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Mistress Nora and her friend were sole fake items which were made to look like the original ones. The mistresses were not happy with what had happened and they punished the guy by cruelly trampling him. He was ball crushed and made to feel things he had never felt before in his life. He tried to get her to stop but she did not and instead they continued with their punishment.

When princess Quinn found out that her boyfriend had cheated on her by having his dick sucked, she knew it was time to torture him and she did not hesitate to do it. She used her boots to trample his dick and she did it painfully because she wanted him to remember the pain he felt anytime he was about to cheat on her. He never cheated on her again.

While mistress Khali was enjoying her weed, this sissy kept disturbing her and it got to a point she could not ignore him. She turned on him and she made him her human ashtray. He wanted attention and now she gave it to him. But it was not in the form he wanted it and he started crying and begging her to stop. She ignored him and went on smoking, chatting with her friends and using him as an ashtray.

This mistress was horny and she wanted to cum. She met this guy who also wanted a piece of her but she was not willing to fuck him. So she had him lick her ass and her pussy. As he did so, the mistress used her feet and her hands to jerk him off and that is how she got him to cum. She had also came just before him.

This mistress was tired of trying to persuade this girl to do the right thing. The mistress felt that it was ok for her to punish the girl and she did it with her riding boots. And to make it worse, she did it to a naked girl so that it would be even more painful for him. He regretted why he had not listened to her and knew he had to change.

This mistress was chasing a refund because she had bought a defective item but this guy did not want to give it to her. So she had to make sure he gave it to her whether he liked it or not. The mistress used her high heels to trample his hands and that is how she got what she wanted. She got a full refund as the guy did not want to be trampled again.

Mistress Cassie felt that this slave had to be dominated and so she set out a plan to do it and she was joined by her friend. The two of them felt that spit domination was the best way to do it. And they did not care how degrading and humiliating it was. They created a pool of spit and he had to lick it and then drink it all.

This girl snitched on her group and her friends could not let it slide as they did not understand why she would betray them when they had stood with her before and were ready to take a bullet for her. Before she was chased from the group, she was forced to lick their feet, gag on their feet and trampled. She regretted her actions and begged for mercy but she was not given a second chance.

Mistress Gaia's friend cried to her that her boyfriend had cheated on her but she did not want to leave him. She only wanted him not to do it again. So the mistress asked her to go to her house with him. And she showed him how to punish him and strike fear in him. They turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their soles and he learned never to cheat again.

This guy had managed to make mistress Alexandra and her friend mortal enemies. They had the pleasure of making his birthday bad and painful as well as cruel. They did it by torturing him with their strapons which he had to deepthroat and when he was done, they used them to fuck him in the ass. He wished he had never stepped on their toes as he was having it rough.

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