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This mistress laughed with her slave and then at her slave before she finally turned on the slave and she slapped the shit out of him. The mistress did it because he was naked and he thought that it was ok or that she would be turned on by seeing him naked. She was not and instead she was pissed and that is why she slapped the shit out of him.

This mistress felt that her slave was too vile for her and she had to find an alternative way to make him realize how vile he was and for him to change. She used her flip flops to do it and he had to not only lick them, but he was also required to chew them. He could not believe what he was being asked to do but it was not optional.

This mistress had been doing back breaking work to help her husband get out of debt but he had the balls to fuck another woman. She was so pissed at him that she went and fucked another man as well and she retained his used condom which she used to dominate her husband by forcing him to drink the cum in the used condom. Her husband was humiliated and he never cheated again.

Mistress Eva and mistress Julia wanted to bring this girl into their space but she was too immature for them and they decided to give her a second chance but she had to be punished first. That is why the mistresses chose to trample her, have her lick their feet and also smell their shoes before farting on her. They knew she would not be immature again after what they did to her.

Mistress Angelina noticed that this slave was used to procrastinating and she wanted that habit to end. She had to be the one to end it and that is why she forced him to agree to do what she wanted. The mistress forced the guy to smell her ass and her farts and let him go when she felt that the punishment was enough for him. He never procrastinated again.

Madam Tulpan wanted to have her feet licked and her toes sucked. That is why she went out of her way to look for a loser she could easily manipulate. Then she teased him and flirted with him to disarm him after which she had fun dominating him with her feet which he had to lick and her toes which he had to suck to her satisfaction. She gave him instructions.

Mistress Yokai found out that this guy had been claiming to have slept with her when he knew that it was wrong. She had to punish him and she did it with her high heels. He was to experience a lot of pain so that he learned to associate such lies with pain and in so doing, he would avoid getting into problems with other people. The punishment worked as intended.

Mistress DirtyQueenPenelopa is a naughty girl and she loves to dominate others. Today she wanted to turn this guy on and leave him high and dry. So she had him watch as she used her feet to play with a dildo. And she had a great time doing it and watching the effect that she had on the guy. He was turned on but she did not touch him and did not allow him to touch her. He was left high and dry.

Lady Despina does not like ignorant people and when she noticed that this one was, he had to endure the pain and humiliation of being ignorant. That is why the mistress went out of her way to trample and to crush him. He learned his lesson the hard way and he changed. The guy got his dick crushed painfully by the mistress and made him cry and beg for mercy.

Madam Tulpan had a new slave and she had to mess with him a little bit to send a message and to also have fun at his expense. So she teased him as she played with her pussy while at the same time ordering him to lick the soles of her bare feet. He did it all as he feared her but he was turned on and he tried his best to hide it.

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