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Mistress Alexandra had asked this masseuse to go and massage her and her friends. He had told them how great he was at it and they believed him. But he was not anywhere near as good as he had claimed to be and that pissed the mistresses off. They had to punish him and they did it using their whips and with their high heels. All of this was done while he was naked.

Goddess Harley wanted this guy to jerk off but not like he was used to. She first of all trampled him and she made him feel not only humiliated, but also made him feel pain. She then had him lick her bare feet before she was done with him. And that was when she let him jerk off. He wished the ground would open up and swallow him but it did not.

Mistress Nora and her friend were sole fake items which were made to look like the original ones. The mistresses were not happy with what had happened and they punished the guy by cruelly trampling him. He was ball crushed and made to feel things he had never felt before in his life. He tried to get her to stop but she did not and instead they continued with their punishment.

Mistress Lola did not find it funny that this slave was always horny and she felt that it was important for him to change and focus on other things and not on porn and sex all the time. She stripped him naked and she forced him to endure painful butt whipping and spanking. As the pain got to him, he realized that it was easier to avoid it by doing what she asked him to.

Mistress Izaura felt that this girl was disrespectful to people even though not to her directly. The mistress did not like what the girl had done and said to an old couple in the building. So she looked for a few neighbors and they took turn to punish her and teach her to be respectful to everyone. She learned her lesson and she never made the same mistake after that punishment.

This mistress was chasing a refund because she had bought a defective item but this guy did not want to give it to her. So she had to make sure he gave it to her whether he liked it or not. The mistress used her high heels to trample his hands and that is how she got what she wanted. She got a full refund as the guy did not want to be trampled again.

Mistress Medea felt that she needed to dominate this guy so as to put him in his place and that is why she tied him up after she had stripped him naked and she forced him to lick her saliva and to eat food from her feet. Before she let him go, she had him open his mouth and she gagged him a little bit for fun and for good measure.

Lady Scarlet does not care who angers her. She will punish and react then reconcile later. That has earned her respect across the board as she has no sacred cows. Today her friend betrayed her and she punished her by choking her with her farts. She farted on her friend and humiliated her with a smelly ass before they sat down to talk about what happened and why it should never happen again.

Mistress Blackcat knew that a scared slave was good for her and that is why she did not hesitate to scare this one with her boots. The mistress used her boots to kick him in the balls and when she was done, she used the same boots to humiliate him by instructing him how to lick them. And he did. That is how he learned to fear her and do everything as per her wishes.

Mistress Gaia's friend cried to her that her boyfriend had cheated on her but she did not want to leave him. She only wanted him not to do it again. So the mistress asked her to go to her house with him. And she showed him how to punish him and strike fear in him. They turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their soles and he learned never to cheat again.

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