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Mistress Yolanta had bet on this guy because she felt he was good but he lost the competition. She was pissed as he had lied to her that he was the best in the game. She wanted her money back and she forced him to give her back the money she had spent on betting on him and she wanted it with interest. The guy had to give it to her for her to stop head trampling and torturing him.

Lady Milana lost some lucrative business courtesy of this guy. She was so mad as she was looking forward to servicing that lucrative account. Now it was gone and she was not yet over it. So she hunted the guy responsible for it and she gave him a piece of her mind. The mistress forced the loser to undress and she kicked him in the nuts. He also lay down on vegetation and he was itchy and some things pricked him but he had no time to scratch his itches.

Mistress Jessica likes to dominate and she does it for fun. She is unlike other mistresses who do it because they are pissed or disappointed. For her, she does it because she enjoys it as well as because she wants to. And that is what she made this loser do today. She asked him to lick her boots, her feet as well as suck her toes as she sat back and enjoyed it all.

Mistress Kelly had walked barefoot around her expansive compound and she came back to the house with dirty feet. She did it intentionally so that she could have something to humiliate her slave with. She went to her slave's bedroom and she summoned her. She then asked the slave to lick her feet until they were clean. She could not do anything about her request so she got down to business.

Mistress Valentina likes pizza. But she did not like the one that her slave prepared for her. He wanted to ruin pizza for her and she was not going to allow it. So the pissed mistress forced her slave to eat the pizza from the floor after she had crushed it into pieces. That was to teach him to make better pizza in future or not make it at all.

Mistress Gaia loves to wear strapons when punishing losers. She loves it because it is a cruel and crazy punishment and she does not want anyone she has punished before to ever repeat the mistake she has punished them for. The person under punishment today was hardcore so she got help from her friend. The two of them wore strapons and one worked on his ass and the other on his mouth.

Madame Marissa laughed at this loser and knew that he had to learn a lesson from her. The mistress did not give away her game plan. She pretended to be nice but then she laid a trap for him and she went back to her house with him. At first he thought she was flirting with him but then he was shocked when she turned on him and she forced him to endure her cruel facesitting. It was even worse because she did it with her jeans on.

Goddess Lena is not the kind of person who forgets easily. When she is angered, she remembers that shit until she is able to get her revenge. These guys had tried to get her fired so that they could be hired but she learned of their plot and she punished them cruelly. She tortured them herself and she made them crawl back to where they had come from all humiliated and degraded.

Lady Aurelia laughed when these two guys thought that she could not handle both of them and give them the beating of a lifetime. The mistress did not care what the mistresses felt or thought. She surprised them by tying them up and ball busting them. She brutally did so and she made them scream and piss themselves as they begged her for mercy. She ignored their pleas for mercy.

Lady Krasaviza wanted to recruit the person she felt was best suited to survive where she was sending them. She had a good remuneration package awaiting them but she had to first of all test them. She wanted to find out whether any of them was able to endure a lot of pain. She did all sorts of things to the guys while testing their pain thresholds. She even kicked them in the nuts.

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