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This mistress had been asking this loser for answers but he did not give her any. The mistress was not pleased with that and she chose to teach him a lesson so that he would never fail to do what she asked him. The mistress used her boots to trample him and as he licked her feet and her boots, he told her all that she wanted to know and he never forgot to do as she asked.

Goddess Lena had heard about foot fetishism but she had never really understood what exactly it was all about. Today she had the time so she explored it further and the more she dug, the more she liked. That is how she managed to find herself with a loser who she had a great time dominating. And she did it like a pro even though it was her first time.

Mistress Astra used her stinky socks to send a message to her boyfriend. The mistress was not ok with how he acted and she had to make sure he changed tact and did things how she wanted him to do them. She got him to lick her socks as well as her bare feet and when she was done with him, he had learned a crucial lesson and changed like she wanted.

Mistress Melissa chose to dominate this guy. She did it because he deserved to be humiliated as he had wronged her. But what the guy did not know was that she was also horny and she wanted to cum. So she combined the two and she facesat on him as humiliation but also rubbed her clit on his face until she came. She managed to do both the things she wanted to do.

These mistresses are sportswomen. They are fit and are always in socks and sneakers. The mistresses were coming from their practice when they met this loser and he angered them. He was punished like he never expected. They used their sneakers to torture him. He was in a lot of pain and was made to learn his mistake and promise never to do it again. He agreed with all they told him.

Princess Kate found out that this loser had been admiring her and she baited him with her butt. He took the bait and she used that chance to dominate him. She had fun making him lick her sexy ass and do other naughty things she wanted. He thought it was mutual but he did not know she was using him. She then facesat on him and choked him but still managed to make him think it was mutual.

Lady Milana found this guy trying to steal from her farm and she was surprised at the laxity shown by her farm security. She ran after him and caught him. Then she kicked him brutally and trampled him with her high heel boots. In addition, the mistress went and punished her security guards because they did not take care of her property the way she expected them to do yet she paid them.

This guy was horny and she was bothering mistress Gaia about fucking her. She did not want to fuck him but she told him that she would help him since he was horny. She teased him and he got turned on. The mistress got him to undress and she pretended she wanted to try kinky stuff and she ended up fucking him in the ass with a huge strapon. It was pure pain and torture for him.

Despite this slave being old, this mistress felt she had to teach him how to endure pain and how to toughen up. The mistress did this using her bare feet. And she concentrated on the parts she was sure were going to be painful for him. He felt like he would not make it but after some time, he started getting used to the pain and he learned to handle it well.

Lady Aurelia laughed when these two guys thought that she could not handle both of them and give them the beating of a lifetime. The mistress did not care what the mistresses felt or thought. She surprised them by tying them up and ball busting them. She brutally did so and she made them scream and piss themselves as they begged her for mercy. She ignored their pleas for mercy.

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