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This guy was a pickpocket and he thought he could pick this mistress' pockets without her knowing but she was street smart and she easily caught him doing it. She was not amused and she punished him so that he stopped living a lie and he instead lived an honest life. The mistress did so using her wedges which she used to crush his hands and his fingers until he promised her that he will never do that again.

Mistress Iside wanted to find out what the efficacy of nipple torture was as she wanted to find a way to dominate as well as degrade her slave in a way which was simpler yet very effective. So she stripped him naked and she used a nipple clamp to do it. It was cruel and painful to the slave and she loved how effective it was as a punishment method.

This girl had expressed her interest in joining a group of mistresses. She met all the requirements and passed all the tests. As she was being admitted, she had to be initiated and the mistresses did this by dominating her with their feet. She had to lick their feet and eat the crumbs off the floor as well as off their feet. When she was done, she was now a bona fide member.

This guy was perverted and he thought that this mistress would like it but she did not and so she had to punish him since she did not want him to continue with that perversion. She crushed and trampled his nuts and ignored his cries of pain as she knew he deserved everything he got. She then let him go and she monitored him to find out whether he had reformed.

Mistress Nika does not like being catcalled and this guy made the mistake of doing it. He was in pain as she used her high heels to trample him. She wanted the guy to feel pain he had not felt before so she did not spare any part of his body. Everything was fair game to her and she made him cry and pee himself to make sure he never did it again.

Mistress Khali had an irresponsible slave and she knew she was encouraging him to continue being irresponsible by not punishing him as cruelly as he needed to be punished. So she did what she should have done a long time ago and she punished him by trampling as well as crushing him. And it was very painful and he learned to change as he knew she would not stop until he changed.

Goddess Alaine is easily disgusted and this guy disgusted her today. He had to get what was due to him and she did so using her spit. The mistress had to make sure that they were all on the same page and the he knew better than to disgust her again. So the mistress spat on his face and she ordered him to lick her saliva. He did so as he knew he was cornered.

Mistress Lola felt like torturing this guy and she did it by facesitting the guy. The mistress did not care about his cries of pain as she knew her punishment was working. And she not only facesat on him, but she also farted on him to make it worse. And she laughed as he was going through one of the worst times of his life. He changed to avoid such a punishment again.

Princess Quinn knew that this guy needed to have his balls crushed as he was a loser and a snitch so she did it with her sneakers. The guy was in pain but the mistress did not care. All she wanted was to ensure that he was in pain and that he changed the way the mistress wanted him to. So she forced him to do things his way and he did.

Mistress Natasha felt that her boyfriend ignored her concerns and she did not like that very much. She felt that it was important for her to teach him a lesson so that he did not behave that way again. And to make sure he did not do it again, she used her trampling fetish to punish him. He endured her barefoot trampling and he regretted why he had done it.

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