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Mistress Anna wanted to dominate this slave for being a joker and she did it with her ass which he had to lick. She made sure it was dirty before she asked him to lick it. The slave could not understand why he was being made to do such things but he had no choice other than to do what she had asked him since he did not know what else she could do to him if he pissed her off again.

Mistress Iside wanted to find out what the efficacy of nipple torture was as she wanted to find a way to dominate as well as degrade her slave in a way which was simpler yet very effective. So she stripped him naked and she used a nipple clamp to do it. It was cruel and painful to the slave and she loved how effective it was as a punishment method.

This guy was rude to mizz Thyck and her fellow BBW friend. The two mistresses had to make sure the guy learned to respect other people and to be polite so they turned him into a fart slave and he had to lick and smell their farts through a gas mask. That was not all as they also used their big asses to smother him and besides the pain he felt, he also choked a little.

This mistress does not condone laziness in any way and she was pissed to learn that her new slave was lazy. She had an important assignment for him and it did not need a lazy person for it. So she had to make sure she got someone to do what she wanted and so she trampled him with heels and had him lick her spit from the dirty floor before she told him she had worse ways to punish him if he did not stop being lazy.

Mistress Carla's boyfriend farts all the time and anywhere. She felt that today she also wanted to try it out and she did it for fun. Besides, she was having a gassy stomach and she felt relieved as she farted. Her boyfriend was shocked at what she did but it was also funny to him when she laughed at the expression on his face and they had a fart competition.

Lady Susan knew that this guy needed someone to show him how wrong he was and she did not delegate that role. She did it herself and she put the guy in his place using her ass and her jeans. She facesat on him and smothered his face with her jeans. She had also stripped him naked and warned him that next time she would not hesitate to crush his nuts.

Mistress Medea had never tried ass crushing before and that is why she had to try it out today. She was bored and she was in the mood to do a few naughty things and try what she had not tried before. So she turned the guy into her ass slave and she had fun smothering and facesitting him as well as doing whatever else she felt was necessary to do to him.

This mistress heard of the prowess that her friend's man had in bed and when he approached her, she did not have the strength to refuse. She wanted to experience it for herself and so she let him smash her as if he had never smashed before. They gave in to their wildest fantasies and they ended up having a great time and they soon made it a regular thing.

Mistress Lola felt like torturing this guy and she did it by facesitting the guy. The mistress did not care about his cries of pain as she knew her punishment was working. And she not only facesat on him, but she also farted on him to make it worse. And she laughed as he was going through one of the worst times of his life. He changed to avoid such a punishment again.

Goddess Stephanie wanted to have fun while dominating this guy and that is why she opted to smother him while facesitting him. She was naked from the waist down as she did so and to make it even more interesting for her, she used a vibrator on her clit and she enjoyed how great it felt while at the same time torturing the guy who cried and tried to beg her not to choke him.

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