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Lady Sarah was angered by how her assistant under-performed. She had forgiven her before but this time she knew she would not do so as it would encourage her to make it a habit. So the mistress used her heels and a cane to punish her. She ordered her to lick her dirty boots and also to endure a few strokes of the cane before she let her go and warned her not to under-perform.

Madame Marissa wanted to inflict some pain on her slave because she did not like the direction that he was taking. The mistress chose to do some cruel things to him and this was scratching him and letting him feel pain in addition to making him lick her feet and then trampling and punching him. The mistress did not give him a break as she dominated and tortured him painfully.

Mistress Victoria, her friend Jess as well as mistress Chanel caught this guy trying to break into their house. He was engrossed in what he was doing that he did not notice them. They pounced on him and they dominated him cruelly. He was forced to lick their saliva and he was tortured cruelly. He felt the kind of pain he had not felt in a while and he never made that mistake again.

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