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Mistress Carla's boyfriend farts all the time and anywhere. She felt that today she also wanted to try it out and she did it for fun. Besides, she was having a gassy stomach and she felt relieved as she farted. Her boyfriend was shocked at what she did but it was also funny to him when she laughed at the expression on his face and they had a fart competition.

Mistress Zephy wanted to degrade her chef because he was lazy and he did not cook her dinner as she had instructed him. The mistress was angry about it and she had to make sure it never happened again. The mistress used her heels to trample his nuts and she also made him lick the soles of her high heels. She then waited to see if he had changed or not.

Mistress Natasha did not like how this passenger disturbed her during her flight. She was a flight attendant and she was pissed at his unbecoming behavior. She had to teach him a lesson so when they alighted, she signaled him and told him where to get him. He agreed and met him there but instead of the fun he expected, he was given a punishment that involved being painfully slapped using her shoes.

Mistress Madison did not want to have sex with her boyfriend and she chose to frustrate him until he was turned off. She sat on his stomach and she face trampled him with her feet. She enjoyed how he was getting impatient with her and she could see how he was slowly getting turned off and eventually she succeeded in her mission and he slept and left her to do her stuff.

Mistress Cat wanted to improve her boxing skills so she had to train hard and she did. Her friends came to see how she did it and it so happened that this guy tried to mess with them and he ended up being turned into a punching bag by the mistresses and he was made to endure their punches which landed anywhere on his body. They were painful and indiscriminate.

This guy was ready to fuck the brains out of mistress Madison but she had other plans. She chose to sit on his face and have fun at his expense instead of sitting on his dick. She had him lick and smell her ass and then her pussy and she got to cum even as he choked. But he did not get to cum himself as she did not fuck him.

Mistress Alexis had spent a lot of time and money on her nails and her boyfriend had stepped on her toes and ruined them. She was pissed and had to make him pay for it as well as be careful so that it did not happen again. And so she used her foot fetish to trample and humiliate him. She used her socks to trample his face and choke him a little.

This guy was addicted to sex and lady Asmodina wanted to help him end his addiction or at the very least reduce it. So she trampled his balls and his dick using her sneakers. She wanted him to associate the pain with his addiction so that he would learn to stop unless he was in a loving relationship. She tried it a few times and then waited to see if it worked.

These Russian mistresses wanted to flex their muscle as a way to avoid future conflicts with these guys. The mistresses knew they were not really in their tuff but they also knew that Russians were feared so they showed off how cruel they could be by torturing and pooping on a leading gang leader and bully. That was to serve as an insurance policy for them to stay insulated against any interference.

Lady Rosalina was backstabbed by this loser and she was mad. She had suspected he would backstab her but she did not expect she would be as mad as he was that day. When they met, she had to take out her anger on him and she did it by smothering his face with her ass and choking him in the process. She even went ahead to fart on him.

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