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Mistress Honey took out her dildo and she used it to tease this guy. He was into what she did as he knew that it would end up with him getting laid but it did not work out that way. Instead, the mistress teased him and when he wanted some, she denied him and told her she was just joking and was not serious about it. He could not believe it.

Goddess Kira encountered an intolerable guy and she could not let it go. She felt that something had to be done and it had to be done urgently. That is why she chose to torture the guy with her high heel boots. She stomped on him and she had him lick the soles. He thought she was joking until she forced him to do all that she had told him.

This girl was interested in this mistress and wanted to have fun with her. But the mistress knew that the girl was a novice and she did not want to deal with a novice. She had to first of all teach her how to lick. That was done by giving her instructions on how to lick her feet and when she was done with that, she gagged the girl with her feet.

Mistress Roxanna had a fallout with her classmate and she used her jeans to punish her classmate and ensure that she would never repeat what she had done to her. The girl did not think that things could go down the way they did but there was no turning back and she had no choice but to do them the way the mistress wanted them to be done. It was cruel and painful.

Lady Victoria was not ok with how this guy was being a bad example. She felt that he had to change and she did not wait for him to do it. All she did was to make sure that he did what she asked. That is how he stopped being a bad example and he changed his ways. She was glad that it happened but she also knew that it had to happen the hard way.

Mistress Demi had to use her car but this mechanic had not fixed her car. She was absolutely fixed her car and yet he was the one who had given her the time frame within which he would have fixed it. She was so disappointed in him that she cruelly forced him to feel the pain and humiliation in what she did to him. He fixed it as she sat there.

Goddess Angie did not like how fat her chef had grown. It was like he did not do anything other than to eat all day. But she was ok with him as he cooked the kind of meals she liked. But today he did not and when she asked him to make something else, he talked rudely to her. She had to remind him who was boss and she did this by trampling him all over his body with her high heels and making him cook a better meal.

Madame Marissa and her friend wanted to punish this guy and they did it with their boots. They had to make sure that the guy learned his lesson and that he never pissed them off again. They were not going to let the guy get away with the nonsense he did and that is why they had to be cruel and ruthless to him. The pain he felt was what he needed to feel in order to learn.

This guy had refused to apologize yet he had pissed off mistress Tiffany. She was not going to let him get away with that as she did not want to encourage him to go and piss off people for pleasure and as a sport. So she stripped him naked and as he admired her round and firm tits, he got a hard on and she used that chance to crush his balls and his dick.

This mistress had fucked her boyfriend but she did not cum. She was so furious as she had tried to do some naughty things he wanted including them fucking while another person recorded them. She was not going to end it without an orgasm and so she facesat him and choked him while she rode his face and she did it until she got an orgasm before she let him go.

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