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Mistress Jucy and mistress Agma slapped this guy to make sure that he did not forget to respect them and that he would never forget what they had done to him as well as for him. He was shocked at the way in which they choked him and had him lick them all over. He was humiliated but he deserved it and he never forgot what they were capable of.

This guy was a rookie but he was acting as if he was a pro. Mistress Agma and mistress Jucy could tell that he was not and they punished him for it. They had asked him to drop his act but he did not and so they told him to blame himself for what happened to him since he was the one who had ignored the warnings they had given him.

These mistresses had realized that their girlfriend was leaking their secrets to other people and also gossiping about them. They did not appreciate that and they warned her. But she did it again and this time they did not warn her. They humiliated her by choking her with cigarette smoke, spitting on her and making her a foot slave. They then chased her away and asked her never to return until she stopped being a gossiper and a backstabber.

Mistress Kira, mistress Agata, mistress Agma and mistress Jucy had a party and as they had fun, they wanted to show off their hot asses on video. They had someone record them as they showed them off in tights. They then did the same thing with their thongs before they felt that they had flaunted them enough and they let the poor photographer go home to jerk off as he was not going to fuck any of them.

This guy was used to being dismissive and he always got away with it but his luck ran out today and he dismissed these mistresses thereby incurring their wrath. He had to be punished and the mistresses did this by ballbusting him. He had never been ballkicked before and it was the single most painful thing he had ever experienced in his entire life. He never messed up again by being dismissive.

Princess Kira is always down for having her pussy eaten. And even as she plotted how to punish the guy for what he had done, she knew that she wanted him to eat her pussy. And she did not even hesitate to make him do it. He thought that they would have sex but they did not. She enjoyed what happened and then she turned on him and punished him cruelly.

Goddess Kira has a gorgeous ass and she knows it. And she did not hesitate to dominate this guy with it. She baited him with her tight jeans and then she had him worship her ass and lick it. First he did it through her jeans and then she removed it and he licked her bare ass. She even farted on him before she was done with him and let him go.

Mistress Agma wanted to get this loser to lick her pussy as well as her ass and she enjoyed it all a great deal. The mistress enjoyed what the guy did and she knew that she had to keep him because he was so good with her when she used her clothes that she was sure he would be good without her clothes on. She planned it in her mind and waited for a time to actualize it.

This married man had tried to hit on these girls. He thought they were gullible and would easily have a threesome with him but he was mistaken. He regretted it as the mistresses instead took advantage of him and they had fun at his expense. He was made to lick their feet and also had to endure being facesat on as well as choked. They even spat on him for good measure.

Mistress Sofi was bored out of her freaking mind and that is what led to her shitting on this loser. She wanted to do something she had never done before and the thing that was on her mind that day was to make someone eat her shit like she had seen in one of the videos she had watched in her quest to find something fun to do. So she did it despite the fact that the loser did not deserve it.

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