spank her, she had to do it by herself. And that is how she spanked herself to get accustomed to it and to find out the pleasure points before she had someone else do it to her.

Mistress Marie had had fun with this guy but he was insatiable and she did not like that about him. She felt that it was better for her to humiliate him and so she used her spit to do it. She told him he was sick and he had to take care of his insatiable appetite as she could not deal with it. And the spit was to show him how serious she was.

This guy loves to be dominated and to be in a little pain to get him turned on. And so she chose to try a way he had never considered before. She used ballbusting to do it and it was a shock for him. It was a little bit more painful than she was used to but he was mightily turned on like she had never been before. And they fucked like pornstars.

Mistress Chloe did not remove her uniform when she got home. She was so pissed at this guy that she had to punish him and torture him to make him change and to teach him a lesson. She stripped him naked and she whipped him as well as kicked and trampled him with her high heels before she left him on the floor and got into the house. She was sure the punishment would work.

Mistress Stella was shocked that her boyfriend's friend was hitting on her and she felt like it was an insult to her and to her boyfriend. She did not give him a lot of time to hit on her. She trampled him with her high heels and crushed his hands, made him lick her feet and she told him to keep away from them as he was not a good person.

Mistress Cassandra and mistress Kira did not like what this employee had done. He had shown up in the office drunk and they did not want him to be a bad influence to the others and so the mistresses cruelly smothered him with their feet and with their asses to make him learn that he was never allowed to do that again and if he did, he would be punished and fired.

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