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Mistress Lika did not like how her girlfriend had cheated on her. They had agreed not to see other people but she did behind her back and so she trampled her to make her realize that that was not acceptable to her. She did not say much other than to trample her girl and make her feel part of the pain she felt when she learned that she had been cheated on.

Mistress Valentina was tired of waiting for her money from this guy. He had asked her to loan him and she did. He promised to pay back soon but he did not. She gave him more time but he did not do what he was supposed to which was to pay her back. So she went out of her way to humiliate him with her shoes in order to get her money back.

Mistress Adora and her friend took this slave to the woods to punish him because they were sure that he had not learned his lesson the way he needed to. They also did not want to punish him where he would cry and make a lot of noise. So they took him to the woods where he was trampled after being undressed. He was also caned and had to lick dirty soles.

Mistress Valentina loves tattoos. That is why she does not just have one. Rather, she has them all over her body and they snake their way from the top of her body down her ass and to her legs. Today she wore a thong and then showed off how hot her ass looked in the tattoos. She came across as a naughty and kinky girl, which is what she was going for.

These mistresses had an agreement with this guy but he did not want to do what they had agreed. The mistresses were pissed about it and they had to humiliate him in a way he had never been humiliated and dominated. That is why the mistresses chose to use their heels to crush his head and as they did so, the pain was out of this world and it taught him a lesson.

Mistress Angelina was angered by how much of a coward her boyfriend was. She wanted to turn him into a warrior and she started by toughening up. She did this by trampling him with her high heels and making sure he learned not to cry as she did her thing on him. He did not want to be humiliated or trampled again so he agreed to do what she wanted.

This mistress did not take it kindly when this guy looked down on her. She felt that she had to punish him and she did it without wasting much time as she wanted him to learn his lesson as quickly as possible. The mistress laughed as he cried and as he begged for mercy but she did not forgive him and she did not let him go until she got tired and she felt that he had gotten the message.

This guy had a little power and he tried to exercise it against her man because he had a thing for her and he did not like the fact that she was with him and not her. She was not going to allow it to happen so she tied the guy p and she kicked him in the nuts with her high heels and he never did that nonsense again.

Madam Tulpan was horny and since she had to punish this slave, she felt that she might as well enjoy what she did and that is why she went out of her way to make him smell her panties after which he had to lick her pussy. She instructed him on how to do it so that she would enjoy it to the max and she was able to.

Mistress Melanie knew that her boyfriend had a hard time saying no to girls and after trying all she could to help him break the habit, she came up with a cruel and crude way to help him and she gave it a try. She stripped him naked and she cruelly ballbusted him. The mistress crushed his nuts and his dick and she wanted him to remember the pain whenever she was in such a situation.

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