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Goddess Mia was fed up with this guy because he was being childish. She did not want to continue dealing with him and that is why she did what she did to control him. He was shocked at what she had chosen to do to him. The guy regretted why he had messed with her as he was feeling the heat of the humiliation she made him endure such as licking dirty feet, licking dirty soles and licking stinky socks.

Mistress Alice saw this guy jerking off and she told him to stop as it was not healthy for him. But the guy did not stop. He went on doing it and she felt that it was getting out of control. She felt that the best way for him to stop was if she made him associate it with pain. So the mistress forced the guy to undress and she used her gloves to jerk him off as painfully as she could.

Mistress Dula did not like what her husband doing things that she was not comfortable with. They had a lot of issues and disagreements and upon closer investigation, she noticed that he was getting all those crazy ideas from his friend. So the mistress went directly to her husband's friend and she dominatde a well as humiliated him as punishment. He had to lick her feet, lick her saliva and be trampled as well as ball crushed to stop that habit of feeding her man with crazy ideas.

Mistress Gaia needed to dominate and send a message to her husband as hew as too stingy for her and in fact he seemed to get worse with time instead of getting better. She did it in a way he had never expected her to do it. The poor guy was forced to undress and he was made to fuck her boots and when he was done, he had to lick her boots including his own cum.

Queen Hanna felt that her husband was out of line for flirting with their neighbor and she was so pissed at him that she had to ensure that he learned his lesson. So she trampled him to both humiliate him as well as to make him realize that she would not tolerate such behavior in him again. He got the message and knew she would not tolerate such issues again.

Mistress Morrigan has a gorgeous looking ass. And she knows that she is blessed with a tight asshole. When she realized that this guy had a thing for asses, she knew that she wanted to control him and make him do things for her. So she drove him crazy with her gorgeous ass as well as tight asshole as she flaunted them for him. But she did this over video chat instead of when they were physically together.

Lady Ayse did not have money to pay rent this month but she was not worried. She knew that she could easily pay it in other ways and she used one of those ways to get it settled. She used her charm on her landlord and she made him agree to waive it for her for two months. The mistress just needed to ask in the right way, in the right tone and with the right sexy clothes on and with her gorgeous body, seductive manners and charm, it was not a hard thing to do.

Mistress Nina did not believe that her employee had the balls to lie to her. When she found out, she had to punish him and she also chose his balls so that he would not have the balls to lie to her again. The mistress ball crushed him and when she was done with him, she made him fuck her leather boots. He never lied to her again as he knew how it would go down.

This mistress was pissed at the slow pace in which he contractor did things. She had expected him to be done in time to allow her do other things but he seemed to take his sweet time. That pissed her off and she had to find a solution to it. That solution involved punishing him cruelly and she did so by facesitting him and cruelly so. He worked faster after that.

Mistress Sofia was fed up with the way in which this girl slave acted. She had given her enough time to change but the girl slave did not change. She therefore needed to be punished and the mistress did not hesitate to do so. She used her smelly socks and feet to dominate her. And it was a lot of fun for her but it was humiliating for the girl slave.

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