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When she is bored, this mistress loves to come up with things to do and today was not any different as she used her farts to pass time. She made sure to take food she knew would make her gassy so that she would have enough farts. And she poured some powder on her asshole so that she could expel it with her farts. She recorded it all so that she could enjoy watching it afterwards.

This mistress does not condone laziness in any way and she was pissed to learn that her new slave was lazy. She had an important assignment for him and it did not need a lazy person for it. So she had to make sure she got someone to do what she wanted and so she trampled him with heels and had him lick her spit from the dirty floor before she told him she had worse ways to punish him if he did not stop being lazy.

This old guy was vulgar and a pain in the ass. He did not think anyone else knew anything other than him. But when it came to sex, he did not want to do it alone like everything else. He wanted to fuck this mistress and she would never do it in a thousand years. But she saw an opportunity to punish him and she took it. She humiliated him with her spit and degraded him like never before. She had given him something to curse about for the next decade.

Goddess Harley wanted to fuck her friend's man because she knew that he was good in bed so she wanted to get a piece of it and experience what her friend experienced. She then teased him a little bit and got him in the mood before she had him fuck her brains out. He loved her pussy and they both enjoyed it as they were both naughty and did some freaky and kinky stuff.

Mistress Nika does not like being catcalled and this guy made the mistake of doing it. He was in pain as she used her high heels to trample him. She wanted the guy to feel pain he had not felt before so she did not spare any part of his body. Everything was fair game to her and she made him cry and pee himself to make sure he never did it again.

Goddess Alaine is easily disgusted and this guy disgusted her today. He had to get what was due to him and she did so using her spit. The mistress had to make sure that they were all on the same page and the he knew better than to disgust her again. So the mistress spat on his face and she ordered him to lick her saliva. He did so as he knew he was cornered.

Mistress Lana knew foot fetish was a good way to train her slave on the skills she wanted him to master. She used her bare feet to do it and in no time, he was a master of licking and taking instructions. The mistress loved the fact that she had had fun teaching him and being the recipient of his good licking skills. Now he was an expert and she expected even more.

Mistress Jessica loves to brag and she never fails to get something to brag about. Today she bragged about her superior trampling skills. And when her friends did not think she was that good, she took the time to show them in detail, how good she was. And she even had a slave to demonstrate on. Her friends marveled at how good she was and they agreed that her trampling skills were superior.

Goddess Grazi wanted to shock this guy and she did it by forcing him to lick the bananas she had crushed with her bare feet. He was also supposed to lick her bare feet and he did it all as he knew that he did not have a choice in the matter. All he was supposed to do was to implement the order and he correctly read the situation and he complied.

Lady Naomi and her boyfriend wanted to enjoy themselves. It had been a long time since they had time to themselves and had fun just the two of them. They both have busy schedules and they do not get time to be naughty like they love to and that is what they did today as they role played and had fun doing some naughty stuff that they had been wanting to do for some time.

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