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Mistress Reell did not like how inconsistent this guy was. She had talked to him about it but he did not seem to understand her or to want to change. She had to make him do that and so she used her high heel boots to dominate him and trample him. As the pain got to him, he knew it was high time he changed and she made sure of it.

Mistress Akella got home and she did not want anything other than to eat, take a long bath and sleep. But her slave had a lot to talk about and she was pissed. She tried to talk to him to understand she did not want to talk and he had to wait until tomorrow but he kept talking and she could not take it anymore. She forced him to suck her toes and as he was busy doing it, he could not talk and she had the peace she wanted.

These mistresses are hot and sought after. But this guy knew that they were not in his league and he went around claiming that they were his bitches and that he had slept with them severally including having threesomes with them. They did not want him to continue making those false allegations so they sought him and they trampled, kicked, ballbusted and made him lick their shoes before they rode him like a human pony.

This mistress wanted to hire a new bodyguard and she did not want one who was weak. One of the way she wanted to use to find out whether someone was strong was to ballbust him and find out what his pain threshold was. So she kicked him in the nuts and she was surprised at how well he took the pain. She was impressed and she hired him thereafter.

This guy had tried to steal from lady Scarlet but she saw him from hidden CCTV cameras and she was able to lay a trap for him and catch him red handed. He was shaken and he could not understand how he had been caught. The punishment was cruel as the mistress crushed his nuts and she made sure he was in pain and that he knew never to steal again.

When this guy failed to honor his word, this mistress was pissed at him as that was the sole reason she had agreed to do business with him. She had felt that he was a man of his word and that they would not have any issues. But they had when he went back on his word and she had to punish him and make him sign a binding contract. She used her hard trampling to crush him and make him do it.

Mistress Adora wanted this guy to know that she was not going to let him get away with the mistakes he had made. She was so pissed at him that she felt that the best thing to do to him was to turn him into a foot licker. So she had him lick her bare fee after which he had to do the same to her shoes. He never forgot the punishment.

Mistress Coco is an attractive woman and her boss had a crush on her. She did not mind and she was in fact flattered. But she did not like it when he wanted to have kinky sex with her. She felt that he had crossed a boundary and she had to punish him. The mistress did this by forcing him to strip naked and then whipping his dick and his balls.

This guy could not just keep it in his pants. He had to sleep with whoever he could and that is how he ended up lying to these girls in order to sleep with them. They were pissed at him and they trampled him with their feet. The mistresses were angry at him and they crushed his balls and other parts of his body to ensure he did not forget.

Mistress Amelie did not like how her slave tried to con her. He thought that the mistress would not find out but she did and she did not like it. She had to punish the guy and she did it with her boots. The mistress crushed and trampled the skinny slave from head to toe and she laughed at him as he struggled to avoid crying while begging her for mercy.

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