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Mistress Natasha loves to play games with her boyfriend and they did so today. As always, they love to make the loser get humiliated and that is what she loved about it. When she won it today, she had her boyfriend endure her facesitting as well as smothering. He was choking and he tried to beg her to stop before she agreed to stop it. She laughed at him as he begged.

Mistress Natasha chose to smother this guy because she needed to keep herself busy. The mistress used her feet to do it and it was a lot of fun for her despite the fact that it was the opposite for the guy. He cried and begged her for mercy but she did not go easy on him. She just humiliated and degraded him for fun before she let him go.

Mistress Natasha wanted to do two things at the same time. One of those things was crushing her slave which she did without thinking about it. The slave was lying down and that made it easier for her to do so even though she was seated. The second thing is that she wanted her feet to be licked as she trampled the slave. The guy did it as he did not want to risk pissing her off any further.

Mistress Natasha felt that her boyfriend was taking her for granted and since he had no changed ever since she raised the issue, she felt that the easiest thing to do to him was to use him as her foot slave and then dumped him. She did not want to continue being with such a person. That is how he learned to cherish what he had before it went away.

Mistress Natasha felt that her boyfriend ignored her concerns and she did not like that very much. She felt that it was important for her to teach him a lesson so that he did not behave that way again. And to make sure he did not do it again, she used her trampling fetish to punish him. He endured her barefoot trampling and he regretted why he had done it.

Mistress Natasha did not like how this passenger disturbed her during her flight. She was a flight attendant and she was pissed at his unbecoming behavior. She had to teach him a lesson so when they alighted, she signaled him and told him where to get him. He agreed and met him there but instead of the fun he expected, he was given a punishment that involved being painfully slapped using her shoes.

Mistress Natasha had told her boyfriend that she did not like how untidy he was but he did not seem to listen to her. So she did something about it as she did not want to go crazy on his account. She trampled him and she did not even stop when her friend came to visit them. She went on doing it and told her friend what her boyfriend had done to deserve it.

Mistress Natasha did not like this guy and when he hit on her, she was not ready for it. It pissed her off and she humiliated him cruelly. He had followed her to her room and since there was no one else around, she took that chance to dominate as well as humiliate him. The mistress made sure the guy was humiliated and degraded like he had never been before.

Mistress Natasha was tired but she knew she had to punish her slave. She used her sneakers to do it and she did it while she was seated on her couch. The mistress slapped him with her sneaker and she also made him lick the soles of her dirty sneakers. It was a meaningful punishment and she enjoyed herself while at the same time she taught the slave a lesson.

Mistress Julia felt like her boyfriend was behaving strangely. He sulked too much and he liked the silent treatment. He had girlish behaviors but the worst for her was that he denied her sex. She was not going to put up with that sort of behavior so she facesat on him and she choked him. The boyfriend had to learn a lesson and he learned it the hardest way possible.

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