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Mistress Layla did not want to date a lazy man. That is why she opted to encourage him and tell him why he needed to stop being lazy. But he did not listen to her and he did not change. He was ok with the status quo and she did not like that. So she forced him to endure her trampling after which she dumped his ass as he was not ambitious.

This mistress does not like slow people. When she noticed that this guy was slow, she knew it was time for her to do something about it and for her to teach him a lesson he had never been taught before. The mistress head trampled him after with her sneakers and warned him that he would have his balls trampled if he did not change his ways and stopped being slow.

Missy Van Licks had told her husband that their marriage was supposed to be one where there was no cheating. So she did it in a way he never forgot. She tied him in an upside down position and she deepthroated him using a strapon. The mistress then had him lick her feet and before she was done with him, she crushed his nuts with her hands and with her feet.

These mistresses had an agreement with this guy but he did not want to do what they had agreed. The mistresses were pissed about it and they had to humiliate him in a way he had never been humiliated and dominated. That is why the mistresses chose to use their heels to crush his head and as they did so, the pain was out of this world and it taught him a lesson.

When these mistresses realized that this girl was not going to follow their instructions, they were pissed and had to punish her for his mistakes. That is why they opted to humiliate her in a way she had never been before. The mistresses forced the girl to lick their feet as well as to chew and lick their sweaty socks before they were done with her. The punishment was cruel but it worked.

Princess Serena likes to have fun all the time and today was no exception. She had free time which meant that she wanted to do something to pass time. And that is how this guy found himself as her guinea pig as she tried out different things to do to him for her own fun and enjoyment. She loved it but he did not as it was painful and humiliating for him.

Goddess Nika is not a violent person but she wanted to ensure that her husband respected her and never took her for granted. So she taught herself how to throw flying kicks and she demonstrated them to him as he watched in confusion, shock and fear. He did not want to be on the receiving end so he tried to avoid any conflict between the two of them and they never had any issues.

Mistress Angelina was angered by how much of a coward her boyfriend was. She wanted to turn him into a warrior and she started by toughening up. She did this by trampling him with her high heels and making sure he learned not to cry as she did her thing on him. He did not want to be humiliated or trampled again so he agreed to do what she wanted.

Mistress Nika has sexy feet and she knows how to get the attention she wants. And today she did not just want to show off her sexy feet and toes, but she went ahead to make the guy want her and get turned on by what she did. He was turned on but she left him high and dry. She told him to go and masturbate so as to satisfy himself.

Mistress Adora wanted her boots to be licked and she ensured that they were. The mistress was wearing tight and revealing clothes and she did not let the guy concentrate on her hot body but she refocused his attention to her boots which he had to lick. When he tried to check out her ass, she spat into his mouth and he knew she was not joking and he concentrated.

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