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Mistress Anni wanted to humiliate this guy in a way she had never done before and she was sure in a way he had never been humiliated before. But it was not a cruel way. It was just different. So she teased him with her big tits and nice ass before she masturbated as he watched until she squirted. The slave was dying to fuck her but instead was made to lick her squirt.

Mistress Nina did not believe that her employee had the balls to lie to her. When she found out, she had to punish him and she also chose his balls so that he would not have the balls to lie to her again. The mistress ball crushed him and when she was done with him, she made him fuck her leather boots. He never lied to her again as he knew how it would go down.

Lady Penelope did not like how her sugar daddy acted. He was not sending her the money as regularly as he used to do and she was getting pissed at him. He still wanted to do some wild things with her and she was not into that anymore as he did not treat her the way she wanted to be treated. So she trampled him and she made him realize he had to send her the money for her to have the desire to do the things he wanted her to do.

This mistress knows how to dominate and she did it today with her smelly feet. She wore her high heels without any socks and she knew they would smell. The mistress then had this guy lick them until they were clean. She did not care what he felt and she sat back and watched as he struggled to do it. She watched him until he was done lick them clean.

Lady Penelope felt that her stuff was being misused and she did not like it. She had to punish this guy for him to know that he would not be allowed to misuse her stuff again. That is why the mistress chose to trample the shit out of him. The mistress rolled him in her carpet to immobilize him then she cruelly tortured him with her trampling. He regretted what he had done.

This mistress likes to torture people who piss her off. This guy pissed her off by forgetting his assignment. She did not want to be reminding him all the time so she had to smother him with her ass and she also farted on him. The poor guy did not see any of it coming and he was shocked at the sudden change of events. But he knew he was to blame.

This mistress needed to get a good orgasm so she took out her dildo and she used it to fuck herself like she needed to. She did not need a lot of clitoral stimulation because she was already horny. Just a little touch on it and she was already wet. She ten used it to pound herself until she could not help but cum as explosively as she had expected to.

Mistress Kira and her friends wanted the truth from this girl. They felt that the girl had to be honest with them, something she had failed to do from the start and the mistresses had to punish him. They chose to do it by turning her into a foot slave and gagging her. As she felt pained and humiliated, she decided to tell the truth and end the suffering she was going through.

Mistress Aurora and mistress Dori did not like how mouthy this girl was. They were afraid that she would tell their stories and some of their secrets so they had to punish her and ensure that she learned her lesson the hard way. That is why they turned her into a foot slave and made sure that she licked their feet, was humiliated and more importantly, that she learned her lesson.

Mistress Dula had a sugar daddy and all was well until he stopped sending her money without an explanation but he wanted everything else to continue as normal. She was infuriated and she slapped the shit out of him when they met for him to know that he had to stick to their agreement and their working arrangement. He was not going to alter it without consulting her and them agreeing on it.

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