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Mistress Gaia's friend cried to her that her boyfriend had cheated on her but she did not want to leave him. She only wanted him not to do it again. So the mistress asked her to go to her house with him. And she showed him how to punish him and strike fear in him. They turned him into a foot slave and he had to lick their soles and he learned never to cheat again.

This mistress was sacked from her job because this guy lied about her. He made it so convincing that she was not even asked for her side of the story. She went away but she had beef with the guy and so she hunted him and she ass fucked him with a huge strapon to make him realize he could not go around saying such things about others. She also deepthroated him and gagged him. She left him eating his own puke and warned him never to do that to someone else.

This guy had managed to make mistress Alexandra and her friend mortal enemies. They had the pleasure of making his birthday bad and painful as well as cruel. They did it by torturing him with their strapons which he had to deepthroat and when he was done, they used them to fuck him in the ass. He wished he had never stepped on their toes as he was having it rough.

Goddess Stephanie was shocked that her slave had the audacity to disagree with her especially on the kind of subject they were talking about. She was an expert in the matter and he had barely completed high school. So she listened to him and respected his opinion but when he started talking to her as if she was ignorant, she lost it and she facesat on him. She had to show him that he did not know what he was talking about and that he was only good enough to lick her ass and smell her farts.

Mistress Sandrine has a gorgeous ass and she never fails to use it for whatever she wants. If she wants something, she can use it to tease and have whatever it is. But when she wants to torture or humiliate, like she wanted to today, she uses it to tease and lure the victim then uses it to smother, facesit, torture as well as humiliate. This guy thought she was just a pretty face with nothing to offer so she proved him wrong with her smarts and then choked him with her ass.

Goddess Fiona was not impressed by the kind of things this designer came up with and she felt that the best way to deal with him was to force him to change his mind. And to do that, she had to scare the shit out of him. She had tried to suggest things to him but he did not really listen to her. But when she trampled him with her boots, he had no choice but to listen to her.

This mistress wanted to make sure her husband felt as bad as she felt when she realized he had slept with her cousin. She made sure hers was worse as she made sure he was present as she sucked another man's dick and swallowed his cum. He was tied up and he could not do anything about it. And that is when he realized cheating was not good and he never did it.

Mistress Zephy wanted this guy to lick her feet and she had to come up with a scapegoat to make him do it. The mistress easily found one and she used it to get him punished by licking her feet and she did not let him ask many questions as there was nothing he had done wrong. He did what she asked but he was puzzled as to what he had done.

Mistress Carla has an ass to die for and she used her gorgeous ass to dominate this guy. She felt that the guy needed to be dominated and she did not hesitate to do it. The mistress got the guy to lick her ass and smell it as well as worship it the way she wanted. But it was one of those punishments he did not mind because he loved that ass and he smelled and licked it.

Mistress Alexis had hidden the fact that she was a sadist for a long time and today she wanted to reveal that fact to the world. She was tired of hiding it and she wanted to be free and to express herself and to live her truth. The first casualty of that was this guy who had been messing with her. He was ass sat on and face crushed besides being choked by the mistress as she sat on his ass.

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