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Mistress Dula and her roommate found out that their slave was fond of jerking off to their photos. They did not like that and had to ensure that it stopped. That is when they chose to trample him and crush his balls especially. So the mistresses cruelly made him undress before they crushed his dick and balls as well as trampled him as cruelly and as painful as he could.

Madame Marissa wanted to put this girl in her place and she used her boots to do it. The girl had to lick her entire boots including her soles before she felt that she could let her go. The girl had not anticipated to be degraded that way but there was no running away from it. She was humiliated and by the time it was over, she knew her place.

Lady Nisha loves to make guys do whatever she likes. That is what she was up to today. She had this guy lick her feet as well as her sneakers. And before she was done with him, she had him lick the soles of her sneakers. It was fun for her but it was a nightmare for the slave. He had never seen this side of her and he was scared as he did not know what else she could do.

Goddess Kiffa's aim was to find out whether her slave could lick her pussy but she did not want to say it outright. So she tested his skills by checking whether he could lick her feet. She wanted to gauge and see if he was good enough to be taught how to do it better. That way, she would be assured of good head if she wanted it from him.

Queen Hanna felt that her husband was out of line for flirting with their neighbor and she was so pissed at him that she had to ensure that he learned his lesson. So she trampled him to both humiliate him as well as to make him realize that she would not tolerate such behavior in him again. He got the message and knew she would not tolerate such issues again.

Mistress Lisa did not want to have anything intimate with this guy but since she had been teasing him and having fun at his expense, she saw how she had led him on. Her next task was to bore him and make him get tired and pissed with her so that he would leave her alone. So she used her feet to do this. He realized he would not get what he wanted and he left her alone.

Mistress Phoenix had an issue with her husband and she knew that the best way to deal with him was to tease and deny him. Then she went ahead to take out a dildo and tell him how she would use it instead of fucking him. She did this while she showed him her hot ass which she knew he loved and had a weakness for. He had to beg her to forgive him.

Lady Penelope always expects to get value for her money. But with this guy, she did not get it and she was both pissed as well as frustrated by what she saw from him. She did not want to let him get away with it so she cruelly trampled him to make him realize that he had to correct his mistakes and ensure that there was no other mistake going forward.

Mistress Morrigan has a gorgeous looking ass. And she knows that she is blessed with a tight asshole. When she realized that this guy had a thing for asses, she knew that she wanted to control him and make him do things for her. So she drove him crazy with her gorgeous ass as well as tight asshole as she flaunted them for him. But she did this over video chat instead of when they were physically together.

Lady Ayse did not have money to pay rent this month but she was not worried. She knew that she could easily pay it in other ways and she used one of those ways to get it settled. She used her charm on her landlord and she made him agree to waive it for her for two months. The mistress just needed to ask in the right way, in the right tone and with the right sexy clothes on and with her gorgeous body, seductive manners and charm, it was not a hard thing to do.

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