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Mistress Anni wanted to humiliate this guy in a way she had never done before and she was sure in a way he had never been humiliated before. But it was not a cruel way. It was just different. So she teased him with her big tits and nice ass before she masturbated as he watched until she squirted. The slave was dying to fuck her but instead was made to lick her squirt.

Lady Nightfrozen felt that the best way to deal with smelly feet from her slave was to humiliate the slave so that he would never do it again. The mistress ordered him to lick her feet when they were dirty and smelly and he had no choice but to do it. He was so shocked that he could not say as a word as the mistress humiliated him and punished him.

This mistress knows how to dominate and she did it today with her smelly feet. She wore her high heels without any socks and she knew they would smell. The mistress then had this guy lick them until they were clean. She did not care what he felt and she sat back and watched as he struggled to do it. She watched him until he was done lick them clean.

Mistress Kira and her friends wanted the truth from this girl. They felt that the girl had to be honest with them, something she had failed to do from the start and the mistresses had to punish him. They chose to do it by turning her into a foot slave and gagging her. As she felt pained and humiliated, she decided to tell the truth and end the suffering she was going through.

Madame Marissa needed to teach her girl slave to lick boots and she did it in a way she was sure she would not forget. The mistress had the poor girl do the things she wanted and there was no saying no to it. The mistress asked her to be careful as that could be the difference between her stopping the humiliation or coming up with something even worse for her.

These girls are hot and naughty. Not only do they have hot bodies, but they also ooze sexiness. They know it and never fail to use that to their advantage. As they were having fun today, this guy tried to cut short their fun and he had to be dealt with. They dealt with him in a way he had never expected. He was trampled and made to cry like a baby.

This Asian mistress did not appreciate the things that her older boyfriend did. He had been doing things without involving her and she felt slighted by that. That is why she had to take some action to make sure he ended that practice. The mistress ensured that she ass smothered her and got her to change her ways. He choked a little and it helped him to learn his lesson.

This mistress was pissed at the slow pace in which he contractor did things. She had expected him to be done in time to allow her do other things but he seemed to take his sweet time. That pissed her off and she had to find a solution to it. That solution involved punishing him cruelly and she did so by facesitting him and cruelly so. He worked faster after that.

Mistress Sofia was fed up with the way in which this girl slave acted. She had given her enough time to change but the girl slave did not change. She therefore needed to be punished and the mistress did not hesitate to do so. She used her smelly socks and feet to dominate her. And it was a lot of fun for her but it was humiliating for the girl slave.

Madame Marissa was pissed at how her naughty sister was dressing and behaving in front of her man. She felt that her sister had some ulterior motive in all of that and she had to do something about it. That is why she chose to choke her a little by facesitting her and also gagged her using her feet. A slap also followed before she let her go and warned her not to do it again.

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