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Mistress Dula had a slave because she wanted to have fun at his expense. That is why she opted to trample the slave and she even turned him into a human pony. He had to carry her all over and he had no choice but to do so. The mistress did not care what the guy felt as long as she was having a great time, which she was at his expense.

Goddess Leta is a hot mistress and she gets a lot of male attention. But today she got unwanted attention from this guy in the form of stalking and she did not want it. She told him as much but he did not want to listen to her or understand her. So she had to punish him as she deemed fit and she did this with her high heel boots which she used to trample him from head to toe.

This guy was misinformed and he had to be punished. That is why lady Scarlet and her friends had to teach him a lesson. He was trampled by the mistresses who also made him lick the soles of their high heel boots. He was shocked at their cruelty but he was powerless to do anything about it. The guy took the punishment and ran away when he got the chance.

Mistress Kim and missy Van Licks needed the truth out of this guy but he did not want to say anything to them and they did not like it. For that, they had to force the truth out of him and they cruelly made sure that he licked their asses as well as smelled their farts. He was shocked at the cruelty he was exposed to by the mistresses and he learned his lesson.

Goddess Kira encountered an intolerable guy and she could not let it go. She felt that something had to be done and it had to be done urgently. That is why she chose to torture the guy with her high heel boots. She stomped on him and she had him lick the soles. He thought she was joking until she forced him to do all that she had told him.

This girl was interested in this mistress and wanted to have fun with her. But the mistress knew that the girl was a novice and she did not want to deal with a novice. She had to first of all teach her how to lick. That was done by giving her instructions on how to lick her feet and when she was done with that, she gagged the girl with her feet.

Mistress Roxanna had a fallout with her classmate and she used her jeans to punish her classmate and ensure that she would never repeat what she had done to her. The girl did not think that things could go down the way they did but there was no turning back and she had no choice but to do them the way the mistress wanted them to be done. It was cruel and painful.

This guy had refused to apologize yet he had pissed off mistress Tiffany. She was not going to let him get away with that as she did not want to encourage him to go and piss off people for pleasure and as a sport. So she stripped him naked and as he admired her round and firm tits, he got a hard on and she used that chance to crush his balls and his dick.

This guy knew the facts but he had the audacity of misrepresenting them. That did not go down well with the mistress who had to make sure that the guy never did that again. That is why she went out of her way to trample the guy and crush his face as well as the rest of his body. The idea was to pump some sense into him and she succeeded.

This plumber was taking mistress Dula for a ride and she did not like it. She had to do to him what she did to people who do what he did. He was no exception to the rule and to the treatment and so she gave it to him promptly. The mistress cruelly trampled him with her high heels and she ensured that he was in pain and that he learned his lesson the hard way.

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