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This guy tried to con mistress Angelique and her friend and he regretted it instantly because the mistresses punished him cruelly and tortured him. They trampled him with their high heel boots and they also used their cigarette on him. He was trampled as well and by the time they were done with him, he had learned his lesson and he pledged to stop being a con. He kept his word.

Mistress Zephy is the kind of person who loves to try things she has never tried before. And that is why she chose to read her book while having her ass licked. This guy had to first of all lick her ass and when he was done, he had to lick her ass. She laughed at him as he did so and she continued to read her book. It was a great time for her.

Mistress Valentina was pissed at the way in which this girl behaved and she had to correct her and make her act in the way she wanted. She had tried to talk to her but the girl sneered at her and did not make any changes despite being told how beneficial it would be for her to make those changes. So the only option available to the mistress was to trample her and teach her a lesson which she did by trampling her and gagging her.

This guy was obsessed with these mistresses and he stalked them. The mistresses at first felt it was cute but as he did it more and more, they found it weird and they were pissed at it. They had to put a stop to it and so the mistresses used their bare feet to trample the shit out of him. They also ensured they crushed him all over his body so that he stopped stalking them.

When this guy became stubborn to goddess Alaine, she had to find a way to make him change and become a better person. She did this by forcing him to be her human toilet. As he got a taste of her pee, he realized that the mistress meant business and he had no choice but to make the necessary changes that she wanted him to make. That is how the guy stopped being stubborn.

This mistress knew that her neighbor had the hots for her and she felt that she had to take advantage of him. The mistress went out of her way to tease the guy by exposing her hot ass and playing with her big bra. After he was turned on, she then laughed at him and denied him hence leaving the poor guy high and dry. And that is exactly what happened.

Mistress Zephy was not in the mood to listen to anything this guy talked about. She felt that it was better for her to shut the guy up physically instead of telling him to stop talking or to shut up. And that is what she did with her bare feet as she used them to cover his mouth and force him to shut up without telling him to shut up.

As mistress Monica turned this girl into a human ashtray, she passed a very important message to the girl. She spat into her mouth and made sure she was not only in pain, but that she was also humiliated. The pissed mistress knew that if the misbehaving girl was not punished, she would have continued with the bad behaviors she had witnessed and she did not want that to happen.

Princess Nika was tired of this guy because he was a nuisance. She had tried to ignore him for the longest time but she could not do it anymore. So she had to put him in his place and she did it in a cruel manner. He had to lick her feet and she nearly tore his mouth apart as she wanted him to insert her heel in his mouth.

Mistress Iside was pissed that this guy had a big dick but he did not know how to use it. She did not like the fact that he could not make her cum and he was a one minute man. He was wasting a good dick and she had to make him learn to use it well for the benefit of the ladies who would agree to sleep with him.

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