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Mistress Norma wanted to trample this slave and she did it with dirty feet. She had a trick up her sleeve because after she was done trampling, she had the guy lick her dirty feet. The guy had thought that the punishment ended with the barefoot trampling but it did not. He was humiliated but he did not have a say in the matter and had to do as instructed.

Mistress Nica was not ok with this couple because they owed her and had not paid back. She felt that she had to teach them a lesson and she did so by stripping them naked and humiliating them with her spit and with her cigarette. They tried to beg her but she did not listen to them. She gave them more time but only after she had humiliated them badly.

Mistress Luisa and her friend mistress Black Sun had caught these guys trying to steal some small stuff. They did not care about the stolen items but they knew that if the guys were not stopped at that point, they would grow into hardcore thieves and criminals. So they stripped them naked and they ballbusted them as cruelly as they could before they let hem go. It was brutal but it helped them.

This guy was extremely unreliable and when this mistress noticed it, she knew that she could not continue working with him and so she had to change tact. That is what she did and in no time, she had come up with a way to punish him and teach him a lesson. She peed on him, spat on him and she even used him as a foot slave before letting him go.

Lady Krasaviza had never ballbusted anyone before. But after watching enough videos of it, she knew it was something she wanted to try. And she wanted to not only try it, but to be a pro at it. That is why she opted to ballbust these guys as part of her practice. She lied to them that she got horny when she did such things and the guys wanted her to be horny so they agreed.

When this guy became stubborn to goddess Alaine, she had to find a way to make him change and become a better person. She did this by forcing him to be her human toilet. As he got a taste of her pee, he realized that the mistress meant business and he had no choice but to make the necessary changes that she wanted him to make. That is how the guy stopped being stubborn.

This mistress knew that her neighbor had the hots for her and she felt that she had to take advantage of him. The mistress went out of her way to tease the guy by exposing her hot ass and playing with her big bra. After he was turned on, she then laughed at him and denied him hence leaving the poor guy high and dry. And that is exactly what happened.

Mistress Medea had set out to torture this guy and so she used her hot ass as bait. She flaunted it knowing that the guy was watching and that he was not able to resist it. And once she had gained his attention and he was turned on, she had an easy time torturing and humiliating him as he had already taken the bait and she could do whatever she wanted to him.

Mistress Zephy was not in the mood to listen to anything this guy talked about. She felt that it was better for her to shut the guy up physically instead of telling him to stop talking or to shut up. And that is what she did with her bare feet as she used them to cover his mouth and force him to shut up without telling him to shut up.

As mistress Monica turned this girl into a human ashtray, she passed a very important message to the girl. She spat into her mouth and made sure she was not only in pain, but that she was also humiliated. The pissed mistress knew that if the misbehaving girl was not punished, she would have continued with the bad behaviors she had witnessed and she did not want that to happen.

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