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Mistress Blackiana crushed her slave's face and his head because she had found out that he was going through her stuff. She did not like that at all and she did not want him to ever do it again so she crushed him to pump some sense into him as she felt that he lacked sense if he could do such a stupid thing. He never did it again after that.

This mistress was disappointed with the way in which this woman was ignorant and seemed to enjoy being ignorant. What she particularly did not like was how her ignorance messed her up and then she went to her for help each time. Today she slapped the shit out of her and told her to try and educate herself or at least enlighten herself. The slaps worked and she did her best to enlighten herself.

This guy got the chance to fuck goddess Fiona but he did not even make her cum. He was so poor in bed and he had a small dick that she could not help but imagine how she had wasted her time and how it was the worst fuck she had ever had. She had to salvage the situation and she did it by turning him into a foot slave. He had to lick her shoes and rub her feet.

Mistress Jeremy wanted to teach her boyfriend a lesson and to express how pissed she was at him. So she went out of her way to do what he had never seen before and this was to make him her foot slave. As her foot slave, she made him lick her feet as well as her shoes. She did not care how dirty or smelly they were. He had to do as told.

This foot femdom smothers her sweaty stockings that she had been wearing all day into her foot slaves face. She then strips them of her feet and forces him to smell her stockings while using her bare feet to shove them in his face, she then removes them as she tramples her sweaty feet all over his face as he opens his mouth licking and sucking on her toes. Interesting foot femdom clip.

Lady Melissa loves to play with her slave's breath. She first binds his hands, legs and neck together so he can't move and then starts smothering him with her hands and feet. But it's too easy for the slave to free his head in this position - so she sits down right on his nose and mouth and smothers him under her gorgeous ass.

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