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Madam Tulpan was horny and since she had to punish this slave, she felt that she might as well enjoy what she did and that is why she went out of her way to make him smell her panties after which he had to lick her pussy. She instructed him on how to do it so that she would enjoy it to the max and she was able to.

Mistress Melanie knew that her boyfriend had a hard time saying no to girls and after trying all she could to help him break the habit, she came up with a cruel and crude way to help him and she gave it a try. She stripped him naked and she cruelly ballbusted him. The mistress crushed his nuts and his dick and she wanted him to remember the pain whenever she was in such a situation.

Mistress Yokai was ready to move on with her life because she felt that her boyfriend took her for granted. She did not want to keep being taken for granted so she used her shoes to trample him and she forced him to endure the pain of it all over his body. The mistress then asked him to leave and gave him some time to think about what he wanted.

Mistress Amelie did not like how her slave tried to con her. He thought that the mistress would not find out but she did and she did not like it. She had to punish the guy and she did it with her boots. The mistress crushed and trampled the skinny slave from head to toe and she laughed at him as he struggled to avoid crying while begging her for mercy.

Lady Scarlet was shocked when her friend hit on her. She knew that they were just friends and so it came as a surprise when he hit on her. She could not imagine sleeping with him and so the mistress had him lick her feet and her dirty boots in order to humiliate him a little and in so doing, get him back to his senses. It worked and he never tried it again.

Madam Tulpan was being hit on by her friend's husband. He loved her hot body, her curves, her tits and how she carried herself. She also had a naughty vibe to her. But she told him she could not sleep with him because he was married to her friend. He tried to insist but she instead turned him into a foot slave and had him lick her feet and suck her toes.

Lady Pascal had her wine in a glass and she dominated this guy as she took it. She sat in a comfortable couch and she had him lick her high heels. The mistress did not care about what he felt and she was sure that he would be scared of the heels and so would do whatever he needed to do for her to let him go. He was smart.

Mistress Sarah felt that her slave deserved to be punished for how she had been masturbating in her house. She had been doing it by sniffing her panties and also watching porn, none of which the mistress was ok with. The mistress was straight but the slave was clearly lesbian and even though she did not have an issue with his sexual orientation, she had to make sure she did not masturbate using her panties or watching porn in her house.

Lady Despina and her friend caught this guy doing perverted things and she had to punish and torture him. She did so using her bare feet before she was joined by her friend who did the same. The mistresses trampled the guy while he was naked and ensured that he had learned his lesson the hard way. He tried to turn the punishment into a threesome but he only got more punishment and humiliation.

Goddess Sheila loves to mess with slave girls because she loves the fact that they tend to be gentler as opposed to male slaves. So she got herself a new one today and she tested her using foot fetish. The mistress enjoyed herself and she knew this one was for keeps. The girl had a magical tongue and made her feel goosebumps as she licked her feet and sucked her toes. The mistress was tempted to let her other parts.

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