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When these guys thought that they could con this mistress and then intimidate her into doing nothing about it since they were two, they ended up making a huge blunder and pissing her off like never before. And being great at wrestling and fighting, she beat them at the same time, tied them up and kicked their balls until they gave her back what they had conned her and had to promise to stop being conmen.

Lady Joana did not want to have a scared slave and that is why she chose to use her trampling prowess to teach him a lesson he needed to be taught. The mistress cruelly threw him down and she trampled him with her bare feet. He was in pain as she did it to him all over his body. He promised her he would do something about his strength and being scared.

These mistresses wanted to enjoy themselves in a way they had never done before. And that is why they chose to trample and humiliate this loser in a way he had never been. He was lured to their house and lied to that he was going to have fun with the mistresses but they only turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their feet and suck their toes.

Mistress Anastasia knew that this guy loved her ass and he was dying to check it out and even to fuck her. It was his birthday and she felt pity for him and to make his day, she chose to show him her hot ass as a present. The guy was pleasantly surprised and he loved it. The mistress even let him jerk off to it then she went away.

Mistress Isabella was home alone and she did not feel like doing anything. She did not feel like getting out of bed either. So she tried to get something to do in the bedroom and she remembered that she had wanted to try foot fetish. So she tried all the things that were in her head and she had a surprisingly good time and knew she would definitely do it again.

When this mistress set out to dominate this slave, she did so using her bare feet. She took the food and she placed it on her feet, which were smelly, and he had to eat it from there. He had no choice but to do it as she wanted it done. The slave was lucky it did not get worse than that and he thanked his lucky stars for that.

Mistress Nina had an issue with these sissies. She felt that they needed to man up and she forced them to do it. They were cruelly tortured by the mistress who made sure that they felt pain as she whipped them and also felt humiliation as she made them wear female lingerie and jerked them off as painfully as she could. They promised her they would man up before she let them go.

This mistress did not want to be associated with the illegal activities this guy was doing on her property. So she had to chase him out of her property and she refunded his money. She ballbusted him when he tried to insist that he had a lease and would abide by it but she told him to take it and shove it up his ass as she trampled and kicked him.

Mistress Anastasia was out to get info from this guy and that is why she chose to smother him with her bare feet and to have him lick her saliva. She had to make him realize that she was willing to do whatever it took to torture and humiliate him until he gave her what she wanted. The guy did not want any more pain or suffering so he cooperated with her and did as she instructed.

Mistress Gilda was fed up with the way in which this guy trolled people. She knew that he had to be punished so as to force him to stop and so she hunted him down and sat on his face and farted on him as she did. As he choked, he realized that he had created enough enemies through his trolling and so he pledged to stop what he did.

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