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This mistress had had a long day and she wanted to get her feet pampered because she had been walking and standing on her high heels for the entire day and she was exhausted. Her feet were killing her and she had to make sure they were rubbed and given a great treatment. That is why she opted to make this guy do it for her. She lured her easily to get him to do it after a little flirting.

Madame Ellen and her friend do not deal with illogical people and when they noticed that these guys were, they had to immediately humiliate them and make them stop it or change. So the mistress used their high heels to do it. It was two fold. The losers had to lick their feet and when they were was done getting their feet licked, they made the losers endure being trampled by the high heels.

Mistress Chloe did not remove her uniform when she got home. She was so pissed at this guy that she had to punish him and torture him to make him change and to teach him a lesson. She stripped him naked and she whipped him as well as kicked and trampled him with her high heels before she left him on the floor and got into the house. She was sure the punishment would work.

This mistress had a problem with this slave and she felt that the best thing to do to him was to dominate him with her feet. That way, he would learn never to mess with her and he would be scared of ever pissing her off. So she had him lick and smell her sweaty feet. He was told that that was the most lenient punishment he would ever get from her.

When this guy admired her ass, this mistress knew he had done it because he wanted to nail her. But the mistress did not want to fuck him but she did something to him for fun. It was for the fun of both of them and that is why she chose to facesit on him and smother him with her ass. The mistress laughed as she saw the guy trying to have fun through the discomfort he felt.

Mistress Lola had a new girlfriend and since she was a novice and did not know a lot of naughty and kinky things, she had to teach him. She started by showing her how to lick and she taught her using her feet. She instructed her to lick her feet and she was a good student and did it the way the mistress wanted it to be done. Then they practiced it on their bodies and it was awesome.

Mistress Kaitlyn caught her friend mistress Emma chatting with her man and she did not like it even though it was innocent chats. She felt that it had the potential to escalate into something else and so she smothered her and facesat on her so as to make her stop that. She planned to talk to her man later on and dot he same thing to him since she wanted to be fair.

Mistress Jasmine felt that this guy had to be dominated and tortured. And that is what she did to this loser so that he learned to fear her as well as obey her. The mistress knew it would make a difference hence why she had to trample and dominate the guy as cruelly as she was able to. He learned his lesson the hard way and he changed to avoid further punishment and humiliation.

Mistress Zoe does not like getting pissed by people and when she gets pissed, she has to get even because she does not believe in being pissed at someone and letting you be the only affected party while the offending party goes about their business without much ado. So she used her trampling to crush and humiliate this guy like never before. That is how he learned never to piss her off.

Goddess Fiona was out to degrade this guy and she did it while she ate. He was kneeling down all this time as the mistress ate and when she was done eating, she trampled him and humiliated him even more so that he learned his lesson and he never pissed her off the way he had done before. She had no doubt that the message was home and he would not repeat his mistake.

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