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This guy was misinformed and he had to be punished. That is why lady Scarlet and her friends had to teach him a lesson. He was trampled by the mistresses who also made him lick the soles of their high heel boots. He was shocked at their cruelty but he was powerless to do anything about it. The guy took the punishment and ran away when he got the chance.

Lady Victoria needed to know what had happened with this guy and why he was so inconsistent. That is why she chose to dominate the guy. The mistress felt that the best thing to do was to use her feet to dominate him and she did not hesitate to do so. It was fun for her and she had a great time doing it. He was never inconsistent again after what she did to him.

Mistress Abiola needed to punish this guy and she ensured that she did so using her smelly socks as well as her foot fetish. The mistress sat back and instructed the guy what to do and how to do it. He did it and it was humiliating but he did not have any choice other than to do what the mistress ordered. He knew that if he did not do it, she would dominate and humiliate him in a worse way that she had already done.

Goddess Angie did not like how fat her chef had grown. It was like he did not do anything other than to eat all day. But she was ok with him as he cooked the kind of meals she liked. But today he did not and when she asked him to make something else, he talked rudely to her. She had to remind him who was boss and she did this by trampling him all over his body with her high heels and making him cook a better meal.

This mistress had fucked her boyfriend but she did not cum. She was so furious as she had tried to do some naughty things he wanted including them fucking while another person recorded them. She was not going to end it without an orgasm and so she facesat him and choked him while she rode his face and she did it until she got an orgasm before she let him go.

Lady Scarlet did not want to promote cowardice in her house and that is why she had to dominate this guy. She did it because she knew he was a coward and she wanted to make him fear being a coward. So she trampled him all over his body and she made sure that he was in a lot of pain as she did it. He never recovered from what she did to him.

Madame Marissa wanted this guy to learn that she was not a walk in the park and for what he had done to piss her off, he had to get the punishment he deserved. The mistress chose to use her high heels to deliver the punishment and it was brutal for him. He had to endure having the heels trample his fingers and his hands painfully and cruelly. He never messed up again.

Lady Nora has no time for guys she feels are not diligent in their work. This guy was not and the mistress had to torture as well as humiliate the guy. That is why she chose to punish the guy and cruelly teach him a lesson. The mistress made sure that he licked her boots, was trampled by the same boots and she whipped him a little before she was done with him.

Lady Victoria was not happy that her slave kept forgetting to do his chores and she felt that he was either ignoring her, taking things for granted or he had poor memory, none of which was ok with her. She had to make sure he learned his lesson and that he changed. So the mistress slapped the shit out of him for him to learn his lesson and to change.

Lady Victoria likes to whip people for fun and to torture them. That is what she was up to today and she did it without thinking twice about it. The mistress was pissed at the guy and she made him wish that he had never pissed her off but it was too late for him and he had to endure what she did to him and what she threw at him.

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