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Mistress Julia was pissed at how much of a nuisance this guy was. He had to be taught a lesson and that is what mistress Julia did. She trampled him as painfully as she could and made sure he cried and peed his pants before she let him go. He was naked as she did her trampling which made it even more painful as she did it all over his body.

This guy was a swindler and mistresses Lina and Katya were not going to let him get away with it. He had to learn that it was not acceptable to do that and that is why they stripped him naked and enjoyed trampling him all over his body. The mistresses even went as far as to crush and pull his dick and his nuts as painfully as possible. He cried and promised never to swindle anyone.

Mistress Samy wanted to humiliate as well as to degrade this loser. So she did it using her flip flops. He had to lick the dirty flip flops and he could do nothing about it. He tried to plead with her not to make her do that but she did not listen to her. She ensured he did as she took wine. She told him by the time she was done with the wine, he should have been done as well.

Madame Marissa used her shoes to trample her slave's hands as well as his watch and his phone. She was doing so to punish him for being a naughty slave. She had warned him but he did not take her seriously. So she had to teach him never to do that again. The mistress wanted to have fun while doing it so she blindfolded herself while she trampled him and his stuff.

Mistress Krush wanted to dominate this slave and she did it using her high heels and she trampled his naked bum. She had stripped him naked and then used her heels to trample him all over his body with a concentration on his naked ass. He cried as she did so but she told him she was saving crushing his balls for when he would mess up again. He never did.

Mistress Darina was begged for some attention by this guy. She gave in to his demands and she gave him the attention he wanted. But she was shocked and pissed at the fact that when he finally got the attention, he did not have anything to tell her. So she made him lick her feet while she chatted on phone with her friends. That way, he would never think of doing that again.

Mistress Gaia could not understand how her bodyguard had let a guy come close to her and nearly harmed her. It took a quick reaction on her part to avoid being hit. When they got home, she punished her bodyguard by tying his hands behind his back and then smearing her saliva on his mouth and forcing him to lick it. She gave him a warning that that security breach was never to happen again.

Goddess Lena made this slave strip naked and she dominated him in public. She made him sit down in a thicket not knowing what he would sit on. She also used him as her human ashtray before she had him lick her muddy boots. Before she was done with him, she made him carry her as a human pony and he had no choice but to do it despite the pain he felt.

Lady Shay wanted to dominate this guy and make it impossible for him to jerk off. So she told him to undress and jerk off. She then asked him to place his dick on her heels and she trampled it and asked him to continue jerking off. He was confused and shocked but he did it. She told him she would only stop when he came knowing too well that he would not cum.

Mistress Alexis used her ass to torture this guy and she did it in a way that he would never have suspected. The mistress used her ass to facesit on him and he was choked as she did that. She also farted on him in the process to make him realize that she was not messing around. He realized that she was not the sort of person to mess with and he apologized.

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