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Lady Iveta had an agreement with this guy and he gave her his word. She was offended to learn that he did not honor his word and that his word meant nothing. She was so pissed about it that she had to dominate the guy and teach him a lesson no one had taught him about meaning what he said and saying what he meant. That is why she slapped the shit out of him, spat on him and used him as a human ashtray.

This guy knew the facts but he had the audacity of misrepresenting them. That did not go down well with the mistress who had to make sure that the guy never did that again. That is why she went out of her way to trample the guy and crush his face as well as the rest of his body. The idea was to pump some sense into him and she succeeded.

These mistresses had smelly feet and they had to dominate this guy. Mistress Kira, mistress Agma and their friend did it to piss the guy off. He had not really done much to piss them and they felt that they had to have fun at his expense. They did not waste any time in doing so and it was fun for them to do what they had done to the guy.

This mistress felt that she had to dominate and humiliate her new slave for him to learn never to piss her off. It was the kind of strategy she needed in order to make sure the two of them got along without any issues. So she had to make sure that the guy feared her and was scared of her. The mistress used her trampling fetish to execute her plan.

Lady Scarlet did not want to promote cowardice in her house and that is why she had to dominate this guy. She did it because she knew he was a coward and she wanted to make him fear being a coward. So she trampled him all over his body and she made sure that he was in a lot of pain as she did it. He never recovered from what she did to him.

This plumber was taking mistress Dula for a ride and she did not like it. She had to do to him what she did to people who do what he did. He was no exception to the rule and to the treatment and so she gave it to him promptly. The mistress cruelly trampled him with her high heels and she ensured that he was in pain and that he learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Alexandra could not understand why her slave felt the need to be a thief. She gave him everything he needed but he was insatiable and that is why he felt the need to steal things that he did not really need. Before mistress Alexandra chased him away, the mistress made sure that he was trampled and ball crushed before she made him pack his things and leave her house.

Goddess Gabriella has a fetish for foot licking. She loves it when her feet are licked and that is what happened today. The mistress had to make sure that her boyfriend was good at it so that she did not have to go and get that done to her from elsewhere. She told her boyfriend about it and he agreed with her despite the fact that he was not too enthusiastic about it.

Madame Marissa wanted this guy to learn that she was not a walk in the park and for what he had done to piss her off, he had to get the punishment he deserved. The mistress chose to use her high heels to deliver the punishment and it was brutal for him. He had to endure having the heels trample his fingers and his hands painfully and cruelly. He never messed up again.

This mistress did not want to enable this guy to keep lying. He was not just a liar, but he was also unreliable. She did not want to continue letting him get away with that nonsense and that is why she had to teach him a lesson he would not forget. The mistress wore her strapon and she deepthroated him with a promise to ass fuck him if he did not change.

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