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Mistress Misha sat back on her couch and she spread her legs in order for this girl slave to lick her feet. She wanted the feet to be sensuously licked because she wanted to have a footgasm. She had heard about it but she had never experienced it so she was down to having that done to he today and she told her she would not let her go until she got it.

This guy had a tendency to spy on people and mistresses Alicia and Coralie did not like it. They felt that it was up to them to end that behavior and they did it by torturing the guy with their trampling. He was crushed and trampled in a way he never imagined. He tried to plead with them to stop but the mistress did not pay any attention to him.

Mistress Mini and mistress Nikki wanted to try something they had never tried before on this guy. The mistresses chose to use ballbusting to deal with the guy and they did it by kicking him in the nuts. He was in a lot of pain but they did not do it for free and that was the good thing about it for him. He felt a lot of pain but they paid him for it.

These mistresses wanted to enjoy themselves in a way they had never done before. And that is why they chose to trample and humiliate this loser in a way he had never been. He was lured to their house and lied to that he was going to have fun with the mistresses but they only turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their feet and suck their toes.

Mistress Cat's friend had asked her to teach her how to dominate. She was very interested as she had slaves she needed to dominate and punish and she wanted mistress Cat to show her how she did it. So mistress Cat agreed and she showed her how it was done and she even asked her to give it a try. She learned quickly and became a pro at it herself.

Mistress Luisa is a pro at domination and this girl wanted to be taught how to be good at it. The mistress asked her to go to her house with a slave and she used the naked slave to teach the girl how to do it. It involve spitting on him as well as using him as a human ashtray. The girl learned quite fast and she impressed mistress Luisa.

Mistress Evgenia and mistress Sandra had asked this guy to do some work for them but he did not. Instead, he was too drunk and he went to have fun instead of doing the work that he had been given and paid to do. He had to be punished and it was done in a cruel manner. They did it with their high heels and cruelly made sure that he would never do that again.

This guy loves to be dominated and to be in a little pain to get him turned on. And so she chose to try a way he had never considered before. She used ballbusting to do it and it was a shock for him. It was a little bit more painful than she was used to but he was mightily turned on like she had never been before. And they fucked like pornstars.

Mistress Stella was shocked that her boyfriend's friend was hitting on her and she felt like it was an insult to her and to her boyfriend. She did not give him a lot of time to hit on her. She trampled him with her high heels and crushed his hands, made him lick her feet and she told him to keep away from them as he was not a good person.

Mistress Nyx wanted to show her man how crazy she was. She knew that she was not going to be taken for granted if she made sure that her man experienced what she was capable of. So the mistress wore her big boots and she used them to trample as well as smother him with them. He also had to suck a huge strapon the mistress wore. Thereafter, he felt i t was enough.

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