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Mistress Madita was pained by the things her ex had done. She did not do anything. She just waited until she had healed for her to get her revenge. She planned it carefully and once she had him where she wanted, she tied him up and she used her cigarette to torture him. He was also choked and made to feel pain. He peed his pants as she dominated him.

Lady Iveta had an agreement with this guy and he gave her his word. She was offended to learn that he did not honor his word and that his word meant nothing. She was so pissed about it that she had to dominate the guy and teach him a lesson no one had taught him about meaning what he said and saying what he meant. That is why she slapped the shit out of him, spat on him and used him as a human ashtray.

Lady Iveta does not like loudmouths at all and when she dealt with this one, she had to humiliate him so that it became a lesson for him. The mistress was angered by what she felt he had done. And for that, she had to cruelly tie him up, slap the shit out of him and ensure that he learned his lesson the hard way. He never saw the punishment coming.

With her high heels, this mistress made sure that her slave would not mess with her again. That is why she chose to use her smothering fetish to deal with her. The girl was forced to lick her ass, smell it and also smell her farts before the mistress went ahead to use her high heels on him. He was humiliated and he learned a lesson no one had ever taught him.

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