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Madame Marissa likes having responsible employees but this new slave was not. She was not going to allow him to get away with that sort of behavior. She made him change by choking him with her smelly socks. She does not have smelly feet but she made sure her feet were stinky and smelly specifically so that she could use them to punish him. She told him she would do it till he learned to be responsible.

This mistress and her boyfriend played a game in which the winner was allowed to facesit and humiliate the loser. Luckily for her, she won and she enjoyed ass sitting and ass smothering her man. She choked him with her ass and she forced him smell it. Her boyfriend had no choice but to do as ordered. He, however, eased the facesitting by trying his best to play with her pussy and her clit.

Lady Kelly did not like this girl seducing her man. She had seen flirty texts she had been sending her man and she was not impressed. She knew her and she went to her house and she dominated her in her own house. She used her smelly feet to dominate her and she warned her that if she did not stop, she was able and willing to do worse things to her.

Mistress Gaia taped this loser's mouth and she made him smell her feet and her shoes. She also slapped him. She convinced the poor guy that she was having fun with him and that that was how she liked to have her foreplay. The guy agreed and endured what she threw at him. She humiliated him till she got bored after which she pretended to be tired and told him they should continue another day.

Mistress Megan was not pleased to learn that her boyfriend kept a lot of secrets from her. She did not want to be in a relationship where there was no trust and they were not open with each other. She trampled him with her bare feet and made her boyfriend chew and almost choke on her socks. She was doing this to communicate that she was serious and he had to change the way he communicated.

Mistress Alice realized that this loser was not going to do what they had agreed and she was angry. Time was running out but he was making excuses all the time. She wanted him to do the work in record time and so she humiliated him as punishment for procrastinating as well as to motivate him to do the work in record time. She had him lick her dirty crocks and trampled his face.

Lady Bertie caught this guy spying on her and she knew she had found someone to humiliate. She did not care who had sent him to spy on her. She did not have anything worth spying on so she was not worried. But she capitalized on it and she degraded him cruelly using her spit, her ass, and her feet. She spat into his mouth, she facesat on him and she made him lick her sneakers.

Nataly is not one to mess with as this guy came to find out the hard way. She had warned him not to mess with her but he considered them empty threats. He was therefore shocked when she made him lick her feet and suck her toes as punishment. She had made sure her feet were smelly before she had him lick them. He never pissed her off again and he learned not to mess with other people.

Mistress Natasha used her bare feet to humiliate her boyfriend. He had messed up and as he apologized, she had an idea. She wanted to humiliate him and she did so using her feet. She got him to lick her shoes and her feet. She even called her friend and she witnessed how her boyfriend did all those humiliating things. But at the end of it, she had to forgive him.

Madame Marissa used this loser as her human ashtray. He had done nothing. She was just high and she did whatever crossed her mind. She had a funnel that led directly to his mouth and she used it to spit into his mouth. She did not want to waste any spit so she made use of the funnel. The mistress enjoyed herself at the expense of the guy but she did not remember any of it in the morning.

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