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This mistress did not like how her slave liked to eavesdrop on her conversations. She had talked to him about it before but he did not seem to have understood her. She therefore had to change tact and make sure he learned his lesson. So she stomped on him and jumped on his body as painfully as she could. He cried as she did so and promised he had stopped.

This mistress is as naughty as they come. And she loves to use her hot body to tease and have fun at the expense of guys people would never imagine of. Today the mistress wanted to tease a pastor and see how he would react. So she flaunted her hot ass to him and she loved that he was interested in her. She teased and denied him when she pretended to find out he was a pastor.

Mistress Zora wanted to degrade this loser and she felt that the best way to do it was to humiliate this loser. And she chose to do it with her saliva. She knew he did not expect that from her and so it was a shocking surprise for him. He did not have a choice but to do what she asked him to do and she was happy she had achieved what she wanted.

Mistress Natasha did not understand why this guy was defaming her. She asked him and tried to understand what his issue was but she did not seem to get his point. She knew he was a gun for hire and she had to put an end to his nonsense. So she used her boots to trample and put him through a lot of pain so that he would never be tempted to defame her again.

Mistress Suzy was pissed that her boyfriend had squandered their money. He did not even ask for her permission before he did what he did. She was pissed and she humiliated her boyfriend for it because it was her money too. So she used her hees to trample him and she told him he had to refund her share of the money because he had not consulted her about it.

Princess Araya had a new slave who was unruly and she had to tame him. The mistress felt that for her to change him, she had to do something he did not expect. He had taken her for granted because she had a petite body and he thought she was not threatening. But she proved him wrong when she crushed his face and she facesat on him and she choked him.

Goddess Lena wanted this guy to learn a lesson and stop being a stalker but it did not work out as well as she wanted. So she used her charm to lure him to her house and once there, she turned on him and she made him drink the semen of a guy she had fucked earlier. He was disgusted by what happened to him but he blamed himself for stalking her.

Mistress Nica did not like how her slave liked to abscond duty all the time and she was not going to allow it anymore. So she used her boots to trample him and to make sure he learned his lesson in a cruel manner. The mistress got her boots licked clean even though they were muddy and when he was done, she trampled him with the same boots so that he would never do what he had done again.

Mistress Gaia and her friend had been hired to entertain this guy and his guests. They danced for them and even arranged for a DJ and other types of entertainment. But the guy did not pay them what they had agreed on. He tried some bullshit that they did not do the entertainment to his expectations. The mistresses did not talk. They just turned him into a foot slave and had him lick their boots and trampled him painfully. He gave them the rest of the money.

Mistress Gaia did not want to waste time feuding with a local gang. She therefore took their leader hostage and she cruelly trampled and stomped on him with her heels while he was naked. She then recorded a message with the rest of them and she told them she did not want any problems with them but if they did not take her peace offer, there would be hell to pay.

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