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Mistress Suzanna noticed that this worker was always busy. But when she tried to check out whether he was productive, she found out he was not. He was always busy doing minor things instead of the things that mattered. So she punished him today by trampling him while he was naked and he lay on the grass. She used her boots as well as her bare feet to trample him.

Goddess Vivienne was interested in a slave who had a high pain threshold. She had put out an ad for one but she had not quoted the high pain threshold. So she tested those who came for the interview and she found most of them wanting. But this guy surprised her with how great he was at enduring the pain she inflicted on him even after head crushing him and ballbusting him.

This guy was a troll and he had to be tamed as he was ruining other people's lives and their reputations. He did it for fun but he did not know how his actions impacted other people's lives. Mistress Kitten and her friend princess Alena had to do something about it and they settled on trampling him cruelly until he never did it again. After an hour of painful trampling, he promised never to do it again and undertook to apologize to all his victims.

Madame Marissa had not fucked her husband for a month because of various excuses she had. And now that he had pissed her off, she wanted to dominate her because she knew he was vulnerable to her advances. The mistress teased him with her hot ass which he loved to bits. Then she denied him once he was turned on and wanted to fuck her brains out. He begged but it did not happen.

Mistress Lilly does not believe that respect is earned. For her, it is demanded and it is her right especially from those who are under her. This loser did not know that and he tried to disrespect her. She used her bare feet to discipline him and make him realize that respecting her was for his own good. After he understood that, the two of them never had any other problem.

Mistress Alisha was made fun of by this guy and she used the very thing he had made of to punish him. She used her big ass which he had been joking about to make him cry and regret what he had done. The mistress had her ass licked and she farted on the loser. He was so humiliated that he wondered why he had bothered to make fun of her.

Mistress BlackDiamoond was told that this guy had committed a lot of wrongs and she needed to punish him because she was an expert in torturing guys. She asked what they wanted done to him and she was told it was up to him. The mistress agreed and she was given some good money to torture him cruelly. She chose to use a strapon to fuck him in the ass.

Mistress Gaia and her friend wanted this guy to prove his strength to them. He had bragged about how strong he was in order to impress them. But he was shocked to find that the mistresses were not really impressed by him. The mistresses chose to put him to a test and had him carry their combined weight. He tried his best but he could not do it and he was embarrassed.

Mistress Bertie wanted her husband to come clean about what he had done while she was away. She had a hunch that he had done something wrong but she could not place her finger on it. The mistress chose to get a confession out of him and she dominated him and facesat on him to get him to confess. He confessed that he had gambled even though they had agreed he quit.

Despite this slave being old, this mistress felt she had to teach him how to endure pain and how to toughen up. The mistress did this using her bare feet. And she concentrated on the parts she was sure were going to be painful for him. He felt like he would not make it but after some time, he started getting used to the pain and he learned to handle it well.

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