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Goddess Gabriella needed to dominate her husband because he had acquired some bad behaviors that she did not like. So it was up to her to tame him and she did so using her feet. She made him lick her feet according to her instructions. It was all to humiliate him and he knew it. He became remorseful as he realized she would not take his new behaviors lying down.

Mistress Darcia is a no-nonsense person and she used that today to dominate as well as humiliate this guy who had angered her. The mistress made sure that her feet were dirty before she used them to torture this loser. He had no choice as she made it clear that if he did not do it, she would crush his balls. He had to choose one and he chose to lick her muddy feet clean.

Goddess Gabriella and her colleague mistress Scarlet had an issue with their other colleague because he was a lying bastard. He rarely told the truth and the girl were pissed at what he did. So they had to punish him for it since they had got fed up with his lies. He was trampled using their high heels for him to feel pain and therefore change his ways. He had no choice but to change.

Mistress Clarissa wanted to put this slave in his place and she did so using her dirty feet. She made him open his mouth and she poured some cleanser in and she rubbed her feet on his mouth and his tongue, which were full of the cleanser. It was cruel and humiliating for him but she did not care as he had to get the message that she was not messing around.

Lady Nisha is a good host. But this guy mistook her kindness and her generosity for a weakness and he overstayed his welcome. The mistress had tried to be subtle with him so that he left her house but he did not take the hint. Instead, he did all manner of things that she did not like and that pissed her off. That is why the mistress opted to trample him with her smelly bare feet as she chatted on phone.

Lady Kim was impressed by how this slave licked her feet. He was good at it and he shocked her. She loved having her feet licked and she had assumed that she would have to teach him how to do it. That is why she did it that way. But then the mistress was sweetly surprised when he did all that she asked and then some more. And he did it like a pro.

Mistress Dula needed to test this guy and she did it with her hot tattooed body. The mistress wore a bikini and she looked gorgeous as she did so. Then she used her charm to get this guy turned on. As he got turned on, the mistress told him what she wanted which was to drink her saliva as it would turn her on. He drank it in a bid to make her wet but it did not go as he had hoped.

Mistress Gaia was trying to find who had messed up and she found out that both these slaves had messed up so she had to find a way to punish them. She stripped both of them naked and she had fun slapping them as well as using them as human ponies. She also foot gagged them for fun before she was done with them and she asked them to redo the work.

Mistress Dula had to punish her slave using smelly feet and she did it in a way he had never experienced before. He was forced to open his mouth wide as she forced her foot in his mouth. He tried to act indifferent but it got to him and he was soon begging her for mercy but the mistress pretended that she did not hear him or what he said.

Lady Scarlet found out that this girl was a gossiper and she had to punish her for what she had done. The mistress did not care about any of the things that she gossiped about but she did not want to be part of her gossip. The mistress made it very clear to the gossiper about that by forcing her to lick her feet as well as gagging her with bare feet.

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