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Mistress Dula had a slave because she wanted to have fun at his expense. That is why she opted to trample the slave and she even turned him into a human pony. He had to carry her all over and he had no choice but to do so. The mistress did not care what the guy felt as long as she was having a great time, which she was at his expense.

Mistress Daisy has mad ex appeal and she used it to tease this guy. But she was not really interested in him as all she was after was to humiliate him and she did so. Besides that, the mistress wanted to dominate him with her boots and after he had taken the bait, she dominated him by making him lick the soles of her boots. He could not believe the turn of events.

Madame Marissa wanted this guy to learn that she was not a walk in the park and for what he had done to piss her off, he had to get the punishment he deserved. The mistress chose to use her high heels to deliver the punishment and it was brutal for him. He had to endure having the heels trample his fingers and his hands painfully and cruelly. He never messed up again.

Mistress Electra did not want to continue letting her ex take advantage of her. She felt that she had been too lenient to her and that she needed to make sure that she stopped that and she made him regret the things he did. The mistress did it with her bare feet and he felt pain as she did it. He had to beg her for mercy before she stopped it.

Goddess Mia was fed up with this guy because he was being childish. She did not want to continue dealing with him and that is why she did what she did to control him. He was shocked at what she had chosen to do to him. The guy regretted why he had messed with her as he was feeling the heat of the humiliation she made him endure such as licking dirty feet, licking dirty soles and licking stinky socks.

Lady Scarlet and her friend mistress Dula wanted to dominate this guy. The guy had not done anything to warrant being humiliated. The mistresses, however, did not care and they chose to dominate him for no reason. They went out of their way to trample as well as humiliate him and they did not give him any chance to even say a word. He was bewildered as to why he was being trampled.

With their high heels, goddess Kira, mistress Sofi and mistress Jucy trampled this loser painfully. He was in a lot of pain but they did not care what he felt. His pain was their pleasure and the more he cried the more they enjoyed it. He could not believe that they did not pity him or stop on account of the pain he felt. They did it to make sure he stopped being insecure.

Goddess Mia did not like it when her boyfriend watched porn. They had had a discussion about it and she told him that she did not want him to do so. That is why the mistress was upset when she found out that he did not quit that habit. She used her trampling to humiliate him. She also had him lick her high heels before she gave him a last warning.

Lady Scarlet found out that this girl was a gossiper and she had to punish her for what she had done. The mistress did not care about any of the things that she gossiped about but she did not want to be part of her gossip. The mistress made it very clear to the gossiper about that by forcing her to lick her feet as well as gagging her with bare feet.

Mistress Dula did not like what her husband doing things that she was not comfortable with. They had a lot of issues and disagreements and upon closer investigation, she noticed that he was getting all those crazy ideas from his friend. So the mistress went directly to her husband's friend and she dominatde a well as humiliated him as punishment. He had to lick her feet, lick her saliva and be trampled as well as ball crushed to stop that habit of feeding her man with crazy ideas.

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