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This guy was too stubborn for these mistresses. They tried to reason with him but they realized that they could not. It was important for them to tame him and to make him reduce his stubbornness. That is why they chose to dominate as well as humiliate him. It was cruel but he no alternative but to do what they wanted in order to avoid the same or worse from happening.

Mistress Van Licks, lady Adora and mistress BlackDiamoond wanted to dominate their slaves and they did it today in a humiliating manner. The mistresses had them lick their asses as well as lick their dirty boots. All of this was being done in the woods and they were scared of what the mistresses would do to them. This helped them to toe the line and do what they were told.

Missy Van Licks organized her friends so that they could punish and torture this liar. He had messed them up big time and it was time for them to return the favor. And as they say, revenge is a dish best served cold. So they served it chilled. He was tied up while naked and the mistresses had fun torturing him all at the same time. He was ballbusted, choked, gagged, pinched and many other painful and cruel things done to him.

This guy was a chastity slave but this mistress did not care. She wanted to humiliate him even further and she did it while he wore the chastity device. She took his dick in her hands and she played with it. He was lucky that his dick had a little room in his device and it could accommodate him even when erect. She realized that he had a small dick and she made fun of him.

Missy Van Licks and her friend tortured these guys cruelly. They were made to do some crazy things for the pleasure of the cruel mistresses. The mistresses made sure that the guys were not only pissed and tortured, but after a while, the mistresses realized that they had gone overboard and overdone the punishment. To make it up to the guys, they jerked them off and let them have orgasms.

Missy Van Licks had told her husband that their marriage was supposed to be one where there was no cheating. So she did it in a way he never forgot. She tied him in an upside down position and she deepthroated him using a strapon. The mistress then had him lick her feet and before she was done with him, she crushed his nuts with her hands and with her feet.

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