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Goddess Nika has a hot ass and she likes to show it off. She showed it off today to this guy because he had a thing for asses. She loved his reaction. He thought that she was going to fuck him but he was shocked when she left him high and dry. He was denied after being teased and he felt like crying. All she told him was to go and jerk off.

Mistress DirtyQueenPenelopa had to teach this guy a lesson he had not been taught before. She did not want to make it a painful one so she did it as easily as she was able to. The mistress crushed food while he watched. She used her bare feet, her socks and her sneakers. Then she gave it to him to eat. He could not say no and had to eat it all.

This mistress wanted this loser to know that she was not to be taken for granted and that he could not afford to mess with her. He had unfortunately done both and he had to be punished. So the mistress did it in a cruel way by humiliating him in the toilet. He had to lick her feet, the toilet as well as her pee before she chased him out of her house.

Mistress Valentina loves tattoos. That is why she does not just have one. Rather, she has them all over her body and they snake their way from the top of her body down her ass and to her legs. Today she wore a thong and then showed off how hot her ass looked in the tattoos. She came across as a naughty and kinky girl, which is what she was going for.

This mistress does not like slow people. When she noticed that this guy was slow, she knew it was time for her to do something about it and for her to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. The mistress head trampled him after with her sneakers and warned him that he would have his balls trampled if he did not change his ways and stopped being slow.

When these mistresses realized that this girl was not going to follow their instructions, they were pissed and had to punish her for his mistakes. That is why they opted to humiliate her in a way she had never been before. The mistresses forced the girl to lick their feet as well as to chew and lick their sweaty socks before they were done with her. The punishment was cruel but it worked.

Princess Serena likes to have fun all the time and today was no exception. She had free time which meant that she wanted to do something to pass time. And that is how this guy found himself as her guinea pig as she tried out different things to do to him for her own fun and enjoyment. She loved it but he did not as it was painful and humiliating for him.

Goddess Nika is not a violent person but she wanted to ensure that her husband respected her and never took her for granted. So she taught herself how to throw flying kicks and she demonstrated them to him as he watched in confusion, shock and fear. He did not want to be on the receiving end so he tried to avoid any conflict between the two of them and they never had any issues.

This mistress wanted to give her boyfriend a heightened sexual experience. One that he had never had before and so she combined two things to do it. She combined facesitting on him and giving him a handjob and as he felt the two things concurrently, he felt something he had never felt before and it was something he did not even know was possible for anyone to feel. He wanted more.

Mistress CatDeluxe could not afford to let this guy get away with going back on his word and yet she had used his word to spend a lot of money and to invest. He had told her that his word was his bond but clearly he was lying and she did not like that. So she used her trampling and got the help of her friends to punish and humiliate him cruelly.

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