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Lady Victoria needed to know what had happened with this guy and why he was so inconsistent. That is why she chose to dominate the guy. The mistress felt that the best thing to do was to use her feet to dominate him and she did not hesitate to do so. It was fun for her and she had a great time doing it. He was never inconsistent again after what she did to him.

Madame Marissa wanted this guy to learn that she was not a walk in the park and for what he had done to piss her off, he had to get the punishment he deserved. The mistress chose to use her high heels to deliver the punishment and it was brutal for him. He had to endure having the heels trample his fingers and his hands painfully and cruelly. He never messed up again.

Goddess Kiara despised this loser and she felt that he had to be degraded and dominated. She did it using her sneakers and she made sure that he was not only in pain, but that he was also humiliated as well. He had to lick the soles of her sneakers despite the fact that they were dirty. Goddess Kiara also wore her boots and he did the same to them.

These mistresses had an agreement with this guy but he did not want to do what they had agreed. The mistresses were pissed about it and they had to humiliate him in a way he had never been humiliated and dominated. That is why the mistresses chose to use their heels to crush his head and as they did so, the pain was out of this world and it taught him a lesson.

Mistress Adora wanted her boots to be licked and she ensured that they were. The mistress was wearing tight and revealing clothes and she did not let the guy concentrate on her hot body but she refocused his attention to her boots which he had to lick. When he tried to check out her ass, she spat into his mouth and he knew she was not joking and he concentrated.

This mistress was horny and she wanted to cum. She met this guy who also wanted a piece of her but she was not willing to fuck him. So she had him lick her ass and her pussy. As he did so, the mistress used her feet and her hands to jerk him off and that is how she got him to cum. She had also came just before him.

This mistress was chasing a refund because she had bought a defective item but this guy did not want to give it to her. So she had to make sure he gave it to her whether he liked it or not. The mistress used her high heels to trample his hands and that is how she got what she wanted. She got a full refund as the guy did not want to be trampled again.

Lady Iveta did not want anyone who did not have a strong erection to get inside of her and that is why she had to trample this guy. She was disappointed in him and she had to communicate her disappointment. But she was shocked and the guy was shocked as well when the trampling led to him getting a strong erection and they did not waste it with some crazy sex.

This guy was a pickpocket and he thought he could pick this mistress' pockets without her knowing but she was street smart and she easily caught him doing it. She was not amused and she punished him so that he stopped living a lie and he instead lived an honest life. The mistress did so using her wedges which she used to crush his hands and his fingers until he promised her that he will never do that again.

This brat was so entitled that he pissed the shit out of goddess Lohan. She had to find a way to dominate and humiliate him and after thinking long and hard, she settled on slapping the shit out of him, spitting into his mouth as well as using him as her human ashtray. The total sum of what she did to him put him in his place and he changed.

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