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Mistress Astra used her stinky socks to send a message to her boyfriend. The mistress was not ok with how he acted and she had to make sure he changed tact and did things how she wanted him to do them. She got him to lick her socks as well as her bare feet and when she was done with him, he had learned a crucial lesson and changed like she wanted.

Mistress Alisha did not like how her boyfriend demanded food from her. He knew where the kitchen was and if he wanted food, he either had to wait for her to cook or he could cook it himself. The mistress did not want to encourage him to do that nonsense again so she took him to the kitchen and she trampled him there and told him to learn to cook for himself or to wait for her to do it.

Mistress Gaia did not want to waste time feuding with a local gang. She therefore took their leader hostage and she cruelly trampled and stomped on him with her heels while he was naked. She then recorded a message with the rest of them and she told them she did not want any problems with them but if they did not take her peace offer, there would be hell to pay.

Princess Nicole had given these guys some work to do for her but she did not like how they did it. She was so pissed about it that she chose to teach them a lesson. The mistress cruelly facesat on them and she farted on them. In addition, the mistress used her dirty feet to trample them and had fun to do it. They had to redo the work and this time they did it like she wanted.

Mistress Luna wanted to do crazy things to this loser to show him that she was not the person he thought she was. He had misjudged her and he thought she was a soft and harmless person. He even tried to take advantage of her but he was shocked when she turned on him and she beat the shit out of him and worst of all, she crushed his nuts painfully.

Mistress BlackDiamoond is a cruel person and she loves it that way. She wanted something from this guy but he did not give her the information she wanted. She did not want to beg him for the information so she did what she felt was the best way to handle it. The mistress used her heels to trample him and torture him. She asked her friend to do the same and both of them tortured him until he talked.

Goddess Lena wanted to do something to send a message to her slave that she would no longer tolerate his bad behaviors. She had tried to but she was fed up with him. To punish him, she chose to sit on his balls and also to force him to lick her feet and endure her trampling. He learned his lesson the hard way and he cried at what she did to him. He also agreed to do what she asked.

Mistress Valentine was interested in doing things differently. She did not like how this loser had been doing bad things. She wanted him to change the way he did things and since he had refused to do that on his own, she had to intervene and force him to do things the way she wanted him to. So she used crush fetish and trampled him with heels to achieve her goal.

Madame Marissa needed to punish this loser and she did it in the worst way possible. She used her saliva to do it because she wanted to degrade the loser even as she punished him. He was horrified at what she did to him but he was glad it was not painful. He, however, knew that he did not have room to mess up again if he wanted to avoid her punishments.

Mistress Suzy did not like what she had seen from this guy and she had to torture him to express her dissatisfaction. The mistress did not want him making light of the situation so she did what she considered the next best thing which was to trample him. The mistress used her bare feet to dominate him and to choke him. He peed his pants as she dominated him cruelly.

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