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This mistress had never experienced an anal orgasm before and she was dying to. So she met this guy who loved licking asses and as they talked, she realized that she would want to try it out. She agreed to do it with him and the guy did her sexy ass justice as he licked and played with it until she got the orgasm she wanted to get from it.

Mistress Dula had a slave because she wanted to have fun at his expense. That is why she opted to trample the slave and she even turned him into a human pony. He had to carry her all over and he had no choice but to do so. The mistress did not care what the guy felt as long as she was having a great time, which she was at his expense.

Madam Mysteria likes to create her own orgasms and she did so today when she had this guy lie down and she facesat him. In addition to facesitting him, she also rode his face and she wiggled her ass on his face and she had a great orgasm. She was touching and playing with his dick to keep him busy as she did her thing on him. It was fun.

Mistress Kira, mistress Sofi and mistress Agma did not have a good relationship with their ex professor and now that they had graduated, they felt that it was a good time to punish him and torture him in a way he had never been before. That is why they chose to spit on him and to do other humiliating things to him before she went away never to see him again.

Mistress Daisy has mad ex appeal and she used it to tease this guy. But she was not really interested in him as all she was after was to humiliate him and she did so. Besides that, the mistress wanted to dominate him with her boots and after he had taken the bait, she dominated him by making him lick the soles of her boots. He could not believe the turn of events.

Goddess Leta is a hot mistress and she gets a lot of male attention. But today she got unwanted attention from this guy in the form of stalking and she did not want it. She told him as much but he did not want to listen to her or understand her. So she had to punish him as she deemed fit and she did this with her high heel boots which she used to trample him from head to toe.

This guy was misinformed and he had to be punished. That is why lady Scarlet and her friends had to teach him a lesson. He was trampled by the mistresses who also made him lick the soles of their high heel boots. He was shocked at their cruelty but he was powerless to do anything about it. The guy took the punishment and ran away when he got the chance.

Mistress Honey took out her dildo and she used it to tease this guy. He was into what she did as he knew that it would end up with him getting laid but it did not work out that way. Instead, the mistress teased him and when he wanted some, she denied him and told her she was just joking and was not serious about it. He could not believe it.

Goddess Angie did not like how fat her chef had grown. It was like he did not do anything other than to eat all day. But she was ok with him as he cooked the kind of meals she liked. But today he did not and when she asked him to make something else, he talked rudely to her. She had to remind him who was boss and she did this by trampling him all over his body with her high heels and making him cook a better meal.

This mistress had fucked her boyfriend but she did not cum. She was so furious as she had tried to do some naughty things he wanted including them fucking while another person recorded them. She was not going to end it without an orgasm and so she facesat him and choked him while she rode his face and she did it until she got an orgasm before she let him go.

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