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Mistress Bruh and mistress Dani felt like they could do anything they wanted. They tested this by humiliating this loser. They chose to make him lick their feet and at first, they thought he could defy them knowing there was nothing they could do. But they bluffed so well that he was scared shitless and he did all they wanted. They now knew how to deal with guys and make them do what they wanted the way they made him lick their dirty feet.

Mistress Gaia chose to teach this loser a lesson he will never forget for as long as he lives. She made him lick her high heels and trampled him with the same spiked heels. She dominated him and had fun watching him do all the crazy things she ordered him to do. She laughed at how he was crying like a little baby and warned him never to try her again.

Mistress Nata was going through her boyfriend's phone and she found all the flirting texts she had been sending to other girls. He did not do that with her but he found it easy and was an expert in doing it with other girls. She got pissed and she made him lick her bare feet as punishment. As he licked her feet, she went on scrolling his phone for more evidence.

Mistress Natasha found out that her slave had been selling her things behind her back. She could not let her slave do that after all, she had done for him. She had been treating him well and she was shocked at what he did to her in return. She punished him using her boots by making him lick the dirty soles and made him refund her for everything he had stolen.

Goddess Chanel did not like what she had seen from her slave. She was pissed with him for being disloyal and she had to punish him. She had noticed it on two occasions and she knew he was not a loyal person. She did not want to take chances with him so she degraded him by ballbusting him. She wanted him to learn from the pain and know she would crush his nuts for disloyalty anytime.

Mistress BlackDiamoond felt angry when her slave lied to her. It showed what little regard he had for her. She punished him to make sure he would never do that again. She used her smoke fetish to teach him a lesson. She blew smoke in his face, used him as a human ashtray and she degraded him with her saliva. All of this was done while he was totally naked.

Madame Marissa likes having responsible employees but this new slave was not. She was not going to allow him to get away with that sort of behavior. She made him change by choking him with her smelly socks. She does not have smelly feet but she made sure her feet were stinky and smelly specifically so that she could use them to punish him. She told him she would do it till he learned to be responsible.

This mistress and her boyfriend played a game in which the winner was allowed to facesit and humiliate the loser. Luckily for her, she won and she enjoyed ass sitting and ass smothering her man. She choked him with her ass and she forced him smell it. Her boyfriend had no choice but to do as ordered. He, however, eased the facesitting by trying his best to play with her pussy and her clit.

Lady Kelly did not like this girl seducing her man. She had seen flirty texts she had been sending her man and she was not impressed. She knew her and she went to her house and she dominated her in her own house. She used her smelly feet to dominate her and she warned her that if she did not stop, she was able and willing to do worse things to her.

Mistress Gaia taped this loser's mouth and she made him smell her feet and her shoes. She also slapped him. She convinced the poor guy that she was having fun with him and that that was how she liked to have her foreplay. The guy agreed and endured what she threw at him. She humiliated him till she got bored after which she pretended to be tired and told him they should continue another day.

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