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Madame Marissa and her friend lady Nora wanted to pump sense into this guy and they did it in a way no one had ever done it before. They loved doing it and by the time they were done with the guy, he wished that he had never pissed them off. They crushed his head and they also had him lick their dirty soles before they were done with him.

This guy had refused to apologize yet he had pissed off mistress Tiffany. She was not going to let him get away with that as she did not want to encourage him to go and piss off people for pleasure and as a sport. So she stripped him naked and as he admired her round and firm tits, he got a hard on and she used that chance to crush his balls and his dick.

This guy knew the facts but he had the audacity of misrepresenting them. That did not go down well with the mistress who had to make sure that the guy never did that again. That is why she went out of her way to trample the guy and crush his face as well as the rest of his body. The idea was to pump some sense into him and she succeeded.

Goddess Gabriella had tried to use her words to talk to this guy but she did not manage to pass her message as the guy was resistant to the message. She had to pass the message somehow and she did it by cruelly turning the guy into a foot slave. He was forced to lick her feet and he had no choice but to do what the mistress wanted from him.

Goddess Gabriella needed to dominate her husband because he had acquired some bad behaviors that she did not like. So it was up to her to tame him and she did so using her feet. She made him lick her feet according to her instructions. It was all to humiliate him and he knew it. He became remorseful as he realized she would not take his new behaviors lying down.

Goddess Kiffa's aim was to find out whether her slave could lick her pussy but she did not want to say it outright. So she tested his skills by checking whether he could lick her feet. She wanted to gauge and see if he was good enough to be taught how to do it better. That way, she would be assured of good head if she wanted it from him.

Lady Stefanie is a strict person. She is also a disciplinarian. That is why she was not going to look the other way as her assistant misbehaved. He needed guidance and she gave it to him in a way he did not expect. She cruelly trampled him and threatened to make him eat shit before she gave him another chance. He did not disappoint as he knew she was serious about punishing him.

This guy was a chastity slave but this mistress did not care. She wanted to humiliate him even further and she did it while he wore the chastity device. She took his dick in her hands and she played with it. He was lucky that his dick had a little room in his device and it could accommodate him even when erect. She realized that he had a small dick and she made fun of him.

Mistress Medea had never tried ass crushing before and that is why she had to try it out today. She was bored and she was in the mood to do a few naughty things and try what she had not tried before. So she turned the guy into her ass slave and she had fun smothering and facesitting him as well as doing whatever else she felt was necessary to do to him.

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