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Mistress Venus knew that her girlfriend was into her and the two of them wanted to try some girl on girl action. But her girlfriend was afraid to initiate anything so she did. She wanted it to be naughty so when she did and her friend responded positively, she dared her to lick her ass and pussy and her friend did it hungrily before she returned the favor. They had crazy orgasms.

Goddess Kira wanted her boss to fall for her and she had to find a way to do it. The mistress used her high heels to do it and she looked great as she showed him her nice legs. He fell for them and he wanted her so bad. But before he could have her, she had him agree to do some favors for her. It was a win-win for both of them.

Goddess Gabriella has a fetish for foot licking. She loves it when her feet are licked and that is what happened today. The mistress had to make sure that her boyfriend was good at it so that she did not have to go and get that done to her from elsewhere. She told her boyfriend about it and he agreed with her despite the fact that he was not too enthusiastic about it.

Lady Aurora knew that her girl wanted to try public BDSM and she was ok to give it to her. She had to humiliate her and she did this by stripping her naked, spitting on her and she even slapped her as she pinched her nipples and squeezed them hard. In addition, she played with her clit and her pussy as the girl got turned on in public. They went to finish it at home.

This guy was too stubborn for these mistresses. They tried to reason with him but they realized that they could not. It was important for them to tame him and to make him reduce his stubbornness. That is why they chose to dominate as well as humiliate him. It was cruel but he no alternative but to do what they wanted in order to avoid the same or worse from happening.

Goddess Gabriella wanted this guy to learn his lesson and she made sure that he learned it by cruelly trampling and slapping him with her feet and her hands. The mistress was angry that he had spanked her and yet they were not in a relationship or anything close to that. That is why he had to be taught a lesson. She choked him besides slapping him and it worked.

With her high heels, this mistress scared her new slave and she tortured him painfully. The mistress had to torture him and she did so to make sure that he was scared enough to do what she wanted and for him to never try to piss her off. The mistress knew that the guy would be scared enough to do all that she wanted and it happened the way she expected.

Queen Marie loves playing with her boyfriend and she did so today. The mistress had a bet with him and she won it. She then had a great time dominating him with her ass. She also had him smell her sneakers and her feet. All of this was her way of having fun at his expense since she had won the bet they had. But they both had a great time.

Mistress Gaia does not like people with bad breath. That is why when he noticed that this guy had bad breath, she had to act immediately and she did it using her feet. He was made to lick her feet, to gag on them, to lick her saliva and to also eat her foot dust as she filed her feet into his mouth. Needless to say, he never had bad breath again.

Lady Ayse did not have money to pay rent this month but she was not worried. She knew that she could easily pay it in other ways and she used one of those ways to get it settled. She used her charm on her landlord and she made him agree to waive it for her for two months. The mistress just needed to ask in the right way, in the right tone and with the right sexy clothes on and with her gorgeous body, seductive manners and charm, it was not a hard thing to do.

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