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Goddess Lena is not the kind of person who forgets easily. When she is angered, she remembers that shit until she is able to get her revenge. These guys had tried to get her fired so that they could be hired but she learned of their plot and she punished them cruelly. She tortured them herself and she made them crawl back to where they had come from all humiliated and degraded.

Lady Aurelia laughed when these two guys thought that she could not handle both of them and give them the beating of a lifetime. The mistress did not care what the mistresses felt or thought. She surprised them by tying them up and ball busting them. She brutally did so and she made them scream and piss themselves as they begged her for mercy. She ignored their pleas for mercy.

Lady Krasaviza wanted to recruit the person she felt was best suited to survive where she was sending them. She had a good remuneration package awaiting them but she had to first of all test them. She wanted to find out whether any of them was able to endure a lot of pain. She did all sorts of things to the guys while testing their pain thresholds. She even kicked them in the nuts.

Princess Serena was bored at home and she chose to have fun by fantasizing what she could do to her slave when she got one. She is good at building castles in the air and today she did it again. She had a lot of fun and she did not notice how time flew. Her fantasies made her want to get her own slave and she promised herself to get it done.

Mistress BlackDiamoond was not amused to learn that this loser was not doing the things they had agreed about. She had paid him a lot of money and that is why she was pissed that he was not following instructions. The mistress tortured him using her dildo. She even invited her friend lady Alice and the two of them had fun fucking him in the ass and even fisting him.

Lady Milana felt that this stalker needed to be made to stop stalking people and to find productive ways to live his life. So the mistress took him to the woods where she stripped him naked, whipped his bare butt painfully and she finally deepthroated him using her strapon. She also fucked him in the ass using the same strapon. He stopped stalking as he did not want such treatment again.

Mistress Suzy does not like to punish guys because when she does, she usually goes overboard. That is why she usually waits and does it after a long time so that she can justify what she does to the losers that she was doing for all the mistakes they had made. Today she was punishing this loser and she crushed his mouth with her bare feet and nearly tore his mouth apart.

Mistress Alexia is the kind of person who prefers to get even. She hates being made to feel helpless and needy. And that is how her boyfriend made her feel when he cheated on her. She had to get even and she did. The mistress cuckolded him to show him that she was better than him. She made her boyfriend lick the guy's shoes as she made out with the guy.

Mistress Gaia felt that she needed to speak to this guy in a language that he would understand. The mistress felt that the loser did not get her and she was not happy about it. He had to learn a lesson so she taught him the lesson in a cruel manner. This she did using her giant strapon. She wore it then she asked him to suck it and when he was done, she made him bend over and she ass fucked him.

Madame Marissa did not like how lazy her slave was and she had to do something. She invited her friend and they had fun at the expense of the slave. The mistresses used their feet to crush his hands. It was his hands that were lazy and they wanted to make sure he did something about it. So they crushed, trampled and jumped on his hands. He had never felt that much pain before.

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