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Lady Anja knows how to get info from losers. Today she used her hot ass to get it because the guy who had the info was big on asses and he wanted to have fun with her. The mistress baited him with her butt and by the time she was done with him, she had all the info she wanted. All he got in return was facesitting and licking her ass.

Goddess Dominique was asked by her girlfriend to try BDSM and she agreed. She felt that if her girl wanted it, she had to do it. So she dominated her like she wanted. She pulled her hair, choked and gagged her and despite this being her first time and it being rough, the girlfriend loved it and she was turned on. It led to a great time for them both.

Lady Scarlet does not care who angers her. She will punish and react then reconcile later. That has earned her respect across the board as she has no sacred cows. Today her friend betrayed her and she punished her by choking her with her farts. She farted on her friend and humiliated her with a smelly ass before they sat down to talk about what happened and why it should never happen again.

Lady Iroha had given this contractor some work to do for her but he did not do it to her standards. Angry, the mistress went on to punish him by making him pleasure her and him not getting anything in return. The mistress forced him to lick her pussy and when she came, she choked him with her feet. He also had to lick her feet and smell them.

Mistress Blackcat knew that a scared slave was good for her and that is why she did not hesitate to scare this one with her boots. The mistress used her boots to kick him in the balls and when she was done, she used the same boots to humiliate him by instructing him how to lick them. And he did. That is how he learned to fear her and do everything as per her wishes.

This guy had sweet words and he wanted to have a good time with princess Quinn and she loved everything until it got to the point that she saw his dick. She quickly got dressed as she could not imagine fucking such a tiny dick. She did not leave before she crushed his duck and his balls with her sneakers. He had to learn to be upfront with such things and get someone who was comfortable with it.

This girl snitched on her group and her friends could not let it slide as they did not understand why she would betray them when they had stood with her before and were ready to take a bullet for her. Before she was chased from the group, she was forced to lick their feet, gag on their feet and trampled. She regretted her actions and begged for mercy but she was not given a second chance.

Mistress Gaia's friend cried to her that her boyfriend had cheated on her but she did not want to leave him. She only wanted him not to do it again. So the mistress asked her to go to her house with him. And she showed him how to punish him and strike fear in him. They turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their soles and he learned never to cheat again.

This mistress was sacked from her job because this guy lied about her. He made it so convincing that she was not even asked for her side of the story. She went away but she had beef with the guy and so she hunted him and she ass fucked him with a huge strapon to make him realize he could not go around saying such things about others. She also deepthroated him and gagged him. She left him eating his own puke and warned him never to do that to someone else.

This guy had managed to make mistress Alexandra and her friend mortal enemies. They had the pleasure of making his birthday bad and painful as well as cruel. They did it by torturing him with their strapons which he had to deepthroat and when he was done, they used them to fuck him in the ass. He wished he had never stepped on their toes as he was having it rough.

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