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Mistress Rosalina needed to get her feet licked and smelled. It was something she had been looking forward to for some time and she made sure that it happened the way she wanted. The mistress did not hesitate to do it and by the time she was done with the guy, he had licked and smelled her feet as well as her socks and her shoes before she was done with him.

Mistress Lorena was out to degrade and she was not going to stop at anything to make sure she got what she wanted. So she used her humiliation fetish to punish and humiliate the guy. He was given a used condom and asked to eat the contents. He could tell from her look that she was serious about him doing and he had no choice but to do it.

When this guy misbehaved, this mistress knew that she had to do something she had never done before. She plotted it carefully and he did not see it coming. He was shocked by everything that she did and she had a great time at his expense. The mistress made sure that she forced him to wear a cock cage and then had fun torturing him for her fun and to make sure he would not misbehave again.

This woman tried to come between mistress Betty and her girlfriend. She had to be stopped and the two lovers did it in a cruel way he had never imagined. The girls made out as she watched and besides that, they spat on her and even drooled on her. That was not all as she was required to lick and swallow their saliva and their drool. It was not optional.

Mistress Madita was pained by the things her ex had done. She did not do anything. She just waited until she had healed for her to get her revenge. She planned it carefully and once she had him where she wanted, she tied him up and she used her cigarette to torture him. He was also choked and made to feel pain. He peed his pants as she dominated him.

Goddess Leta was disappointed with the service she got from this delivery guy and she immediately turned him into a foot slave. He had to know how to deal with clients and she felt that he did not. She paid a lot of money for the service and she wanted to get her money's worth. That is why she turned him into a foot slave and had fun torturing him.

Mistress Honey took out her dildo and she used it to tease this guy. He was into what she did as he knew that it would end up with him getting laid but it did not work out that way. Instead, the mistress teased him and when he wanted some, she denied him and told her she was just joking and was not serious about it. He could not believe it.

Mistress Demi had to use her car but this mechanic had not fixed her car. She was absolutely fixed her car and yet he was the one who had given her the time frame within which he would have fixed it. She was so disappointed in him that she cruelly forced him to feel the pain and humiliation in what she did to him. He fixed it as she sat there.

Goddess Gabriella has a fetish for foot licking. She loves it when her feet are licked and that is what happened today. The mistress had to make sure that her boyfriend was good at it so that she did not have to go and get that done to her from elsewhere. She told her boyfriend about it and he agreed with her despite the fact that he was not too enthusiastic about it.

This mistress did not want to enable this guy to keep lying. He was not just a liar, but he was also unreliable. She did not want to continue letting him get away with that nonsense and that is why she had to teach him a lesson he would not forget. The mistress wore her strapon and she deepthroated him with a promise to ass fuck him if he did not change.

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