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Mistress Jessica had smelly feet and she wanted to test this guy using those feet. The mistress had the guy lick the feet and also gag on them despite the fact that he could tell that they were smelly. The mistress made it look naughty to make it easier for him to lick her feet. It was indeed easier for him and it was fun for her. But she did not give him anything in return.

This guy was a player and when these mistresses realized that they were his victims, he had to be punished and the mistresses did it using their slaps and humiliation. Mistress Dula led the effort to punish him and he was degraded beyond what he had ever experienced before in his life. He never messed up again after what they did to him. He apologized but they did not care about his apology.

Lady Layla did not have to just stick with barefoot trampling just because she was dealing with this loser for fun. She wanted to use her high heels to do it and so she wore her high heel boots to dominate as well as torture her. The mistress laughed at the girl and promised to do worse things to her if she did not change. She changed very quickly as she did not want to be humiliated and degraded again.

Lady Cary noted that this slave was used to doing things his way instead of her way and that was not ok with her especially when his way and her way clashed. So she had to make him learn that her word was final and that he was never supposed to contradict her or disobey her. So she cruelly forced him to endure a lot of pain and humiliation for him to learn.

Mistress Alice wanted to ensure that she got this guy as humiliated as he could possibly be. She did not hesitate to degrade as well as humiliate him. The best way for her to do so was to use her hand gloves to finger and dominate his ass. He had to do everything everything in his power to beg with her and promise a lot of things for her to stop it.

Goddess Mia was having a great time as she watched this girl slave lick her feet. The mistress had ensured that her feet were sweaty as well as smelly for them to be suitable for humiliating him. It was a lot of fun for the mistress but the same could not be said about the girl as she was humiliation and made to endure choking on top of it all.

Princess Isabella wanted to give this guy her jerk off instructions. She used her feet to tease him as she knew he had a thing for foot fetish. The guy was surprised by what she did for him as he considered her out of his league. He was excited about it and he used her jerk off instructions to have a memorable climax and he thanked her for what she had done for him.

Mistress Morrigan's cousin was so into her that she felt pity for him. He was horny and turned on but she could not fuck him for obvious reasons. So she had to find a way to help him out without physically fucking him or even touching him for that matter. She gave him jerk off instructions and she also teased him with her hot body and he had a great orgasm.

Mistress Alice was not happy with her husband's dark fantasies. She had to dominate and punish him so that he stopped watching and reading the material that gave him those dark fantasies. She facesat him and humiliated him with her feet and told him that that as as far as she was willing to go. She was ok with bondage but that is as far as she could go and he had to be content with that.

Goddess Mia did not like it when her boyfriend watched porn. They had had a discussion about it and she told him that she did not want him to do so. That is why the mistress was upset when she found out that he did not quit that habit. She used her trampling to humiliate him. She also had him lick her high heels before she gave him a last warning.

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