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Mistress Elizabeth wanted to dominate her boyfriend because he had missed an important function she had. She did not understand why he had done that and she had to teach him a lesson. The mistress gave him one more chance to make it up to her otherwise she would break up with her. But his punishment was not easy as she humiliated him by trampling him with her high heels.

Mistress Chloe was not in the mood for sex and there was no way she was going to force herself to have sex. So she tried something by asking her husband to jerk off to her hot ass. She showed it to him and knew how much he loved it so it was an easy ask for her. The mistress even let him eat it and it helped him cum quicker.

Goddess Gabriela is a nasty girl. She is also a sly one and she knows how to get whatever she wants without having to give anything in return. Today she had this guy think she was into him and that is how she got him to do her a favor. After that, he wanted sexual favors as well but as they were having foreplay, she drooled all over him and spat on him turning him off instantly.

Mistress Zephy wanted to degrade her chef because he was lazy and he did not cook her dinner as she had instructed him. The mistress was angry about it and she had to make sure it never happened again. The mistress used her heels to trample his nuts and she also made him lick the soles of her high heels. She then waited to see if he had changed or not.

This guy was perverted and he thought that this mistress would like it but she did not and so she had to punish him since she did not want him to continue with that perversion. She crushed and trampled his nuts and ignored his cries of pain as she knew he deserved everything he got. She then let him go and she monitored him to find out whether he had reformed.

Goddess Harley wanted to fuck her friend's man because she knew that he was good in bed so she wanted to get a piece of it and experience what her friend experienced. She then teased him a little bit and got him in the mood before she had him fuck her brains out. He loved her pussy and they both enjoyed it as they were both naughty and did some freaky and kinky stuff.

Mistress Nika does not like being catcalled and this guy made the mistake of doing it. He was in pain as she used her high heels to trample him. She wanted the guy to feel pain he had not felt before so she did not spare any part of his body. Everything was fair game to her and she made him cry and pee himself to make sure he never did it again.

Mistress Iside had had enough of this lazy employee and she wanted to dominate him to teach him never to be lazy at her work place as she paid him to work not to sit around doing nothing. So she got him to undress and she ball kicked him as painfully as she could and he was in so much pain that he felt that it was easier to obey her and stop being lazy.

Mistress Lola felt like torturing this guy and she did it by facesitting the guy. The mistress did not care about his cries of pain as she knew her punishment was working. And she not only facesat on him, but she also farted on him to make it worse. And she laughed as he was going through one of the worst times of his life. He changed to avoid such a punishment again.

Princess Quinn knew that this guy needed to have his balls crushed as he was a loser and a snitch so she did it with her sneakers. The guy was in pain but the mistress did not care. All she wanted was to ensure that he was in pain and that he changed the way the mistress wanted him to. So she forced him to do things his way and he did.

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