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Mistress Gaia had asked this guy to show the way for her slave as she did not have time to train him but he did not do it the way she wanted. So the mistress felt that it was time to punish the guy for misleading her slave and she did it with the help of her friends. All of them trampled the guy after they had caged him and he learned his lesson.

Mistress Eva and mistress Julia wanted to bring this girl into their space but she was too immature for them and they decided to give her a second chance but she had to be punished first. That is why the mistresses chose to trample her, have her lick their feet and also smell their shoes before farting on her. They knew she would not be immature again after what they did to her.

Lady Despina and her friend caught this guy doing perverted things and she had to punish and torture him. She did so using her bare feet before she was joined by her friend who did the same. The mistresses trampled the guy while he was naked and ensured that he had learned his lesson the hard way. He tried to turn the punishment into a threesome but he only got more punishment and humiliation.

Mistress DirtyQueenPenelopa is a naughty girl and she loves to dominate others. Today she wanted to turn this guy on and leave him high and dry. So she had him watch as she used her feet to play with a dildo. And she had a great time doing it and watching the effect that she had on the guy. He was turned on but she did not touch him and did not allow him to touch her. He was left high and dry.

This guy was used to pilfering and when he did it to this mistress, she knew it was time to dominate and to punish him. So she went out of her way to dominate and humiliate him. So she forced the guy to endure the excruciating pain of being hand trampled with high heels. The pain helped him to learn that he had to change and he indeed changed after that trampling.

Lady Despina does not like ignorant people and when she noticed that this one was, he had to endure the pain and humiliation of being ignorant. That is why the mistress went out of her way to trample and to crush him. He learned his lesson the hard way and he changed. The guy got his dick crushed painfully by the mistress and made him cry and beg for mercy.

Mistress Angelina had a lazy boyfriend and she had to ensure that he dropped his laziness. That is why she went out of her way to trample and humiliate him. The mistress did it with her sneakers and she jumped on him to make it even more painful. That is how he learned never to take her for granted or to ignore whatever she told him. And he changed for the better.

Madam Tulpan had a new slave and she had to mess with him a little bit to send a message and to also have fun at his expense. So she teased him as she played with her pussy while at the same time ordering him to lick the soles of her bare feet. He did it all as he feared her but he was turned on and he tried his best to hide it.

Mistress Misha sat back on her couch and she spread her legs in order for this girl slave to lick her feet. She wanted the feet to be sensuously licked because she wanted to have a footgasm. She had heard about it but she had never experienced it so she was down to having that done to he today and she told her she would not let her go until she got it.

This guy had a tendency to spy on people and mistresses Alicia and Coralie did not like it. They felt that it was up to them to end that behavior and they did it by torturing the guy with their trampling. He was crushed and trampled in a way he never imagined. He tried to plead with them to stop but the mistress did not pay any attention to him.

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