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Mistress Cindy and mistress Nelly wanted their feet to be licked so they got this loser to lick them as well as they wanted them to be licked. The mistresses gave the girl instructions on how they wanted their feet to be licked as well as how their toes were to be sucked. The girl knew it was a bait and she did it as well as they wanted to avoid another humiliation.

Mistress Nicole and mistress Jane found out that these girls who were jealous of them were the ones behind a smear campaign targeting them. They tried to reason with the girls and asked them to stop but the girls tried to act like it was not them and they were offended of being accused of something they did not do. The mistresses got pissed and they humiliated the girls until they owned up to what they had done and promised to correct their mistake.

Mistress Lora did not want this girl to be near her. So she had to use a new way to send her away. That was to humiliate her in a way that she would not forget and more importantly, she would not want to be near her. So the girl was made to lick her feet and as she did, she realized that she could not continue to hang out with the mistress as it could lead to more humiliation.

Mistress Lika had a falling out with this mother and her daughter. She did not like how they used her for their selfish ends and did not meet their obligations to her. She did not want to sue even though she knew that the chance of her winning was very high. Instead, she dominated them cruelly using her saliva and her feet. The mistress and her daughter had to lick both of them.

This mistress had explained to her younger sister why she did not want to be bothered but she did not seem to understand her and she kept on doing the very thing that she did not want done. So she used her foot domination to punish her, something she had never done. Her sister had to lick her feet as well as her socks and her sneakers before she was done with her.

Mistress Sarah felt that her slave deserved to be punished for how she had been masturbating in her house. She had been doing it by sniffing her panties and also watching porn, none of which the mistress was ok with. The mistress was straight but the slave was clearly lesbian and even though she did not have an issue with his sexual orientation, she had to make sure she did not masturbate using her panties or watching porn in her house.

Mistress Lily and mistress Lora invited their friends mistress Angela and mistress Salma to go and experience a foot pampering courtesy of their girl slaves. Their friends showed up and all the mistresses had a great time having the girl slaves lick their feet and suck their toes. It was a lot of fun for the mistresses who had a great time chatting and having the time of their lives.

Mistress Lola had a new girlfriend and since she was a novice and did not know a lot of naughty and kinky things, she had to teach him. She started by showing her how to lick and she taught her using her feet. She instructed her to lick her feet and she was a good student and did it the way the mistress wanted it to be done. Then they practiced it on their bodies and it was awesome.

As mistress Monica turned this girl into a human ashtray, she passed a very important message to the girl. She spat into her mouth and made sure she was not only in pain, but that she was also humiliated. The pissed mistress knew that if the misbehaving girl was not punished, she would have continued with the bad behaviors she had witnessed and she did not want that to happen.

Mistress Nicole took her slave to a muddy field and she punished him cruelly by gagging him with muddy feet. In addition, the mistress forced the slave to lick her the mud off her feet and he had no choice but to do it. Besides that, he was also trampled and crushed to the point of crying. Needless to say, he never repeated what led to his punishment in the first place.

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