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Lady Scarlet and her friend mistress Dula had been wrongfully fired for no mistake of their own. They were used as scapegoats. They were not happy about it and they waited for an appropriate time to punish their boss for what he had done. The mistresses laid a trap for him as they knew him well and when he took the bait, he was trampled and head crushed in addition to being made to eat from the floor.

This guy had refused to apologize yet he had pissed off mistress Tiffany. She was not going to let him get away with that as she did not want to encourage him to go and piss off people for pleasure and as a sport. So she stripped him naked and as he admired her round and firm tits, he got a hard on and she used that chance to crush his balls and his dick.

This guy knew the facts but he had the audacity of misrepresenting them. That did not go down well with the mistress who had to make sure that the guy never did that again. That is why she went out of her way to trample the guy and crush his face as well as the rest of his body. The idea was to pump some sense into him and she succeeded.

Goddess Gabriella was having issues with her cable subscription and she took out her frustration and anger on the guy. She did it with her trampling fetish when he came to fix it. He told her it was ok just the same way he had told her before. But this time she crushed his head to make him understand that she did not want it to keep having issues as she was tired of calling them.

Mistress Electra had an unreliable roommate and she was fed up of his unreliability. She had to make him understand that he had no choice but to change and that is why she went out of her way to choke him as well as to crush his face so as to pump some sense into him. He felt pain and he knew that she meant all that she was saying.

Mistress Gaia does not like people with bad breath. That is why when he noticed that this guy had bad breath, she had to act immediately and she did it using her feet. He was made to lick her feet, to gag on them, to lick her saliva and to also eat her foot dust as she filed her feet into his mouth. Needless to say, he never had bad breath again.

Lady Layla did not have to just stick with barefoot trampling just because she was dealing with this loser for fun. She wanted to use her high heels to do it and so she wore her high heel boots to dominate as well as torture her. The mistress laughed at the girl and promised to do worse things to her if she did not change. She changed very quickly as she did not want to be humiliated and degraded again.

Mistress Morrigan's cousin was so into her that she felt pity for him. He was horny and turned on but she could not fuck him for obvious reasons. So she had to find a way to help him out without physically fucking him or even touching him for that matter. She gave him jerk off instructions and she also teased him with her hot body and he had a great orgasm.

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