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Goddess Harley had an ill-mannered slave and she felt that that was not what she wanted and that is why she had to dominate him. He was to change on his own and she had given him time to do it but he did not do it. She had to come up with a way to humiliate him and she did. This was done by trampling him with her boots and the pain made him change his bad behavior.

Mistress Luisa was not happy with her business associate because she had lost money courtesy of him and she did not feel like he cared or that he was making any real effort towards getting her money back or even at the very least ensuring she would not lose anymore money again. So she punished him by whipping him and also turning him into a foot slave. He never messed again.

Mistress April had tried non-painful means to get her slave to learn his lesson but he never seemed to learn anything which led her to believe that her methods were ineffective. So she had to make him change his behavior and she did this using her pee, her ass, her pussy and her whip. He had to drink her pee, lick her ass and pussy as well as endure whips while he was tied and naked.

Goddess Alaine wanted this guy to learn that failure to keep time for her was a huge offense and that she would not tolerate it. And that is why she chose to dominate him as cruelly as she could and she went ahead to make him regret not keeping time. He cried as she had him lick and smell her shoes and her stockings but he could not do nothing besides crying.

This mistress felt that the best thing for her to do was to use her slave to lick her ass. She was not doing it to punish him but rather she was doing it to have fun. She did not have anything better to do and she chose to do that instead after she had seen a video of it on the internet. She had never had her asshole licked before and she loved it.

Mistress Nicole had this girl lie down and she used her smelly feet to degrade her. The girl had to lick stinky feet and could not believe what had happened to her because she had read the mistress wrong and did not think she had it in her to punish someone that severely. She had also thought that in case of anything she could fight back but she clearly could not as mistress Nicole overpowered her.

Goddess Antonella knew this guy was a scared little guy even though he projected strength and made it look like he was a macho guy. She called his bluff today and she confronted him. He tried to act tough but she saw right through him and she kicked him in the nuts and trampled him before he cried and begged her for mercy. He had never felt such pain before.

When mistress Eva's husband gambled the rent, she knew they had entered a critical stage and that things were likely to go south unless she did something drastic,. She used her boots to kick him in the nuts after she had stripped him naked. That was not all as she also whipped his naked butt to make him realize that he was never going to gamble again. That was the last time.

This guy was a bad influence on mistress Annita's boyfriend. She was pissed at him and she knew that he had to learn to stop being a bad influence so she kicked him in the nuts and she forced him to lick her feet before she used her feet to choke him. He knew he had to stop hanging around the mistress' man if he was to avoid being dominated and humiliated.

Madame Ellen wanted to humiliate her slave and she did it by throwing trash on the floor as he cleaned up the house. The mistress was disappointed in him and she had to express it. She told him as much and she made him realize he was getting to her nerves and he would soon regret what he had done. He got scared and he changed his behavior like she wanted.

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