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Miss Ksia found this guy weird as he got turned on by weird things. She could not understand him and she had to make him stop being weird around her. So she used her knee to kick him in the nuts when she found that he was turned on by her being angry at him. But the ball kicking was painful and made him lose his hard-on. He never acted weird around her again.

Lady Scarlet was not the kind of person who kept quiet when someone tried to cyberbully her. She was outspoken and she had to stand up for herself when someone wanted to put her down. She had no issue with someone disagreeing with her but she did not like cyberbullies and she had to deal with this guy for being one. He was choked when she used her tights to do it and she also crushed his balls with her bare feet.

Mistress Jucy and mistress Agma slapped this guy to make sure that he did not forget to respect them and that he would never forget what they had done to him as well as for him. He was shocked at the way in which they choked him and had him lick them all over. He was humiliated but he deserved it and he never forgot what they were capable of.

This mistress felt that this slave was insensitive and she had to punish him as she felt that he did not do things the way she expected them to do them. When he had to learn his lesson, the mistress used her big ass to smother him and by the time she was done with him, he had choked a little and peed on himself a little as well. But he had learned his lesson.

Lady Stefanie felt that this slave needed to know his place so she used her boots to do so. The poor guy was shocked when the mistress forced him to lick her boots and lick the soles too. In addition, the poor guy had to do things that he had never thought he could do but he did not have any alternative other than to do them so as not to escalate the problem.

When this guy snitched on these mistresses, he thought they were too daft to know it was her who did it. But they were smarter than he knew and they figured it out. They then put in motion a chain of events that culminated in him being tied and whipped to make sure he never did such a shitty thing again. He regretted what he had done and he begged for mercy.

Mistress Natasha wanted to do two things at the same time. One of those things was crushing her slave which she did without thinking about it. The slave was lying down and that made it easier for her to do so even though she was seated. The second thing is that she wanted her feet to be licked as she trampled the slave. The guy did it as he did not want to risk pissing her off any further.

Mistress Cindy and mistress Nelly wanted their feet to be licked so they got this loser to lick them as well as they wanted them to be licked. The mistresses gave the girl instructions on how they wanted their feet to be licked as well as how their toes were to be sucked. The girl knew it was a bait and she did it as well as they wanted to avoid another humiliation.

Madame Marissa needed to teach her girl slave to lick boots and she did it in a way she was sure she would not forget. The mistress had the poor girl do the things she wanted and there was no saying no to it. The mistress asked her to be careful as that could be the difference between her stopping the humiliation or coming up with something even worse for her.

These girls are hot and naughty. Not only do they have hot bodies, but they also ooze sexiness. They know it and never fail to use that to their advantage. As they were having fun today, this guy tried to cut short their fun and he had to be dealt with. They dealt with him in a way he had never expected. He was trampled and made to cry like a baby.

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