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Queen Hanna and lady Nora had tried to reason with their supervisor but he did not want to reason with them. He wanted them to do what he wanted. He did not want them to question her and they were pissed about it. But he did not know that he had pushed them to the wall and now they had to strike back. That is how they turned him into a foot slave and trampled and dominated him with their feet.

Lady Luciana and lady Nora needed to dominate this guy and they did it with their spit as well as with their boots. The mistress chose to use boots to make him learn his lesson. The mistresses had to make sure that he was in pain and that he learned his lesson. He tried to bribe them to stop it but they were not interested in his money. They had to teach him a lesson.

Mistress Roxanna had a fallout with her classmate and she used her jeans to punish her classmate and ensure that she would never repeat what she had done to her. The girl did not think that things could go down the way they did but there was no turning back and she had no choice but to do them the way the mistress wanted them to be done. It was cruel and painful.

Lady Nora has no time for guys she feels are not diligent in their work. This guy was not and the mistress had to torture as well as humiliate the guy. That is why she chose to punish the guy and cruelly teach him a lesson. The mistress made sure that he licked her boots, was trampled by the same boots and she whipped him a little before she was done with him.

This mistress felt that this official was too prejudiced to be fair and so she used her trampling fetish to punish him and to ensure that he never did what he had done. He was in pain and he was humiliated but he had no choice other than to do it. He was forced to do the right thing by the mistress when she was done punishing and humiliating him.

Queen Hanna felt that her husband was out of line for flirting with their neighbor and she was so pissed at him that she had to ensure that he learned his lesson. So she trampled him to both humiliate him as well as to make him realize that she would not tolerate such behavior in him again. He got the message and knew she would not tolerate such issues again.

Mistress Roxana was close to her friend and that is why it came as a shock to her when she realized that she was backbiting her. The mistress could not believe it and she realized that she was dealing with someone who was faking everything. She wanted nothing to do with her and that is why she trampled her and chased her away from her house when she pretended she had come to check on her.

Lady Lucia had always tried to check herself and keep her composure in every situation but she felt that her husband was taking advantage of it and of her and she had to shock him a little which she did when she humiliated and dominated him like he had never experienced before. He was also slapped in the process and he opted to change instead of letting the problem compound.

This guy was a neighbor to mistress Jane and queen Hanna. He always wanted to hang out with them but the mistresses did not find him interesting so they did not want to hang out with him. That is why when he became too much for them, they had him lick and smell their feet which were dirty. That is how he avoided them and they got the peace they wanted.

Goddess Vanny had noticed that her security guard was not as careful as she wanted him to be and that is why she chose to trample and to crush him the way he needed to be crushed and humiliated. She teased him with her bikini and she made him endure her high heel trampling. He was conflicted between how sexy she was and what she did to him with her high heels.

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