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Goddess Gabriella and her colleague mistress Scarlet had an issue with their other colleague because he was a lying bastard. He rarely told the truth and the girl were pissed at what he did. So they had to punish him for it since they had got fed up with his lies. He was trampled using their high heels for him to feel pain and therefore change his ways. He had no choice but to change.

Mistress Clarissa wanted to put this slave in his place and she did so using her dirty feet. She made him open his mouth and she poured some cleanser in and she rubbed her feet on his mouth and his tongue, which were full of the cleanser. It was cruel and humiliating for him but she did not care as he had to get the message that she was not messing around.

Mistress Dula had to punish her slave using smelly feet and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. He was forced to open his mouth wide as she forced her foot in his mouth. He tried to act indifferent but it got to him and he was soon begging her for mercy but the mistress pretended that she did not hear him or what he said.

Lady Scarlet found out that this girl was a gossiper and she had to punish her for what she had done. The mistress did not care about any of the things that she gossiped about but she did not want to be part of her gossip. The mistress made it very clear to the gossiper about that by forcing her to lick her feet as well as gagging her with bare feet.

Mistress Anni was feeling naughty today so she connected with a random guy from the internet and she made his day by teasing him and then giving him jerk off instructions. The guy could not believe his luck as the mistress was hot and was naughty as well. It was fun as the two of them did some naughty things on the internet but she did not want to meet him again.

Mistress Dula did not like what her husband doing things that she was not comfortable with. They had a lot of issues and disagreements and upon closer investigation, she noticed that he was getting all those crazy ideas from his friend. So the mistress went directly to her husband's friend and she dominatde a well as humiliated him as punishment. He had to lick her feet, lick her saliva and be trampled as well as ball crushed to stop that habit of feeding her man with crazy ideas.

Goddess Kiffa had asked this guy to get some important info for her and he got it. But he forgot it and did not keep a record of it. It was taxing to get the info again and the mistress was pissed at how careless and forgetful he was. So she had to teach him a lesson and she did it by crushing his balls and making it a painful affair.

Mistress Dana is a gorgeous woman and she has a hot body. Her assets are to die for and she knows when to use them. This is especially so whenever she wants something from someone. Today the mistress used her gorgeous bouncy ass to tease this guy and get him to spill the beans. He did not realize what she had done to him until he had given all info to her.

Mistress Dula and her roommate found out that their slave was fond of jerking off to their photos. They did not like that and had to ensure that it stopped. That is when they chose to trample him and crush his balls especially. So the mistresses cruelly made him undress before they crushed his dick and balls as well as trampled him as cruelly and as painful as he could.

Lady Penelope always expects to get value for her money. But with this guy, she did not get it and she was both pissed as well as frustrated by what she saw from him. She did not want to let him get away with it so she cruelly trampled him to make him realize that he had to correct his mistakes and ensure that there was no other mistake going forward.

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